What each zodiac reminds me of:

Aries: random sparks of energy, doodling at night, warm coffee, martial arts, meaningful hugs.

Taurus: laughing so bad you can’t breathe, sentimental conversations, pumpkin muffins, music played loud, family reunions.

Gemini: Wikipedia searches, cute faces, extravagant places, house parties, understanding smiles.

Cancer: pancakes, shy appearance, libraries, fantasy books, seashells with pearls

Leo: fashion walks, old memories, stability, black and white photographs, genuine expressions.

Virgo: newly bought books, home interiors, accepting yourself, strange calming songs, owls and trees.

Libra: marmalade, yellow sunrises, free horses, kind gestures, freshly painted walls.

Scorpio: sitting beside a window at night, passionate and intense conversations, surprise gifts, gentle cuddles, smirking.

Sagittarius: hiking, curiosity, rock/alternative music, sculptures, history textbooks.

Capricorn: writing a journal, family dinners, watching your favourite series, silent communication, flowery fields.

Aquarius: clouds on a nice day, sparkling eyes, goofy jokes, debates, extreme sports/skydiving.

Pisces: group projects, foreign languages, humanitarian works, poetry, when your pet(s) sleep beside you.

I know I probably shouldn’t, but i feel bad for Melania Trump. I have been wrestling with this feeling in silence for a long time. 

She…always looks tense and her eyes are always panicked. She was clearly an  model or escort who probably thought she had landed a permanent meal ticket– to be endured and then left when appropriate. As a sex worker, I know that, i get it, i see it I’ve had it dangled in front of me. But as we all know, Trump is an incredibly controlling and violent man who micromanaged and raped his former wives.  I don’t know that Melania could escape him even if she wanted to. She avoids when he touches her in certain ways, and never looks happy when he kisses her. she looks incredibly nervous when she talks about him and goes stiff if he physically corners her. If they were a completely regular couple on the street, and i saw that body language, I would genuinely be worried about her safety. 

Not a lot of people know a lot about the modeling industry in eastern europe, but a lot of young women use it the way black people from the hood use rap and sports and group funding a single individual’s college education: as a way to escape and elevate themselves economically from an economy that sometimes provides so little options that a Hail Mary chance is worth the shot. When I heard where she was from and heard that she was a model, everything about her clicked into place. (x)(x)(x)

Melania is from slovenia– a small town in slovenia filled with mass graves from WWII. She came here and was working under trump in extremely dubious circumstances. She is uneducated and has extreme difficulty with english- but is in a country for which that is the dominant language. It would not even slightly surprise me if her narrative was that she left her small town, got a modeling job,  started working in america without a visa or anything and was completely at the mercy of her employer, found herself in the HIGHLY unusual and incredibly coercive situation of being plucked from among her fellow models by said employer, and then has been on a rollercoaster going at 190mph ever since. 

None of this is excluding or removing blame of her being complicit in her husband’s empire.And I am not prioritizing her, as an incredibly wealthy woman, over the millions of people trump has hurt and or will hurt….

Its just, every time I see her flinch away from him or i see panic in her eyes, I wonder, for a moment, if she is someone who Trump is hurting too. 

Bandit, Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (5 m/o), AKC Meet The Breeds 2017, New York, NY • “When you say, ‘I have a Nederlandse Kooikerhondje’, they say, 'Do you take medicine for that?’ They’re new to the sporting group this year. They were bred to walk down the side of Dutch canals and ponds and have birds follow them, like a Toller. Their tails are attention getters. The decoyman leaves food for the birds, the dog shows up, and the birds associate the dog with food. The dog then lures the ducks into a net trap, where they’re brought to market for food. It’s a 700-year-old trick. There are still four traps being used in Holland, though they now just band the birds for flight research.”

MBTI types and Hobbies

ISTJ: like going outside for a walk, hang out with friends, some sports (like go on skate or bike), photografy, or play instrument
ESTJ: go shopping, enjoy a trip in group (boat, hiking,…), visit museum, go lunch in ethnic resturant
ISFJ: play videogames, go in a pub with live music, try new activities that are being proposed (like some extreme sports)
ESFJ: jogging, cousine class, camping, partecipate group sports (volley, basket,..), re-watch favorite movie
INFJ: go concerts, swim, hiking in mountain or underwater, pc games, read information about culture or place they want to visit
ENFJ: yoga or meditation , creative activities like painting, having deep conversation with different point of view
INTJ: surf internet, solo sports, artistic pursuits(writing, draw), collect objects (from peluches to action figure), learn a language
ENTJ: role playing games, competitive games, strategy videogames, robotic and technology stuff
ISTP: listen to music, take long drive, group or solo sports, reading anything they can put their hands on, read comics
ESTP: sailing, athletic sports, drink with friends, skateboarding, parkour
ISFP: sing, draw wherever is possible, listen to music, go at park to take a breath, check for places to travel
ESFP: collect music vinil, bike, swim, combat sports, nature setting activities
INFP: read almost any kind of stories, create something, listen to music while running, dance
ENFP: write, surf, climb mountains, jigging, play instruments, photography
INTP: pc games, watch series or film, picnic surrounded by nature, writing comic or fiction
ENTP: paintball, martial arts, digital photografy, exploring city, videogames, travels with large group of friends

Oh My Dollar Valentine

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Requested: No.

Tagging: @sincerelystiles (this was the imagine I was talking about on snapchat)

A/N: I love 13 Reasons Why and this whole idea is just faaaab.

Staring at him from across the classroom, you got those stupid feelings in your stomach again. His smirk, his innocent eyes, his hair, god damn his hair. You sighed in content and turned to your best friend who just rolled her eyes. “I don’t understand it,”

You gawked at her and mumbled words that were incoherent, “Puh-lease, Abbey, he is god.” She laughed loudly at you before turning to the person behind her and gathering a handful of pink forms. Your smile faltered as you realized what it was, the ‘Oh My Dollar Valentine’ checklist. “I did this last year,” She muttered more to herself.

“I got some guy named Isaac, turns out he transferred.” It was your turn to laugh at her, just as you were about to pass the sheets on without taking one, you caught the eye of the boy you were previously gawking at. He smiled your way, causing a blush to rise onto your cheeks.

You passed the sheets along but not before taking one and slipping it into the middle of your textbook. “Woah, you’re filling one out?” Abbey cheered, leaning over your shoulder and staring at the new questions. There was still five minutes until the class started, so you began the questionnaire. Circling the questions that were relevant to you, Abbey squealed behind you, staring over your shoulder.

“Which group of sports interests you most?” She hummed, before laughing and leaning closer to you, “Any that include Liam Dunbar shirtless.” You rolled your eyes at her before pushing her back to the chair. The teacher walked in, and you closed the book over the questionnaire but all you could think about through the whole class was who were your top five guys in the school?

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The placement of Mars gives us a lot information about how someone use his energy, how he is motivated, what type of leader he is in a group (work groups, sport teams …) and if we talk about sport what is his style of play, what type of player he is for the team.

Mars in Water Signs - The Glue

Mars in Cancer Lionel Messi, Zidane, Buffon, Marco Reus
Mars in Scorpio Schweinsteiger, Iniesta, Fernando Torres, Benzema 
Mars in Pisces David Beckham

If you want your team to be a real team, you’re gonna need some glue to make everyone play like one person. This is Mars in Water role.
While I was searching for example of this placement I was wondering why so many football legends have Mars in a Water Sign and I realized it’s because they are bringing the team together, they create cohesion and fluidity in the game. And because of that, they make the team better, greater.
Water molds itself to the shape of the recipient it is poured into so anyone with such placement will take the shape of the team, they will become the team (in both it’s qualities and weaknesses).

They are emotional leader and act through their intuition. They feel the game and they play with their feelings. It’s a delight to watch them play. Words like ‘artist’ or ‘magician’ are often use to describe them because they have the capacity to make those who watch them “feel”, every movements they make is fluid and natural (even when it’s very technical and difficult).

Like any other person, they want to win, but the #1 motivation is to connect (emotionally) with their teammates, through victory and defeat, through high and low. That is where they find the energy to win. Not through competition like Fire Mars but through the team’s emotions. This can sometimes play against them if they can’t emotionally connect with their teammates, they are gonna be without energy, without determination. Useless on the pitch.

Because their emotions dictate their games, they can be very sore loser. They encapsulate what the team is feeling and all their emotions are x11. It can be too much for them to handle, they may crack under pressure as they react solely based on their emotions. For example, Zidane is mostly calm but he got many red cards in his career due to his lack of control of his emotions in tense games. Or Messi quitting his national team after losing another final, sure he is a known sore loser but he felt the disappointment of the entire team and of the nation, not just his own, and it was too much for him in the moment. 

Hearing Privilege

So this week in a Deaf studies course, we got to go over the term “hearing privilege”, and what constitutes that. Needless to say, I was very excited to finally discuss this. However, most of the students (hearing) seemed to dismiss it, not realizing how crucial a role this plays in many people’s lives. 

These are NOT my words. I would like to make that abundantly clear. 

Hearing privilege is…

-conversing with friends in public without being stared at. 

-never being asked to justify or defend your existence as a hearing person.

-making mistakes without being considered a representative of the entire hearing population.

-having opportunities over Deaf people, such as: teaching positions, job promotions, presenting at conferences, and committees. 

-teaching ASL or working in jobs requiring ASL fluency without providing evidence of ASL skills. 

-being able to interpret in certain states without certification.

-being able to jump in and out of “the fight”. You don’t need to live it everyday if you don’t want to. 

-means that many Deaf people will make you feel that you are okay, even if they don’t think you are doing the right thing, because they are not comfortable challenging you as a hearing person. 

-means that you are never pitied for who you are. Hearing privilege is not having someone apologize to you when they discover your hearing status. 

-being able to call businesses and agencies without worrying that they will hang up on you. 

-turning on the television and expecting to access anything that’s showing. Being able to go to any movie theatre, anytime and enjoy a show. It is to know that you can enjoy the arts anywhere, anytime. 

-going through the drive-thru to order your food. 

-going to the emergency room and expecting to get service immediately; all nurses and doctors can communicate in your language. In an emergency, all police, firefighters, and EMT personnel speak your language. 

-taking any classes, anywhere - as well as workshops - and expecting to access the information. You can expect that you will be allowed to take the classes. 

-building a strong resume because you have had access to those opportunities.

-being able to change jobs and stay within the same city or state. 

-beiing allowed to opt out of signing if you so choose.

-being able to choose a religion based on your spiritual beliefs instead of which ones provide services in ASL. 

-having the option to serve your country if you so choose.

-means that you are not subject to repeated and painful medical probing (ears, brain, throat). Hearing privilege is never being pressured to have surgery to “repair” something that is very much a part of your identity. 

-being able to make mistakes in written English without people assuming you are not capable of proper English. 

-sitting in any room and feeling comfortable with how it is set up. Cars, trains, planes are all designed to fit your aural and spatial preferences. 

-knowing that when you go to court, you can expect a jury of your peers. It means knowing that you will not be denied the opportunity to serve jury duty because of your hearing status. 

-being able to struggle with a task without someone stepping in to take over, assuming that you cannot do it due to your hearing status. 

-expecting to access speakers anywhere (airports, ballgames, auditoriums, trains, etc.). 

-expecting to find support groups, sports groups where my language is used, even in small towns. 

-representing yourself. Knowing that your exact choice of words are used. You do not have to wait for an interpreter. You do not have to wonder if the interpreter is skilled or qualified. 

-being able to expect to have direct conversations with teachers, with supervisors, with board members anywhere. 

-showing up at your city council, senator’s office, congressperson’s, governor’s, or president’s office anytime and being able to have a direct conversation in your language. 

-not fearing for your life and safety when you see a police officer. 

Now, I understand that some of these are applicable to hearing people (such as the last one, with all the discrimination out there). However, ignorance is never an excuse for abusing your hearing privilege, regardless of whether you realize you are doing it or not. Again, ignorance is never an excuse. If you realize that you abused it, offended someone, etc., do you know what you do? You apologize, and ask for that person to point out if you mess up so that you can learn from your mistakes. 

anonymous asked:

Hi. Question that I bet you've already received and answered re: your post about being attracted to women but being unable to visualise a relationship with one? For you, if you don't mind sharing, what was it that brought you to pursue a relationship with a woman in the first place? Personally I'm in a place where I think there's a potential for a relationship, but I don't know if I want it partly *because* she's a woman? Anyway, thanks for sharing your original post. That was meaningful to me.

I’m in a position where she likes me and I’m quite attracted to her but the idea of a relationship with a woman is strange and foreign in the same way that you expressed in that original post. Anyway, it’s not like you’re Ask Annie or anythin like that. Just curious what got you from “I’m attracted to women” to “I’m married to a woman.”

hey anon, sorry for the delay — i’m pretty bad about answering asks in the simplest of cases, and this was one i wanted to knock around in my head for a bit.

i realized i liked girls when i got a crush on one in high school, completely unexpectedly. but she lived far away and thought she was straight and so while i accepted this new thing about myself it was easy to think that i’d never really have to confront it again. when i graduated my favorite teacher, to whom i’d come out as bi, said something about hoping to come to my “wedding or commitment ceremony” one day, and i remember scoffing. looking back on that moment is strange. there i was, lucky enough to have a lesbian mentor actively envisioning this future for me when no one else was going to, yet even she didn’t go so far as to imagine that i’d have the right to marry a woman, and the alternative she suggested seemed absurd to me, like something belonging to a different world from the one i knew.

going to college helped. my best friend from high school, who is gay, went to the same college and i got to watch him date in a way he hadn’t been able to before. it was a small school and by chance, he ended up in a dorm where it seemed like no one was straight, and that’s where i met her. i didn’t expect my feelings, but neither could i ignore them.

it’s a cliché, but if you’d asked me then, did i love women?, i don’t know what i would have said. but i would have been able to say that i liked her, and soon, that i loved her.

now, of course, i know that i do love women, and that that thinking was a form of denial. but in a way i think this denial had a kind of usefulness, in breaking down one of the big questions of life into one small enough for me to handle. it’s hard to grapple with whether you want Relationships With Women. it’s a lot easier to think about whether you’d like to try a relationship with this woman. the rest can wait.

i want to let you know that you have my permission to think that way, if it helps. it might not seem like the most ideologically correct thing, but as i’ve said before in this space, your job isn’t to have ideologically correct feelings, your job is to be ok. if you’re attracted to her, then questions about women in general, or the concept of womanhood, or whatever, are just kind of beside the point, at least for now. focus on what you feel about this person, specifically, and trust yourself to figure the rest out in due time, knowing that there’s no rush.

also, i have no idea what your situation is, but as always i think it’s a good idea to spend as much time around other lgbt people as possible if you’re not already, though i know that’s often easier said than done. a meetup, a hobby or volunteer group, a sports team, a band, a chorus — these things have made a world of difference to me in terms of making me feel that not being straight is normal and good, and that being true to myself is fully compatible with a rich and happy life.

my experience, of course, is just one experience, and so if others reading this would like to share your experiences around this, i encourage that. in any case, i hope this answer is helpful, anon, and that it finds you well.


The bad boys in school with a reputation. 

Namjoon (street name: Rap Monster) - The leader of the group. not the one to start trouble; always the one to calm the others down. An orphan. works for a group of gangsters, along with taehyung, outside of school to earn money. He actually is smarter than he looks and aces all the tests without even trying. isn’t embarrassed to be the top student while still being a bad boy. wants to pursue college but the gang members won’t let him go. During his free time, he raps underground with yoongi and hoseok.

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thedangerboys  asked:

7 out of 10 times I've read books involved with teenagers, action takes place at school. It's where characters meet and come together etc. But what are the other possibilities instead of school (bc school is easy and so typical)? And it should be something more permanent to write about (not meeting though other friends, but a party for example).

Time and place are important for what you’re asking, but you’re right, many teenagers stories revolve around a school.

This answer comes from a personal experience, and more people can help you by adding their own.

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Apparently hating Darren is become a sport group.

Lemme tell you one thing, if you don’t stand him anymore or you don’t support anymore what he’s doing, then leave. No one will be blame you, people do what is best for their self.

You can’t hate him just because he’s doing things that you don’t support or things that doesn’t go as you want to or thought.

By ehy guess what, there are /his/ choices, not yours. It’s /his/ life, not yours. He doesn’t need to respond to anyone and certainly not to you, only himself.

So you don’t wanna support him anymore, perfectly fine. But leave and not hate him, because he doesn’t deserve this. No one deserve that.


yes you

are you a keen fanfiction writer or role-player in the yuri on ice community???

are you looking for somewhere to manifest your complete obsession over gay skate boys???

do you enjoy watching world-class figure skaters make fools of themselves while katsuki yuuri looks into the camera like he’s on the office??????


set after the barcelona gpf, the detroit sports academy is a closed RP group where yoi enthusiasts can come together to RP and write as their favourite characters from the series in all sorts of adventures

you want drama??? sure thing. debauchery??? why not. dogs???


with full rein over your character you’ll have the opportunity to shape them however you want - from their chances of success during in-house skating competitions to their relationships with others

who knows you might even get your otp canon

a whole host of your FAVE characters are still available, including:

Phichit Chulanont
Leo de la Inglesia
Guang-Hong Ji
Georgi Popovich
Sara & Michele Crispino


rules, audition process, character listings, event announcements and other goodness is all available on our lovely tumblr blog for you to peruse at your leisure - but if you have any other questions our admins are READY TO TAKE YOUR CALL

(i mean message we don’t have phones i’m sorry)

come on you know you want to

you know you want to you beautiful disaster

evilnips  asked:

What would the band members think if their S/O was really physically active (like sports) and made them do exercises?

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He would hate it, honestly. That lazy pickle man will look for any excuse to NOT get off the couch and if you think he’s getting up to jog you’ve got a screw loose. 
  • He’s proud of you for being active though, and if you ever compete in anything or run a marathon he’d happily pull up a folding chair and support you from the sidelines. This would include 2D as his personal waiter bringing him fancy lemonades. 
  • He’d be the most intense soccer mom ever, no matter what sport you play. He’d bring alcoholic beverages into stadiums or arenas and drunkenly make acquaintances with the other people supporting your team. 

Stu Pot (2D):

  • He’d hate it at first, mostly because he’s the laziest person on the planet (second only to Murdoc) and he enjoys lounging and eating garbage food. But, he sees how happy it makes you and eventually joins you on your morning walks.
  • He’d get into stretches and yoga with you, especially since he’s seen Noodle doing it a hundred times. It makes him feel healthier. 
  • He would definitely not participate in group sports or anything like that, but if you did he’d be your cheerleader no matter what. I’m talking Pom Poms and everything.

Russel Hobbs:

  • He’s actually very much into healthy lifestyles and has always wanted to pursue one, it’s just that his surrounding company is the worst at living healthy and he often lost sight of it. He’s happy that you’re there to motivate him.
  • He’d love to go on runs early in the morning as the sun came up with you. It’s the best time of day and the scenery is calming and tranquil.
  • If you ever had friends that wanted to play some sort of team game together, he would totally want in. He might not be the best but he would love a little friendly competition.


  • She loves it! She’s already super into yoga and she loves to go on runs, especially with you. She’s super zen and would be into the whole “healthy body healthy mind” thing. She thinks keeping exercised is a great way to stay positive.
  • She’s incredibly competitive and incredibly good at team sports without even having to try. She could tackle a full grown man to the ground without breaking a sweat. Because of this clear (and sometimes dangerous) advantage over your friends, she’s been banned from playing teams with you guys. But she aggressively cheers for you from the sidelines.
  • When I say aggressive, I mean very aggressive. She throws things, she full on screams at the opposing teams. Sometimes she shouts at a referee and there isn’t even one there.