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Do you have any particular opinion on Boston Terriers? And also, what breeds did they come from? I've heard that they weren't really bred for any purpose. I didn't even know that happened, I thought all breed were bred with specific purposes in mind.

They sure are energetic little dogs! Boston Terriers go along with my bulldog post yesterday. Unfortunately, as a brachycephalic breed, they are prone to eye ulcers, breathing difficulties, and 90% need to be birthed via c-section.

Above, a Boston Terrier by Waldek Dąbrowski

They actually began as 40lb Olde Boston Bulldogges. They, like all other bully breeds in the past, were used for dog fighting. The Boston was a combination of the (now extinct) white English Terrier & the English Bulldog. 

Above, an Olde Boston Bulldogge by Sue Dumais

These guys had a stronger bulldog appearance, but were bred with French Bulldogs to size them down to the petite Boston Terriers we know today. Olde Boston Bulldogges continued to be bred separately, and can still be seen today.

Above, a Boston Terrier by Agata Bednarska

These puppers were recognized as the first US breed in 1893! They were also the first non-sporting breed to be bred in the US.


Horse Breeds A-Z: Appaloosa Sport Horse

“ The Appaloosa Sport Horse was created in the USA with the intention of creating a European style sport horse with the bold appaloosa coloring. This cross was achieved by crossing Appaloosa coloring with the athletic qualities of Trekehners. The result is a beautifully colored animal, larger & with finer lines than the original appaloosa.” - The Equinest

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So, as per the usual, Breeding Mechanics have changed once again for Sun/Moon.

Or, rather, I should say that they’ve IMPROVED!

Prior to this generation, a bred Pokemon only inherited it’s Pokeball from it’s mother.

Now, there’s a multitude of ways that Pokemon inherit Pokeballs. If a male and female Pokemon breed, the resulting child has a seemingly 50/50 (might be 60/40 or even 70/30 favoring the female parent’s Pokeball) chance of inheriting either of the Parent’s Pokeball! The biggest advantage to this situation is that you can now take a male Pokemon with a rare Pokeball (like the Safari Ball, Dream Ball, or Sport Ball) and breed it with a female with it’s Hidden Ability to get the best of both worlds. This opens up tons of combinations that were previously impossible.

But that’s not all! Now Male and Genderless Pokemon that breed with Ditto will also allow their child to inherit their Pokeball. This means that Pokemon like Porygon, Tauros, Rufflet, Rotom, etc. can now be bred with inherited Pokeballs.

Not a particularly big game changer by any means, but for people with specific aesthetics, it opens up a lot more possibilities!


The boys tackled another new section(new to us) of the Clear Creek trails, this one branched off of Gold Dredge. I just love how quickly we cover ground and how we can access things we normally couldn’t. Typically it’d take me over an hour to walk something like this.This trail was overflowing due to recent heavy rains.