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Family Day

Camp Campbell hosts its annual Family Day, where the parents of the campers can come visit and see what their kids have done all summer! They have a talent show, of sorts, where each of the kids gets a chance to present something they’re proud of- Extreme Sports Kid shows off some of her skateboard tricks, Art Kid presents a series of paintings he’s done, Space Kid launches himself out of a fucking catapult he invented. Y’know, the usual.

Even Nikki and Neil get into it- Neil attempts an experiment to find out what effects the Quartermaster’s weird drink has on the human body, and Nikki has been kind enough to drink all of it for him to observe. Unsurprisingly, the only one who isn’t in the spirit of Family Day is Max, much to David’s chagrin. After all, Family Day is the one chance they get all summer to show their families what they’re proud of. It’s David’s favorite ‘holiday’-there’s nothing he’s more proud of than his work at Camp Campbell, and he can’t wait for his parents to come see what fine campers they have this year! (I mean, they were always too busy to come when David was a camper, but he had a good feeling about this summer! He wrote home to remind them 5 times!)

He tries to explain this to Max, who is thoroughly unimpressed. He swears on his grave that he will do whatever it takes to mess the talent show up. David ruffles his hair and laughs it off. This year’s Family Day would be the best yet!

Except the talent show goes wrong, because of course it does. (Extreme Sports Kid sprains her ankle before she can go on, Art Kid’s paintings get knocked over into the mud, Space Kid… well, he still launched himself from a fucking catapult, but that’s kinda the problem. Poor Nikki is convinced that she can taste colors, and Neil is scared.) Max is ecstatic. He didn’t even have to lift a finger to screw the show up. He goes to look for David to gloat, and finds him by the lake, looking… not very David-ly.

His parents… couldn’t find the time to make it this year, he informs Max, looking out across the water. They swear they’re sorry, they were so excited to see his work. They promise they’ll come next year, sport!

David’s in his 20s, and his parents still call him ‘sport’.

Max wants to tell him that the only parents that call their kid ‘sport’ are either drunks who couldn’t remember their kids name, or absentees who couldn’t be bothered. For some reason, he doesn’t.

David keeps looking across the water. Maybe it’s better they didn’t come, he says. What would they’ve seen? A camp full of kids who don’t want to be here, led by a guy who never wanted to be anywhere else. It was… embarrassing, he says. To have the only thing he was proud of in his adult life, be a fucking summer camp.

He hadn’t even noticed Max had left until he came back, holding a six-pack of root beer. He pops one open and holds it out to David. Any other time, David would’ve reminded him that it was against the rules to bring trash near the beach, but this time, he just takes the can.

David and Max sit by the lake until after dark, until all the root beer is gone. They go their separate ways without saying much, and it isn’t until David’s almost back to his cabin that he realizes that he didn’t once see Max’s parents at Family Day either.

crazy-divine  asked:

Do you have a post about the signs ruling body parts? I'm trying to find a reliable source. A lot of sites having different info

I have them in, like, individual posts, but I don’t have any altogether. Keep in mind that there are slight differences and extra details in the planets and Houses! This is from an ancient astrology standpoint, so not everything will align with an article that was written in 2012. Also, some placements have multiple rulerships, such as the Cancer-Virgo rulership of the stomach or the Leo-Pisces rulership over the lymphatic system.

There are so many different definitions because you need to have a slight understanding of how certain body parts work as well. A good example would be the mutual rulership of blood between Mars and Leo. Leo rules blood because blood is a vital force; it takes oxygen to other parts of the body and keeps you alive. Mars rules blood because some blood cells are meant to fight (a Mars quality) off disease. What that body part actually does determines its rulership in a sign, planet, or House.

I can do a quick one for you:

  • Aries - Head, upper jaw, eyes, face, cerebrum

Prone to: Fevers, inflammation, nosebleeds

  • Taurus - Neck, palate, vocal chords, larynx (voice box), tonsils, cerebellum, thyroid, lower jaw, certain arteries around the neck, ears (as opposed to Gemini in modern astrology)

Prone to: Swelling, strep throat, polyps

  • Gemini - lungs, hands, shoulders, lungs, arms, upper ribs, giving oxygen to blood (don’t know the term)

Prone to: lung diseases and illnesses that restrict breath (asthma, bronchitis, etc.)

  • Cancer - stomach, pancreas, diaphragm, breasts, coronary vein, upper portion of the liver, tears, sweat

Prone to: indigestion, acid reflux, gaseous discomfort, sclerosis of the liver

  • Leo - heart, aorta, that vein that carries blood without oxygen, spinal cord (as opposed to Gemini-Virgo-Mercury), lymphatic system (as opposed to Neptune-Pisces)

Prone to: blood disease, issues with the lymphatic system, heart trouble, spinal trouble

  • Virgo - abdominal region (can also rule the stomach), intestines, the lower portion of the liver, spleen (like Leo, but for removal over vital purposes)

Prone to: Ulcers within the intestines, stomach cramps, appendicitis,

  • Libra - kidneys, the part of the spine that curves, skin, anything that helps to maintain homeostasis, bladder, anything that gets rid of waste within the body

Prone to: lack of energy, bladder infections, eczema, diabetes

  • Scorpio - colon, anus, urethra, genitals, prostate gland, the nose (cartilage and bone)

Prone to: issues with fertility or sexual encounters (erectile dysfunction), hernias, STDs, diseases in the mucous, poor prostate and colon health

  • Sagittarius - hips, femur, nerves connected to the legs and lower back, tailbone

Prone to: (As a whole, Sagittarius is the least likely to receive a disease.) ataxia, diseases in the hips and lower back

  • Capricorn - knees, skin, legs, (as an outer protectant rather than an absorbent in Libra), joints, hair

Prone to: eczema, dislocation, joint pain, dry skin and hair

  • Aquarius - ankles, nerves in the lower legs, hamstrings, varicose veins, sensation

Prone to: sprains, sports injuries,

  • Pisces - feet, heels, lymph, the blood’s ability to clot

Prone to: gout, swelling or hurting feet

Overwrite: Day Two

It hadn’t really bothered him prior to his time in SEP facilities.  He’d been a healthy enough kid, suffering the usual bumps and scrapes and bruises that all kids go through growing up.  Later on as an adolescent playing a myriad of team sports, sprains were the worst of it, concussions not entirely unavoidable.  A night or two throughout his mediocre career saw him spend time in the ER, stuck with a drip, a few stitches, a nondescript lecture cautioning against bumping his noggin at so young an age and he’d been in and out in no time.

Not enough time to develop any sort of aversion towards health care and health care facilities.  That sickly stench of hospitals, rubbing alcohol and syringes, latex and plastic sheets had little to no subconscious recoil on his day to day life.  Even the first few years in the military hadn’t altered his perception, regardless of exponential risks to personal well-being and the overall sense of Carpe Diem because you never knew when you’d get fragged.  He’d be a rock, solid, a foundation of planted conviction during the early years of the Omnic Crisis when Bad Shit Was Going Down and the people in power had finally felt the sinking talons of being truly powerless in their illusions of immortality.

Then the Soldier Enhancement program was introduced.

He had never feared medicine and nanotechnology, never had a reason to.  Always patched up and sent on his way feeling like a million bucks, he approached the program not in the same light as most of his brothers and sisters in arms: monstrous medicine, inhumane compromise; but as an opportunity to step up to the plate and do his part, whatever it took to see humanity through one of its darkest hours.

Bullshit bravado, naturally.  But he was young, thinking of friends and family, balls and nerves of steel with a rose-tinted perspective on life.

It was in that first week that that stench of antiseptic and latex had quickly crumbled his resolve.

The second week he couldn’t look upon drips and bags and leads and shunts without having his heartrate elevate.

Subsequent weeks passed as if wading through a bog of fetid offal of tests and treatments and scans and masked medical staff looming overhead like carrion-feeding plague doctors over what might have been his very last breath.

SEP had changed him, as he knew it would, as they knew it would.  As the entire world knew it would.

They hadn’t known then to what extent.

He had emerged the hero that had saved the world, he and his fellow SEP survivors.  With a mask of stern determination, an easy smile when the mood struck, cool, calm, collected.  And finding it exceedingly easy to play his part in the Greater Scheme Of Things all while the nightmares and voices grew louder behind shut eyelids at night.

The injections and the stench and the latex and another gurney rolling down the hall and the scratching of notes on charts and the blips of heart monitors flat-lining flat-lining flat-lining…

When he found himself sitting by his side surrounded by that lucid nightmare he’d hardly been able to register anything at all save for the bandages and leads, iodine and blood soaked stained that eerie blue luminescence of equipment far superior to that of memories past.  He saw his own calloused knuckles raw and bloodied, stretching cracked skin while fingers curled to hold on to an unresponsive set of similar, slightly paler digits laying limp on scratchy hospital linens.  Hours he’d spent there already, still fully kitted out in body armor and munitions, dirt and gore and the thick miasma of battle and sweat clung as if he’d spent days crawling through the very trenches of Hell.

He might have well had.  They might as well had, for everything they’d done, everyone they’d lost.

But they were here and that tempo of steady blip blip blip had set the pace, the tone of the scenario and he’d screwed up every ounce of his resolve to stay by his side.  Swore up and down to see those dark eyes open, that smile crack across busted lips, to hear whatever smartass remark warranted in that moment.  He’d sworn not to let the SEP screams and shrill laughter consume him and drag him down into the abyssal depths of flat-lining and leads and drips and injections and–


Sore, stiff fingers squeezed once, fleeting.

“Who else, McCree?”

Self-Promo Christmas Story: “Falling in a Winter Wonderland”

“Falling in a Winter Wonderland”

by snowbellewells (TutorGirlml on

{While I had all kinds of great Christmas-y story ideas this year, the time to execute them just never arrived.  Rather than let it totally pass me by, I’m going to “re-run” some of the Christmas stories I’ve written previous years.  They can all be found on until my name there “TutorGirlml” but I don’t think they’ve ever been on Tumblr before.  This particular CS one shot is a modern AU, but I think that’s all the background you really need to know.

Enjoy! Have a safe and happy holiday!}


           Blowing out a frustrated breath as she flopped back against the decidedly flat and inadequate pillows, nothing like the handpicked ones at home in her apartment, Emma Swan tried to pacify herself with just how deviously she could repay her friends for their parts in her predicament.  How had she let stupid August and Ruby convince her to be so ridiculous?  What kind of sane, sober people decided to go tromping through dark, unfamiliar neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights after two a.m. anyway?  Thanks to that harebrained plan, she’d be sporting a black eye, sprained ankle, and a cast on her wrist through the holidays, and for the next six weeks or so.  Paychecks she had been counting on to finish her meager Christmas shopping and to pay her bills were going to suffer, because how could she bring in her marks if she couldn’t very well seduce them or chase them down?

           Her entire arm ached and throbbed, making Emma even more irritated and antsy. The whole thing was sadly pathetic. Ruby just had to jerk her sideways, yelping about some particular animatronic light-up yard ornament, and she’d stumbled, tripping over her own feet, heels catching an unseen patch of ice and sending her tumbling down a short flight of steps to the subway, nearly taking Ruby with her in a tangle of arms and legs.  August had just been standing there laughing at how funny they both looked until Emma had tried to get up and brush herself off and her ankle hadn’t allowed it.

           He’d ended up half-dragging, half-carrying her the three blocks to County General while Ruby fluttered and apologized at her other side the whole way. Emma brushed the frazzled tendrils of hair off her forehead with her uninjured hand and tried to settle in unhappily for a long, boring night alone and to not think quite so harshly of her well-meaning pals.  They had camped out in the waiting room for hours until they could come to her room and see that she was okay.  And they had only dragged her on their adventure in the first place to get her out of her own head, the funk she’d been in, and keep her from going home alone and curling up on her couch by eight o’clock on a Friday night.  So what if they had headed off to their own homes and families once they’d seen she was alright?  It wasn’t their fault that they had those people in their lives and she didn’t, nor that she had shut herself away and kept herself from finding it either. She’d be released tomorrow, once she had been fitted with crutches for her height and they made sure she could get around, since she lived alone.  It wasn’t like she was going to be here that much longer.

           Needless to say, Emma was all for the distraction when a loud thump and the scuff of a boot sounded at the doorway of her hospital room, startling her from her melancholy thoughts.  She looked up to find a guy stumbling through her door.  A quick, shocked breath flew from her lungs, however, when her eyes met the newcomer’s and fully took him in, widening in disbelief.  She would have sworn right up until that very moment that ‘handsome strangers’ like this man did not exist outside of the movies.

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Austin and Ally episodes

A few people asked me how to download the episodes and I have a few links. The others don’t work anymore. I DON’T OWN ANYTHING, I’M JUST POSTING THE LINKS FOR THE ONES WHO ASKED ME TO. Credits to for uploading them.

2.14 Spas & Spices

2.15 Solos & Stray Kitties

2.16 Boy Songs & Badges

2.17 Tracks & Troubles

2.18 Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing

2.19 Tunes & Trials

2.20 Future Sounds & Festival Songs

2.21 Sports & Sprains

2.22 Beach Bums & Bling

2.23 Family & Feuds

2.24 Moon Week & Mentors

2.25 Real Life & Reel Life

2.26 Fresh Starts & Farewells

Season 3

3.1 Road Trips & Reunions

3.2 What Ifs & Where’s Austin

3.3 Presidents & Problems

3.4 Beach Clubs & BFFs

3.5 Mix Ups & Mistletoes

3.6 Glee Clubs & Glory

3.7 Austin & Alias

3.8 Princesses & Prizes

3.9 Cupids & Cuties

3.10 Critics & Confidence

Allysmoon, I hope it helps ;D


Aaron Yan attends event with foot injuries, eats shaved ice with fans

Within the past year, new contact lenses brand “OPT” has been a popular product within Watsons stores and on online websites, hence Aaron Yan is invited to endorse the product as a 1-day storekeeper in one of the Watsons stores in Taichung. Today Aaron attended the event with a sprained ankle, causing many fans to be touched. Since Aaron will be focusing on filming in Mainland China in the second half of this year, he’s worried that he won’t be able to see his fans in Taiwan for a long period of time, therefore he specially came to attend today’s event before heading off to do his filming works. Being a great fan of sports, Aaron reminds everyone to put sunscreen on and to moisturise their eyes in the current hot weather.

“Asia’s New Talent”, Aaron has great acting skills, good voice for singing and is a sports enthusiast, and also because of his love for sports, Aaron sprained his left ankle due to playing basketball recently. Showing care for his fans, Aaron expressed: “I’ll be heading to Mainland China to start filming in the latter half of this year, so I will not be in Taiwan for a long period of time, therefore I came here today to meet my fans before leaving. Although I’m injured from playing basketball, please don’t worry, I will take care of myself.” At today’s event, Aaron not only presented four cardboard cut-outs of himself, he also shook hands with the fans and ate shaved ice with them. Fans screamed “Pick me! Pick me!” when they heard that Aaron will be choosing fans to eat shaved ice with him on stage. OPT gathered around 100 fans to the event today, causing Aaron to be very touched, before the event ended, fans all said “Get well soon!” to Aaron.

In terms of Aaron’s love for sports, he said his favourite activites are going to the gym to work out and playing basketball. He added to say it’s best to wear contact lenses when exercising, not only is it convenient but is also stylish. Aaron’s most favourite collection of the OPT range is the “LA VIDA” range, he loves how the colour grey can express a sense of sexiness and maturity, “Just like the ones I’m wearing today, combining it with a summery look of blue and white is perfect!” Typhoon Soulder struck Taiwan few days ago causing many of Taipei’s water to be contaminated, and because of showering in contaminated water, Aaron’s eyes became inflamed due to an allergic reaction. Therefore Aaron encourages everyone to pay attention to caring for their own eyes, especially when choosing the correct contact lenses, they should be moisturising and can block UV.

Source: Taichung News 20150814