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You are into this. Can you describe Jo, Gil and people who are close with Neymar? It's very interesting.

I need to be honest and say that I received this question many times, but I didn’t find it necessary to answer for it. I finally found some time to create it for you ♡

was present in Neymar’s life since the very beginning. They shared everything with each other - the passion, hobbies and interests. Nadine and Neymar Sr always treated him like a part of their family. That’s why he’s called Neymar’s half-brother. In 2013 Jô moved to Barcelona with Neymar. He’s part of the NR Sports Group (NN Consultoria) and Neymar Jr’s Five. 

Gilmar met Neymar during their school days. They went through many things together and they just keep on going. They can not imagine their lives without each other and it’s not surprising, because their friendship is unbreakable. They were living together for long years, but this month Gil decided to start living on his own and he rented a flat in Barcelona. 

Alvaro met Neymar through his father - Pepe Costa, who was working for Nike and was an unofficial spokesman of Leo Messi. He decided to help Neymar with his first contract with FC Barcelona. Neymar needed someone who would help him adapt to life in a new city. They chose Alvaro (mostly because he was from the same generation as Neymar, but also because he was speaking Portuguese fluently). Their friendship was getting closer and now they are inseparable. 

I will leave a list of the rest of Neymar’s friends without a description. If you have any questions just leave them in my ask box. 


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Seahorses Glasgow is a trans and non-binary swimming group set up to provide a judgement free, safe zone for anyone under the trans umbrella (including anyone questioning their gender!) who may not feel comfortable swimming/changing in/or at a public pool during normal hours.

It’s organisers worked hard to have it put in place and so numbers would be greatly appreciated to keep it running!

WHERE: Whitehill pool, Dennistoun, Glasgow (about a 20min walk from Queen Street train station but buses etc are available).

WHEN: Last Sunday of each month between 3pm & 4pm. Next session is 24th April ‘16.

PRICE: £5 but will be decreased as numbers increase. If you can’t afford it - go along any way and something can be worked out so you can participate, don’t worry.

OTHER INFO: Gender neutral changing facilities and private cubicles. Staff are LGBT+ friendly.

QUESTIONS/HELP GETTING THERE: Send a message to @tracybering on Tumblr / @transceur on Instagram (who is happy to walk with people to the group) or contact the official Facebook page:


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