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This “it’s a man’s game” nonsense being used again the concussion protocol is ridiculous. It’s not a “man’s” game. Stop that. You would think that people would be more concerned about the possibility of someone’s brain beating against their skull than this idiotically perceived weakness. You get hit in the head in a contact sport like hockey= chance of injury. Stop this gendered bullshit and show some concern for the players you supposedly respect.

Sports culture is so bizarre and fucked up ive read articles for class about grown adults opposing safer lower contact football for literal actual children because they think it’ll ruin the sport and lower the chances of those children being NFL stars in the future so they’d rather their children be exposed to the danger of long term traumatic brain injury than run the risk of losing any hypothetical football stars

10 Reasons Why I Like Haikyuu!!!

1.) Accurate portrayal of how being self-centered in a team sport can destroy all chances of victory.

2.) Focuses not only on the talents of the protagonists (Hinata and Kageyama), but also the background characters, showing their development and personal skills as well as how they fit into the team.

3.) Shows how devastating loss can be for some people, and also how important it is to keep believing in yourself and your team.

4.) Doesn’t simply show win after win after win. The team experiences losses, and they show their emotions toward those losses as well.

5.) Not all the rival teams are simply rivals. Like the relationship between Karasuno and Nekoma, some of the teams and players can be shown meeting on friendly terms and not focusing completely on beating each other.

6.) The characters show actual development, in both skills and personality.

7.) Azumane Asahi.

8.) Not all the Karasuno team members start in the same place. Hinata started completely on his own, Kageyama began as a prodigy, Asahi and Kenma didn’t even like the sport before they joined/rejoined, etc. 

9.) Shows that size, strength, and skill don’t always matter. Even if you’re the smallest player in the court, or the one with the least experience, you can still shine. If you do your very best, you can win no matter what.

10.) “Pah” and “Gwah”!!! 

  • Fletcher: What's with the hand move? Do you see that? Does that, like, mean something?
  • Valkyrie: It's code. I think it breaks down to "choo-choo." [mimics pulling a train whistle]
  • Tanith: It probably means to follow him. That, or wait here for him.
  • Fletcher: Hey Skulduggery! What's the [mimics gesture] all about?
  • Skulduggery: It means "yell real loud, so the vampires who don't know we're coming will have a sporting chance."

ok, i know everyone loves the idea of, like, Dangerously Competent Superevil Mad King Ryan–i mean, i see the appeal–but also consider, from a single minecraft let’s play:

  • ryan proposing a headstart for his prey, immediately lets said prey haggle him upward an extra minute
  • ryan spending the entire headstart trying to enchant his armor with a melee buff, presumably so he can throw himself bodily at his enemies
  • ryan going :(((( when nature does the killing first
  • ryan majestically galloping his horse off a bridge
  • ryan getting so excited about hunting jack that he puts himself in a hole, essentially ensuring jack’s escape
  • ryan passing geoff’s shitty fortress a hundred times, like, “huh. that’s a weird tree. so anyways”

i mean. i can’t picture him as anything but that ex-supervillain who becomes the heroes’ weird uncle, like, “nobody schemes against the heroes but me! >:(((”, like the kind who constantly reworks his evil plots to give the good guys a sporting chance, the kind who tries to monologue and stumbles over his own words and goes, “that, uh, that didn’t happen. my mind control device has erased that from your minds.” “dude we broke that an hour ago” “uh”

he’s trying so hard, bless him


Because we all have outtake runs that end up being hilarious… this is Castiel’s I’m-so-done Intro Chances run from this weekend. 

  • Sirius: What's with the hand move? D’you see that? Does that, like, mean somethin’?
  • Remus: It's code. I think it breaks down to "choo-choo." [mimics pulling a train whistle]
  • James: It probably means to follow him. That, or wait here for him.
  • Sirius: Hey Mad-Eye! What's the [Mimics gesture] all about?
  • Moody: It means "yell real loud, so the Death Eaters who don't know we're coming will have a sporting chance."

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any cool albums you have been listening to recently??

sure sure’s EP “songs from 2014” is one im really about recently, hozier’s selftitled album, hotel books - everything we could have done differently, modern baseball - sports, and milky chance - sadnecessary
theres a few to get you going uwu

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Trans!Alex AU


It started with the little things. Alex’s clothes changed, less somewhat feminine to definitely more masculine. It was just something that was more comfortable, he tried telling himself. And who cared if he wore the tightest sports bra every chance he got? Breasts were annoying. At least the sports bra helped keep them in place.

But he hated looking into the mirror. He hated seeing his own reflection but unable to see his face, like it was blurred out or something. It was scary and confining, and he avoided going to public bathrooms, because that was just a whole other level of problems.

His workload suffered more than it had in a long time, and Washington gently urged him to seek some professional help. Damn the old man and his sentiments, but Alex had to admit, once he found the right therapist, he found he finally had some things he needed to get off his chest. Things that needed to be said to a neutral party, and his therapist was more than willing to help him.

It took all of five months before he decided that he couldn’t keep living a lie anymore. So one night, while out for drinks with John, Alex stared down at his beer before he spoke, his voice quiet and hesitant for once. “Can I talk to you about something?”


“We’ve been advancing well so far, but there’s no 100% in sports. You get your chance when you least expect it. Are you all ready to play? I’ll call the plays like an official game. Let’s take them down!”