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These days, women have all kinds of options when it comes to their sports bras: There are sports bras as outerwear and sports bras that are glittery, patterned or have crisscrossing straps that peek out prettily when you’re doing yoga. They’re big business: Global sales topped $7 billion in 2014. But the foundational truth remains: The best sports bra is the kind that allows girls and women to move the way they want to move, without worrying about their anatomy.

40 Years Of Athletic Support: Happy Anniversary To The Sports Bra

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mama and me athletic wear set

1000 (1400 now!!! sorry this is late!) followers gift! thank you all so much<3

this set contains:

teen-elder adidas sports bra (found in tops)

teen-elder adidas leggings (found in accessories)

toddler adidas sports bra (found in tops)

toddler adidas leggings (found in accessories)

-base game compatiable

-two swatches for each piece (blue and pink)

-original textures by ea

*download under the cut, separate files*

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