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My friend @the-ren and I were talking about it in the car. And I think about this a lot but.

We’re both waiting for the Golf anime.

Someone. SOMEWHERE will either make one or it’s already being made. Someone will find someway to make golf exciting and tumblr will lose its mind over the next sports anime.


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College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams


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also fun fact: will roland played football in high school. jared and evan on the team together in the student athelete au? a concept

oh my god ok stella and i talked abt jared in this au and he wasnt on the team but like


I’ve always wanted to draw them doing traditional Japanese sports…? I like drawing these outfits. Also it’s like two in the morning and I have nothing else to do so Why not, right?

Sooooo a random AU… where Victor does kendo and Yuuri does kyudo (Japanese archery), and their dojos (training halls) are right next to each other and Victor just happens to see Yuuri at practice one day and just falls for this bespectacled beauty. And he starts skipping his own practice to go see Yuuri everyday


Kyudo is all about concentration but having Victor around doesn’t help much

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Mr. Reyes! Do you like your full time job at hobby lobby or your job as a drama teacher more?

“Children or man-children…”

((this used these two draw the squad things: x x ))