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anonymous asked:

Scenario for Nishinoya and a shy fem s/o! They both really like each other, but she often finds his outgoing personality to be kind of intimidating / shies away from it. Noya doesn't understand why she acts so weird sometimes, so instead decides that it's because he's not being obvious enough with his feelings and decides to confess his love to her as a result.

So, I have been very tired and have had a very busy weekend… so my roommates decided to help me out on this request… Enjoy!

Nishinoya Yuu may not seem like he’d be a very intimidating person to most because of his height, but to you he was more intimidating than almost anyone. Since you were shy and often kept to yourself, the energetic libero never paid that much attention to you except when he was being polite. However, you were recently assigned to work with him on a project for class which meant that you were having to spend a fair amount of time together after class. Since that day Nishinoya made a point to speak with you every time he saw you both in class and outside of it.  It usually involved him yelling your name from the end of the hallway to get your attention.

Although you still get embarrassed when he yells your name you can’t help but smile and respond to him with a shy wave. One of the reasons you started liking him to begin with was his positive attitude and seemingly endless energy. The constant interaction has lessened your nervousness but there are still some obstacles you can’t overcome. You’re sitting down in the library waiting for Nishinoya while sketching out a diagram idea for your project.

“Woah, that’s pretty awesome!”

You hear his voice before you feel his face right over your shoulder. You jump and look back at him blushing fiercely. “N-Nishinoya!”

He smiled brightly, ignoring the glare the librarian gave the two of you, and took the seat next to you, leaning over to get a closer look at the piece of paper in front of you. You slid the paper over so he could get a better look at it since his close proximity was making you nervous even though he was currently quiet while he looked it over. The next hour was spent with Nishinoya brainstorming different ideas while you sketched them out on a piece of paper to see if they would work for the overall project.

He had been talking practically nonstop for the last hour while you drew out his ideas that the sudden silence caught your attention as you looked over at him. Nishinoya had stopped talking to rest his chin on the palm of his hand while he watched you draw and appeared to have been so focused on what you were doing that he hadn’t yet noticed that your pencil was no longer moving.

“You’re a really good artist _____,” Nishinoya said turning his attention from the paper to you.

“Um Nishinoya don’t you have practice?” You say quietly trying to divert his attention off of you.

That broke the focus he had on you as the realization that he was going to be late as he went to grab his bag and take off to the gym but stopped a few feet away to look back “Can I walk you home after practice?”

You blushed but nodded. “Go on ahead so you’re not late I’ll catch up after I finish this.”

He gave you another bright smile and a thumbs up before bolting from the library. You took your time finishing up the drawing you were working on and correcting a few mistakes before you pack up your bag to head to the gym. When you got to the doors leading out of the school Nishinoya was already standing outside the gym bouncing up and down on his heels while he waved bye to Tanaka who gave him a thumbs up before leaving. Suga and Asahi gave Nishinoya reassuring smiles as they passed while Daichi took the moment to ruffle his hair. Nishinoya glared at him which Daichi ignored and continued on his walk home. Nishinoya was trying to return his hair to it’s previously styled state when he saw you approaching.

“____!” He yelled happily and waved to you before running over. You smiled shyly at him in response as you fell in step beside each other. You have never walked home together so you were understandably nervous as you exited the school grounds. The sun had set a few hours ago and with it the temperature had gotten noticeably cooler. You wrapped your arms around yourself to ward off the cold while he talked about one of their upcoming practice matches. You were about five minutes away from your house when he stopped walking and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

“Is everything okay?” You asked stopping to look back at him.

“____, there is something I would like to read to you and get your opinion on it. Can I?” He asked and you nodded, a little confused by his request. He looked at you for a moment and you noted the light pink coloring on his cheeks which you associated to the cold. He smiled nervously and pulled a folded up piece of paper from his pocket and began to read.

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ll be your libero
And dive for you
Whether on the court or off
Please don’t serve me out of your heart
For if you did
I’d surely fall apart”

He stopped talking and looked up at you. “Sorry this is stupid, so I’ll just tell you instead. I like you, ___. Tanaka and the others helped me write this, but it’ll be easier if I just tell you what I’m thinking. I really like it when we spend time together and when I see you it brightens my whole day. So… I guess what I’m trying to say is, will you go out with me ____?” You realized the blush on his cheeks wasn’t from the cold, but by his nervousness and embarrassment that matched your own.

“Yes,” you say and the smile he gave you could have turned it from night to day. In all the time you had known him you didn’t think you had seen him any happier than he was right now.

He looked down at the piece of paper. “I’ll throw this away when I get home.”

“Um…c-can I keep it?” You asked so quickly you stare at each other in silence blushing.

Nishinoya hands it to you. “Just don’t read the rest until I’m gone.”

You nod in agreement and fold the paper up gently. To this day the hand written poem sits in a frame and reminds you of how much you’re loved by an overly enthusiastic volleyball player with a knack for poetry.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ll be your libero
And dive for you
Whether on the court or off
Please don’t serve me outside of your heart
For if you did
I’d surely fall apart
You’ve filled me with wonder
Just like my Rolling Thunder
Volleyball may not be a contact sport
But you’ve managed to touch my heart
My friends call me the “Guardian Deity”
So let me be the guardian of your heart
If you’re willing, let me know when to start
To me your beauty is like a work of art

“What a dork,” you say to yourself as you read the poem again.

Nishinoya suddenly sneezes during practice.

“Looks like someone is talking about you!” Tanaka nudges him with his elbow.

He smirked and rubbed his chin. “Probably about how cool of a senpai I am.”

Tsukishima walked by, “‘Cool’ senpai’s don’t praise themselves.”

“Tsukishima!!” The dynamic bro duo growled together.


A/N: Written by 3 suitemates at 2:30 am. Don’t judge the poem to harshly we are not professional poets just starving college students. (We’re so tired…send care packages…with chocolate pretzels…thanks)  

P.S. Nishinoya and Tanaka should have a rap battle with Tooru but only if Tooru dies (kidding~Amy) (not kidding-Tierra) via too many sick burns.
Leave my baby alone. -Jamie, the defender of Tooru’s honor
Never!!! -NLTO (Nobody Likes Tooru Organization, trademark)
This is supposed to be about my baby Nishinoya~ Amy
Amy Imma let you finish in a second–but Tanaka is the best Haikyuu character! *drops mic* -T
You take that back. ~Amy
I refuse to remove any of this convo from the actual post. -T
On that note we are all going to go pass out for about nine hours before we have to suffer through class on Monday. -Jamie
I’ve got Mystic Messenger stuff to do for my boy Seven. ~Amy
Why do you do this? You know my game won’t work and all this free time isn’t making me any more productive. It’s been three days, and I don’t know how much longer I can hold out hope… -Jamie
“When will my boy return from war?” Jamie about Zen ~Amy
“My husband! Where’s my husband!” He’s totally dead. I saw him die.-Tierra
Google Docs share files are a wonderful thing. -Tierra
I know because I have been listening to Womanizer on repeat for almost an hour a half and no one can judge me for it. -Jamie
You know what you should listen too? Leather Pants! -Tierra
I refuse, and I hate you.-Jamie
“I need romantic music to write this” I say as I listen to Pharaoh’s Throne for the 120th time. ~Amy
I’m not sure you know this but he’s a damn pretty man.-Tierra
The Pharaoh is indeed unfairly pretty. -Jamie
Guys, in a few hours the sun will rise!-Tierra
What does that mean?! -Jamie
I don’t know but it’s true! ~Amy
(If you havn’t seen Yugioh Abridged by LittleKuriboh yet, leave this blog and go watch it on YouTube. If you have seen it, watch it again! It’s that great!) -Tierra
Abby’s gonna have to link the story to a “behind the scenes convo with the admins” while writing this story. -Tierra
If you didn’t know this already, the word heart also rhymes with Napoleon Bonaparte- Jamie while she was trying to write the poem and find rhymes
Unlike Napoleon Bonaparte he’ll concur the court and steal your heart! …someone save me from myself…-Tierra  

This story was written with the help of Suga (Amy’s pet rat), and he helped make this story what it is. So thank you Suga. Daichi (Jamie’s pet rat) could have been a little more helpful but he has too much energy for his own good.

There are so many neat upcoming sports anime??

There’s the soccer anime DAYS (AIRING as of July 2nd) 

There’s the rugby series All Out!! (Airing in: October)(Preview

The Cheer Boys!! anime everyone’s already crazy about (AIRING as of July 5th)

And now there’s a figure skating series Yuri!!! On Ice (PV)(Airing in: October)

AND the new baseball series Battery, based off light novels written by the same author (Atsuko Asano) of No. 6!!!!! (Trailer)(AIRING as of July 15th) 

idk about you but im feeling pretty hyped



I want a female sports anime. Everything is the same as male sports anime. A black haired blue eyed protagonist who wants to be the best/is naturally talented. And like in every good sports anime, everyone has to be gay in a subtle way. Subtle from anyone in the anime’s view but way too gay to actually be straight.