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Why do people where binders of they aren't even safe a good portion of the time? I don't know what I consider myself yet. Have been thinking neutral. I hate my chest. Why aren't sports bras recommended instead of these binders no one can use half the time? Can't sleep with them, can't run, can't go long periods of time. Seems pointless to me.

Kii says:

Binders and sports bras have different functions. Sports bras are not meant to make one’s chest look completely flat. They are meant to keep one’s chest in place while they are exercising, which doesn’t usually include as much compression as a binder (because that would no longer be safe for exercising). High-compression sports bras are still built a little differently than binders, as they are meant to make the chest look smaller, but not necessarily completely flat. Binders are not meant for exercise, but are meant to make the chest look as flat as possible. (Sometimes, depending on how large one’s chest is in proportion to the rest of their body, “as flat as possible” still isn’t completely flat).

A good analogy that I just thought of is about shoes. Why would someone choose high heels over flat shoes, if they can cause ankle injuries? Generally, they will make your legs look better. However, they’re not comfortable for long periods of time, and you definitely shouldn’t be exercising in heels. So, if your lifestyle involves a lot of exercise and you value comfort over looks, then you might choose flat shoes instead of heels, or alternate between the two depending on the day/activity.

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could you recommend any really good sport au fanfics?

Here are some of my personal favourites! There are so many more though, so feel free to send another ask.

Summary: The Misadventures of College and finding out your soccer coach is a porn star. In other words: hi, I’m Eren, I like cooked shrimps and stoner metal, reading articles on gluten-free meals and kicking a ball around a 7140 square meter field.

maybe third time isn’t the charm
Summary: How could Levi have known that that dorky freshman he had rejected one year ago could turn into a ridiculously attractive soccer player? He wants those stupid big bright eyes and that wide smile that’s sweeter than crystallized sugar and that glorious butt that he saw when the object of his affections decided to reject him and run away but hey, Levi Ackerman does not give up. He doesn’t lose either.

Summary: Eren joins the Keith Shadis Self Defense Academy as part of a deal with Armin. For the rest of the summer he has one-on-one sessions with the district’s best martial artist and captain of the Academy’s elite tournament competitors, Levi. Levi is known for scaring off students with his brutal teaching methods, but in order to become an instructor, he needs to prove that he can hold a student in private lessons. Levi doesn’t want to soften himself in order to get promoted, and Eren doesn’t want to become another cowardly student. Eren plans to become Levi’s first official student. The fat crush he develops on Levi is unplanned, but not entirely unwelcome.

Freedom of the Press
Summary: Eren is just an ordinary college student, wondering how long he can put off his art projects and if it’s possible to live off of only ramen and mac ‘n cheese. Oh, and if his medical alert bracelet is really necessary, because honestly, it shouldn’t be. His part time jobs as a barista and a photographer for a major newspaper help pay the bills, but when he gets assigned the task of photographing the upcoming professional soccer match, he can’t believe his luck. He has been given permission to legally stalk his idol, center forward for the Scouts, Levi Ackerman!
          Levi Ackerman is a famous soccer player, and the object of millions of girls’ and guys’ wet dreams. For Levi, the life of a celebrity is nothing to complain about. He can walk into any bar and leave with his choice of men to take home. And with a sexual appetite that can rival that of a porn star, this is a benefit of stardom he takes full advantage of. The only problem is, it’s hard to keep secrets when constantly under a spotlight. What the world doesn’t know is that he’s gay, and he’s determined to keep it that way. Levi struggles to keep his deep, dark secret out of the public knowledge, but a certain green-eyed brat is making that exceptionally difficult.