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Amber Rose ends Mother’s Day celebrations with a bang as she goes out with rapper boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly in NYC

Amber Rose celebrated Mother’s Day in New York City with latest rapper boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly.
The 31-year-old single mother and her 25-year-old companion were seen partying with friends at Cafe Felix in SoHo.
Though at times looking a little lost, the tattoo’d couple appeared to enjoy each other’s company as they made their way.

Her grey two-part dress connected in the back as a single piece, but separated in the front revealing a white drawstring to tie the waist band, while the top of the dress hung loosely to cover

The material appeared to be of a stretchy-cotton fabric and covered an usual amount of her chest by starting at the base of her neck and only revealing her arms.

Extending right above her knee, the rest of her legs were left bare while she sported dainty thin-strap nude stiletto heels.  

Amber’s arm candy wore a black short-sleeve t-shirt with the sleeves cuffed and a collar under shirt showing above the neck line.
Paired with the unusually preppy top were unique shorts that sported patches of various logos and what resembled a construction waist apron in the front.
Leather black combat boots covered his feet while he sported a shaved-sides ponytail pulled straight back.

The south Philadelphia native is usually very loud on her social media accounts, but Sunday yielded zero posts from her as she presumably spent the holiday with her two-year-old son Sebastian.
Ending the mommy-honoring day with a bang, she went out for some fun with her Cleveland bread boyfriend and a few of their friends.
The performing pair snuggled close to each other during parts of their walk when Amber slipped her arm inside his while holding a black clutch in her opposite hand

Amber’s rise to fame occurred while dating Kanye West from 2008 to 2010 after he spotted her in his music video.
She later married rapper Wiz Khalifa in 2013 after having son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz at the beginning of that year.
After a year and a half of marriage, the hip hop model filed for divorce with the intention to take full custody of baby Sebastian.  

Trying to expand her unique assets onto paper, the self-assumed author plans to release a book called ‘How to Be a Bad Bitch,’ on October 27, 2015.
Rose defined a 'Bad Bitch’ in complete noun form as 'A self-respecting, strong female who has everything together. This consists of body, mind, finances and swagger; a woman who gets her way by any means necessary.’
Her book will serve as a personal guide in sharing the secrets to being successful and confident and achieving that which makes one an official Bad Bitch.

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This video is not sports-related, unless you want to count the fact that it’s a sports-inspired workout program, which totally counts for my purposes. 

Your street (internet?) cred as a freelance blogger takes a hit when you don’t even realize you haven’t blogged on your own website – your baby! – in a solid week. 

This video is a one-minute, 23-second explanation of how I’ve been spending the majority of my time while I’ve been MIA. (I’m an instructor, and we launched the new stuff, snippets of what you see here, on Friday night, which meant lots of rehearsing and prepping and all that fun stuff.)

Now that the launch is out of the way, I’ll be back blogging even more than before.

That might be too ambitious. Let’s start with “at least as much as before.”

I don’t usually share too much of my non-Sports in Stilettos life, but if you enjoy the more personal stuff, get on the Twitter and Insta

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've been asked this before... but do you go to USC?

I do not. Unfortunately, my college days are long over. Also unfortunately, I didn’t spend them at USC either. 

I dreamed of attending USC but when it came down to it, I wasn’t ready to move across the country at 17 and go to a school with a larger population than my hometown. 

I’m just a big fan, and I’ve been lucky enough to cover Trojans football for isportsweb for the last two years. I was even luckier to finally make it out to LA for a couple USC home games this season, including that legendary 50-0 season finale vs. UCLA!

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Tonight I left work and made my way over to M&T Bank Stadium for the 4th Annual Biggest Little Tailgate Party, sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Maryland and the Maryland Mentoring Partnership. 

It was an absolutely beautiful night at a pretty darn cool venue. 

I got there a little late so I skipped the food, drinks & cheerleader photo ops (jeez, why even bother then??) and headed straight to the turf.

SUCH a great scene. I’ve only been to M&T once, for last year’s game vs. New Orleans, and on game days, it’s a totally different place (obvs). Tonight, the stands were empty, but the field was full of kids and their parents running around, playing catch, playing cornhole, lining up to try field goals, taking photos, and just enjoying a great night in Baltimore. 

The locker rooms were open, so of course we went inside and peeked at the lockers (all empty), read some leftover notes on the whiteboard from yesterday’s game, and even stepped on the enormous scale (yikes!) before heading back up to the field for a little running around and posing for photos before we were shooed off the field. 

It was pretty cool getting to hang out on the field “after hours,” especially since many of my coworkers were there repping the purple & black with me. (There are a lot of Ravens fans in my office, and after working in a non-sporty office for awhile, I get a kick out of all the purple in the workplace on Purple Fridays; events like this are even better! Many, many thanks to my company for getting my name on the list.)


I was just informed, as I was writing this post, that I was spotted on the local news coverage of the event (WBAL viewers: anyone see me?) I missed it, but that’s pretty awesome, too. Great night all around!