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I found the place where Chris trains/lives!

It’s at Palladium de Champéry in Valais, Switzerland! 

The Champéry Palladium is a multifunctional complex that houses a restaurant, a hotel, a multi-purpose gymnasium with a stage and 3 fully-equipped conference rooms, tennis courts, pools, an ice rink, climbing wall, fitness room etc. It is also home to the National Ice Sports Centre.  

Anyway the image below is a screencap from the episode and the images after are pictures of the actual place.



Stéphane Lambiel’s ‘Skating School of Switzerland’ is also based there by the way!


Nico Hischier by Katie Whitty

anonymous asked:

Can I request RFA reaction To MC in a wheelchair

finally getting round to this. sorry for the long wait


  • i feel he would be hella surprised

(side note: sorry Yoosung is perpetually shook i don’t intend it that way)

  • it never crossed his mind that MC was disabled 
  • he’s never befriended a disabled person before so he’s really curious
  • asks MC all sorts of questions 
  • MC’s happy to answer them all even the dumb ones
  • ‘No Yoosung you can’t decorate my wheelchair with LOLOL stickers’
  • they’ve never had someone so interested in them
  • MC plays wheelchair basketball for the uni
  • Yoosung swore he’d seen them before
  • rip he’s hardly in the sports centre so…..
  • becomes their number one fan
  • always cheering at their games


  • wonders how MC can still look so elegant in a wheelchair
  • he finds the height difference funny
  • MC swears if the wheelchair wasn’t stunting their growth they would tower over him
  • luckily with the wheelchair Zen can walk at a normal pace without waiting for MC to catch up
  • Zen is always finding ways to make MC’s wheelchair prettier
  • he legit added tassels
  • he was so happy MC didn’t have the heart to tell him they looked tacky
  • he cares for MC so much 
  • will carry MC anywhere if they ask him
  • MC’s lowkey worried he’s straining himself tho
  • tho this boi is  s w o l e   a f  doesn’t even break a sweat


  • she’s so sweet about it
  • Baehee has natural mothering tendencies so she really cares for MC
  • likes to push MC everywhere
  • MC says they can do it themselves but Jaehee says she shouldn’t use so much energy
  • plus she lowkey like guiding MC everywhere
  • MC has the tendency to dash off to places and she always gets scolded by Jaehee 
  • rip they both can’t reach high shelves
  • they both get really embarrassed when they have to ask for help at the supermarket
  • when their relationship gets more serious
  • Jaehee and MC move into a cute little bungalow 
  • it’s honestly so convenient 
  • the place is super homey to so the RFA members keep crashing there


  • lol and you thought Yoosung was shook
  • he thinks it’s really cute tho
  • he justs wants to protect MC all the time
  • MC find Elizabeth sleeping in her wheelchair so often
  • it becomes her favourite nap spot
  • Jumin is actually really surprised that there are still places without disabled facilities
  • MC jokingly says he should C&R should start investing in the business
  • Jumin took it seriously tho
  • it earns a hella dosh 
  • Jumin says MC should be the spokesperson 
  • MC’s like lol wym
  • Jumin always buys MC the comfiest wheelchairs

(side note 2: looking into it wheelchairs are actually hella expensive lol)

  • but Jumin’s RIch™ so…

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • rip Seven knows everything
  • stalked MC’s instagram 
  • found out they were a paralympic athlete
  • excited af
  • watches all their competitions
  • asks if he can see MC’s medals
  • MC tells him to tone it down
  • Seven has no chill tho
  • but honestly they have such a cute dynamic
  • it’s mostly Seven annoying MC and her roasting him but 
  • it’s the thought that counts
  • Seven loves using disabled parking spaces tho
  • it means his babies don’t get scratched 
  • also he has an excuse to use elevators all the time
  • he’s lazy as fuck so this is a god send
  • MC’s lowkey salty about it and tells him to stop taking advantage of their situation
  • Seven’s like ‘you know you love me’ 
  • MC’s like

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kerby rychel by Katie Whitty

10 | Tomorrow




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Sweat beaded your forehead as you ran through the sea of people flooding the airport, your breathing was erratic and Jungkook was nowhere to be seen. Your heart hammered angrily against your chest, where was he? There you were, willing to drop your life for him and he didn’t have the decency to even answer the phone the 14 times you’d called.

Close to giving up your eyes wandered the busy scene desperately once more, much to your surprise you saw a tall, broad figure wearing all black holding what looked like to be a Louis Vuitton luggage bag. Your Louis Vuitton luggage bag. That had to be him. You ran up to the man who was speedily walking away, his wide strides almost impossible for you to catch up with.

“Jungkook!” You shouted, earning a stare from a dozen pairs of nosey eyes in the process.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Samantha, I would like to ask for a method of practising more on reading the opponent and being slower. I feel like my skill in this is very unstable and escapes me sometimes. I feel like rushing is what I do most of the time, which usually ends up with me being dead.

Thanks for asking! This is a big subject. It is the result of what happens when people wear protective gear and lose fear of the blade, which makes it easy to become reckless when fighting. It is extremely hard to defend against an opponent who is reckless because they don’t hold back, but if you are smart in a real fight, then you will preserve some caution- especially with sharp blades. I don’t think that it’s your skill that varies, just the circumstances that you are learning in.

I think that you need a partner who wants to learn the same way, who is trying to develop the feeling in the blade. If one opponent moves faster then the other will follow so you really need to have someone who can agree to not try to “win” or try to be the fastest during a drill. You have to agree to move at the same speed, keep the bind until you have manipulated the other to a place that is safer for you. The goal is for you to learn together and not by taking advantage of the other in the relative safety of the drill.

This is all in aid of developing ‘fühlen’, or ‘feeling’ in the fight.

(For a good technical breakdown of fühlen within historical German martial arts, see Hugh Knight’s description here.)

Below: Half of the page from manuscript i:33 folio 20v, showing two fencers bound.

What I demonstrate when I teach is all centred on fencing from the bind. The historical treatises largely recommend binding and control, rather than rushing in. However the way that most of the modern sword-combat sports world* are fighting is the opposite, unfortunately. There is very little binding, even though it’s shown all the time in the fight books.

*Just what I mean: the wider international community of medieval sword-centred combat sports fighters, which comes in over a dozen forms and identities.

When fighting, if a person’s goal is to strike the other, they will rush in and be reckless. If their goal is to defend themselves from attack, they will be more conservative and efficient.

I think that part of the problem causing “rushing in” is that in modern competitive sword combat, we generally seek to score points in a hurry to win a bout.

If we changed the rules to be that we started with hit points and had to preserve them, it would make for more careful fencing. There would still need to be motivation for both parties to fight, but the focus would shift and reflect the more cautious approach seen in historical swordsmanship. The key is to still have a healthy fear of the other person’s blade. Then you learn how to be safe against the danger.

It’s the same as working with any hazardous equipment. In my industry, there are so many of these that we use all the time. For example, the table saw is a pretty devastating tool but you don’t replace it with a blunted or plastic version, or wear a lot of protection to work with it. Bulky clothes or thick gloves actually get in the way, and create more of a hazard than working with just a pair of earmuffs and safety glasses.

Instead, you just accept the potentially-fatal dangers of the tool and learn to work with it carefully, in a controlled, precise and mindful way.

Below: Carving polystyrene-foam into organic stone steps as a scenic sculptor for the film industry. I’m wearing chaps because the chainsaw can potentially kick-back, although since this is fine-detail work, the material is much softer than what I usually work with and less of a hazard. Note the fencing stance for stability, and the rotation of my body to agree with the angle of the cut.

I am not advocating an irresponsible approach to training with swords, rather to appreciate the full hazard they present and then learn to handle it.

What I’m talking about refers to historical swordsmanship in the context of self-defence, but there are many, many modern sword combat sports that exist that have already put safety factors in place to protect their athletes.

Not everyone can be good at sword sports. But anyone can be good at at fencing for self-defence.

I have experienced this kind of approach in more than a few sword clubs around the world. To see video examples of it in action you can check out Roland Warzecha/DIMICATOR’s YouTube channel, showing the active practice of swordsmanship using sharp steel and shields that as closely as possibly follow the specifications of museum artifacts.

Lastly, a philosophy that may help prevent rushing in:

You have to control your space, the circle (or sphere) around your body. This is the distance around you that you or your weapon can reach. Anything that is inside it is your space.

(This concept was developed extensively during the Renaissance though Italian and Spanish schools of fencing- the example below is from Sebastien Romagnan’s book on Destreza)

So when your opponent comes into that space, they can be in your control.
You are allowing them in. It’s the same for them- they are allowing you into their space. You just need to help them to make a mistake. Then once they make a mistake you can control them. Unless you also make a mistake, then you are both equal again. The best thing is to be efficient and make fewer mistakes than your opponent.

You can let someone into your space to trick them, or if you already have a better angle and they will struggle to defend. But it needs to be a clear decision to allow them that close to you.

If you practice understanding your circle (with and without a sword), and think about what you allow to come into it, it will give you an advantage when you practice with a partner. However, there is a lot you can do to improve your reflexes and self control for combat, explained in length by many other martial arts practitioners.

I hope that helps!


Novak beat Roberto Bautista Agut 6-4 6-4 and reached the quarter finals of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia in Rome on Thursday.

(via Zimbio, BasiaID on Twitter)

“A group of anime creators from Tokyo has visited the Yubileiny rink. We look forward to seeing our sports centre in the next episode of Yuri On Ice. Meanwhile, here’s a drawing from Mitsuro Kubo, Hiromi Sakitani and Sayo Yamamoto.”

Yes, it’s The Rink. The one in St. Petersburg. Victor’s home rink. In 2015 the rink administration hadn’t even let Kubo and Yamamoto inside, but this time it seems they got a very warm welcome (well, of course they did!)

Also, I can’t believe The Rink has confirmed the 2nd season of Yuri On Ice before Kubo and MAPPA did.

Reset (m)

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Reader x Park Jimin

Rated m for graphic sex

Word Count: 10, 226 words

Summary: We are made of the pieces of what we remember, and we hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there are memories to call our own, there can be no true loss. But Park Jimin has no such privilege. 

A really HUGE thank you to my lovely britt @mintyoongee and nhi @ohmanholyjungkook for so kindly betaing for me!!! 

I highly recommend that you listen to Reset by Tiger JK while reading this! :>

The elastic of your hair tie tugs at your ponytail as you reach to tighten it, but the sting on your scalp is nothing compared to the churning pit in your stomach. The gathering perspiration on the palms of your hands is way too slick to be attributed to the heat of the midday sun alone, and you consider retreating back to the safety of your dorm instead.

The shade of the indoor sports centre provides no respite from the sweltering weather, but the sight of the other students already gathered and starting their own warm ups sends panic pulsing through your veins. The incredulity of the situation makes you want to scoff: you, the most unathletic person ever, actually signed up for a volleyball elective. If not for the uni’s regulation that each student fulfil a minimum of 1 sports module, there’s no way you’ll ever willingly indulge in any physical activity more strenuous than running for the bus.

You chuck your bag into the lockers near the stands, trying to stall for time as you tighten the hold of your ponytail one more time before smoothing down the front of your shirt. Maybe it won’t be that bad, you try to convince yourself. Volleyball is just a more intense game of don’t let the balloon hit the floor; so how hard can it be?

The sound of a whistle blowing and shoes squeaking across the indoor court puts an end to your musing, and you slam the door of the locker closed before heading to the centre of the court with all the other students. Most of them seem to be dressed in sports jerseys of some sort, donning sweatbands and kneepads that make them look like actual professional players. A cursory glance around confirms that you’re one of the few students not sporting such extra accessories, and you curse inwardly for not choosing a more beginner friendly sport like track and field or basketball.

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The smell of steaming freshly brewed coffee filled your senses as you poured it into the white porcelain mug, you and Jungkook were sat at a large oak table in a private room inside the hotel, attending the third business meeting of the day.

It was day two of four, and all you’d done was sit in a makeshift office and listen to facts and figures, you were starting to get agitated.

“I have to say Jungkook, I never thought you’d settle down.” The elderly man at the table chuckled darkly, he was the oversees CEO of the Jeon Law firm, a very important man, and he knew it.

“Pardon?” Jungkook half smiled as his slender fingers tapped rhythmically on the table.

“Y/N. She’s good for you, I can tell you two are very happy together.” The older CEO smirked, his eyes hungrily wandering over your figure hugging office dress as you handed him a coffee, earning you to feel even more uncomfortable than you already were.

“Oh, we’re not together. She’s just my assistant.” Jungkook nodded slowly as he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“All of the best lawyers sleep with their assistants Jungkook-”

“Hey Y/N, didn’t you say you left something in your room? I can finish up this meeting myself don’t worry about it, take the afternoon off.” Jungkook shot you a guilty gaze, he must’ve sensed your discomfort.

“Are you sure?” You asked, your eyes flitting between Jungkook and the older man at the table.

“Yes, I’ll see you later.” Jungkook saw you to the door and swiftly closed it after your exit.

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Chapter II | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

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Song for the Playlist - How Would You Feel? by Ed Sheeran

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Word Count - 5000…ish

“You like the natural musk, though…” Eden teased, her arms around his back and her face looking up at him.

“Sex, Eden, not gym sweat…” he hummed back at her, his arms going around her shoulders to hug her towards him and hold her damp hair against his chest, completely forgetting about his new little secret. “Fuck…ouch,” he winced and Eden instantly pulled her head away from him, taking her eyes back up to his.

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