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Sometimes Running the Bases is Hard: A Major League Baseball Series

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Simone Biles spent a portion of the night before her return to the world championships in the emergency room. The sensation she chalked up to usual pre-meet stress had evolved into searing agony that at times left her crawling on the floor.

When a CT scan revealed a kidney stone – one she nicknamed “the Doha Pearl” – the reigning Olympic gymnastics champion grabbed her stuff and discharged herself from the hospital, telling the staff she’ll deal with the pain later.

“I heard roller coasters might help kidney stones,” Biles said. “And I’m like ‘Well, I’m basically like my own little rollercoaster out there.’”

Smiling through each twist, flip and turn, the 21-year-old Biles was nearly flawless during qualifying Saturday. She posted the highest scores on balance beam, floor exercise and vault en route to a total of 60.965. - X