sportmanship :))))))))


Because Brian Orser said, eventhough their personality and cultural background are like south and north pole,totally different, but they respect and support each other.
Yuzuru makes Javier more diligent in training and fired up for striving to be the best.
And Javier makes Yuzuru more relax and takes thing with calm head.


CHINA’s Lin Dan picked up his record fifth men’s singles world crown yesterday, but the ending was not to his satisfaction.
He received a walkover from Lee Chong Wei while leading 16-21, 21-13, 20-17 in the final. The Malaysian was later taken to hospital with leg cramps.Lin Dan empathised with Chong Wei, saying the sport could be cruel at times.

“Today, I think Chong Wei and I did a great job. We gave the fans a great treat but it was a pity that Chong Wei could not last until the end,” said Lin Dan.

“I was leading by four points when he suffered his first cramp. I know how it feels because I have experienced it myself in training. You can hardly move,” said Lin Dan.

“At that time, I was no longer his opponent. I wanted to help and asked how he was doing. He did not want to give up and wanted to play on. Unfortunately, he could not go and it was not a perfect ending for both of us,” said Lin Dan.

External image

“LCW is my greatest opponent, our matches are no longer about winning but cherishing each other.” Lin Dan in post-game interview"


The epitome of NBC’s bullshit, never forget this

“Does He Kexin really think she won the gold?” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME

And what can I say about the arrogant comment about judges from non-big countries no being qualified enough simply because of their places of birth? Who I should trust then? You, Al Trautwig?

And these are the people that four years later were losing their shit about Russians’ poor sportmanship and how they don’t know how to lose.


Character Appreciation Post (3/15)

Takao Kazunari is the point guard of Shutoku. Often compared to Kuroko, Takao has the ability to see him on the court; unlike Kuroko, who is also a passing expert, Takao cannot use misdirection. He is often referred as the shadow of the shadow-light duo of Shutoku–a riff on the duo of Kagami and Kuroko.

When he first meets Midorima at Shutoku, he finds the situation a bit ironic. Midorima was the one person he wanted to defeat, and now he was on the same team as him. That was the moment he became integral to the Shutoku team and to Midorima (even though he didn’t know it yet), because his new goal was for Midorima to recognize him.

And Midorima did, mainly because Takao kept calling him “Shin-chan.” This was Takao’s way of convincing himself that Midorima was no longer the enemy. 

Midorima claims that Takao is his “servant,” but that’s partially because Midorima has too much pride to call Takao anything else. Takao recognizes that, but that doesn’t make Takao any less appeased when he’s biking Midorima around.

But, Takao also understands Midorima more than anyone else. Although he relentlessly teases the green giant, he also works hard to prove that he’s worthy of being on the team and being the point guard. Takao’s optimism and easygoing nature makes it easy for him to be on good terms with almost everyone (except for Akashi).

Takao is the reason that Shutoku is a successful team. He is able to unite Midorima’s playing with his wide scope on the court along with the strong upperclassmen. Without Takao, Shutoku would not be able to function as a team and they wouldn’t be so important to the series. Because of his ability on the court and his nature as a person, Shutoku is a main factor to the development of Seiren.

The strong showing at the Interhigh was brought to a fast end early on due to a one point loss against Seiren. However, Shutoku (mainly Takao’s and Midorima’s teamwork) was used to reunite Seiren as a team because Kagami became too self-reliant.

Takao quickly recovers from the devastating loss in the restaurant, showing how adaptable and dynamic he is. He is no doubt one of the strongest people in the series mentally. Not only that, but he has a great respect for other point guards and players from other teams, such as Kasamatsu and Kuroko.

Takao acknowledges Midorima’s craving for victory when he says “this winter will be fun” after Midorima tells Takao he is in the presence of a monster.  He and Midorima lead Shutoku back to the Winter Cup with full strength after the training camp held in the same location as Seiren’s. Their teamwork is better than ever and this time, they are determined to win.  

Let’s take a bit of time to talk about Midorima’s and Takao’s relationship, shall we? On the court, they have natural chemistry as he’s the point guard and Midorima’s the shooting guard. If they didn’t get along on the court, Shutoku would be unable to function.

However, Takao befriends Midorima, which takes a lot of mental strength. Even though Takao says he won’t see Midorima as the enemy anymore, there is quite a bit of distance between enemies and close friends. Takao willingly crosses that distance for the sake of Shutoku; he also has the ability to understand what Midorima needs as a teammate and a friend. 

Even though a lot of their relationship is built on arguing and bickering between the two, I doubt anyone can deny that their friendship is strong. 

Takao loves to tease Midorima, break his lucky items, and even laugh at his tendencies. But that’s what makes the duo so strong. He grounds Midorima and makes him understand that teamwork is important (even if he does ridicule Midorima when he says he would pass to his teammates).

Both Takao and Midorima have an eye out for Seiren at the Winter Cup. They easily lead the team to a victory against Kirisaki Daichi in the Final League (who put up their second string since the important players were watching Seiren’s game).

Their next game in the Final League is against Seiren. Bitter from their defeat at Interhigh, Takao uses all of his strength on court to try to win.

His ability to work with Midorima had reached new heights. Takao broke down Midorima’s barrier for trusting his teammates and now Midorima would pass, which opened up a lot of options for Shutoku. Takao’s ability to make Midorima trust the team is what makes Shutoku a true team and an extremely lethal team at Winter Cup.

Seiren and Shutoku end up tying. Even though Takao, Midorima, and Shutoku wanted the taste of victory, it wasn’t over as there was another game in Shutoku’s bracket. Because Seiren and Shutoku were the two best teams in the bracket, they both moved on to the actual rounds of the Winter Cup.

Although in the first few episodes of KnB, Takao (along with Midorima) seemed to serve as little more than plot devices, they had developed into full-fledged important characters by Interhigh, and one of the many main characters by Winter Cup.

The quarter-finals in the Winter Cup lead to the semi-finals, where Takao got the news that he was guarding Akashi.

Takao is a strong and respectable point guard, and so even though Akashi is extremely powerful, it’s not that surprising that Takao is able to keep up with Akashi during the first half. Shutoku’s ability to match Rakuzan point-for-point is mainly due to Takao’s ability to unite Midorima’s shooting skills with the strong defensive skills of Miyaji, Otsubo, and Kimura.

But when Takao and Midorima switch guards, that’s when things start to fall apart. Akashi begins to angle-break, making Takao desperate as Rakuzan’s points begin to rack up (haha, get it? okay that was bad). 

The hawkeyed point guard is seriously underestimated and is a lot more powerful than most think. It takes a large amount of skill to accurately pass into Midorima’s hands while both of them are moving (and Takao is watching the court). This move wouldn’t even be possible without the trust that Midorima has in Takao because of Takao’s ability to breakdown Midorima’s barriers.

In the end, Shutoku loses to Rakuzan not because they were necessarily better, but because of Akashi motivating the Uncrowned Kings. Shutoku displays sportmanship and teamwork far more than Rakuzan in their game, and that’s what makes Takao’s tears so meaningful.

He attempts to be optimistic, but their defeat at the hands of Rakuzan is more painful than the defeat to Seiren at Interhigh. At this point, Shutoku is truly a team worthy of winning the Winter Cup. Not only are Takao and Midorima heartbroken, but so are the rest of us because this is the first time Takao isn’t happy, Shutoku is so broken down, and the great duo is on their knees in bitter loss before Rakuzan. 

The duo bounce back to beat Kaijo, and gain the third place spot at Winter Cup.

Takao’s ability to unite the team with his playful and cheeky personality shouldn’t be underestimated. He’s powerful and funny, worming his way into hearts. He’s the reason Shutoku is a powerful team and so important to the series. He’s the reason that Midorima learns what a team really is and changes after the Generation of Miracles breakup. He’s the shadow of the shadow-light pair of Shutoku, and he’s the reason why Shutoku shines so brightly.

Takao Kazunari is an irreplaceable character in KnB. Although not one of the Generation of Miracles, he certainly is powerful and is arguably the most important supporting character. His unbelievable optimism and trust is what grounded Midorima and made Shutoku a great team.

Takao is an amazing character and is extremely strong mentally, and that’s why you can’t help but love him.

Like aww yeah kuroko no basuke extra game just came out few days ago but what I did not expect was for my bABY TO EVEN APPEAR OM G







u did not just hurt my baby


Final Splatfest PSA

Before I dive into heck I want to give everyone some reminders!!!

>Take breaks when you’re feeling stressed!! Yes, competitive video games can make people stressed and there’s NOTHING wrong with that!!! If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break and come back later!

>It’s just a game! Not the end of the world if you lose one battle, we’re here to have fun!

>If ANYONE is rude to you in some way about what team you are on or gets smug, you have every right to ignore them cause team sportmanship is important. 

>Please just have fun the best way you can!! Make the last splatfest a good one!! Don’t let anyone try to ruin your splatfest!!!

>There’s absolutely no reason to be rude to eachother, play nice!!!

most importantly, have fun!!!!! And good luck to both teams!!


Yuzuru Hanyu’s 20th Birthday Celebration Post [ part 1 ]

His charms outside his superb magical skating abilities :

  1. His humbleness and down to earth personality + respect his rivals profesionally.
  2. His sportmanship is top-notch.
  3. His never-ending motivation on his athlete career and for the sake of growing the sport up, pushing the boundaries, challenge the infinite possibilities.

P.S : dear Yuzuru, now you have stepped the important milestone ladder in your life, the 20s age zone. You are already called as an adult. All of your speech, doings, and decisions will be looked at by your juniors. Remember to be wiser, though it may take times. It’s not wrong to sometimes stumble in your life, but keep in mind to learn how to deal with it. Perhaps one day in your career life,People may turn their back on you, please don’t let it bug you, believe me, there are thousands of fans like me will always support you till the end. May you always be healthy and free from severe injuries (athlete without injuries is rather impossible so yeah if it’s small injuries i forgive you LOL JK) , May long live career succesness be with you, May you reach and achieve your goals one by one. God bless you, sweet heart! ^^