A dummy's guide to swimwear

Getting a swimwear right means nailing a fabric - it must be drip-dry, super smooth, glossy, silicon, latex or stretch - knit with a metallic, steal-like finish. Texture with reliefs, inspired by waves, ribs, pique or honeycomb designs mostly work well. But sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the sea of designer swimwear shapes, and explain store sales person and even put in the Google search what exactly you are looking for. In this case Salamander Bikini Shop is willing to guide you through the most common swimwear types that can be find out there.    

Know you swimwear:

  • THE BIKINI - it consists of strapless bandeau, halter strappy triangles and a bottom which could ever be a thong.


For exp: Sweet Carolyn Bikini by Beauty & the Beach worn by Kate Bock in Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2013.

  • THE MAILLOT - Maillot is another name for One piece swimsuit with high-cut sides with a plunging neck line, one shoulder, halter, racer-back or cross-back.

For Exp: Maillot by Peixoto Swim worn By Kate Upton in Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 

  • THE MONOKINI - also known as unikini, the monokini was first seen in the 1960s - two halter straps holding the bottom half of a bikini. Many denounced it as distasteful, but 3,000 monokinis were sold in 1963 in the US for topless beaches. The monokini was later modified to include the top and bottom connected by the vertical strap of cloth or the sides held together with rings or strings, and large cut-outs.

For Exp: Monokini by Pistol Panties worn by Anna V in Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2013

  • THE ONE-PIECE - the most common type of swimwear - the regular swimsuit with the straps.

For Exp: One-piece by Beach Riot worn by Gigi Hadid in Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2014

  • THE TANKINI - it’s a women two piece swimwear with the top styled like a tank, vest or camisole silhouette, and it’s combined with the pair of bikini briefs.

For Exp: Tankini by Basta Surf worn by Chrissy Tiegen in Sport Illustrated 2013.

  • THE TRIKINI - this swimsuit has three pieces of fabric - one for a bottom and two to cover the torso. The trikini is a cross between the maillot and bikini, and it’s often known as ‘cut-out swimsuit’. It seems to provide length to the torso and shows off a toned back and abs. It’s a good option when you want to hide problem areas such as loves handles.


 For Exp: Like it Like That One Piece by Beauty & the Beach worn by Brooklyn Decker in Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2011.

Hopefully, Salamander Bikini Shop’s guidance will help you shop for your perfect swimsuit with less frustrations this year!           

Gigi Hadid talks Bikini

If seeing the honey-haired, tawny limbed Sport Illustrated Swimsuit model in various sexy one-piece swimsuits, neoprene surf style bikinis on the pages of well-known magazine against the azure ocean isn’t enough to inspire you into a new swimsuit from Salamander Bikini Shop, Gigi herself has some bikini tips ready for you. “Everyone has different body shape, so you kinda need to figure it out, not only what works best for your body type, but what also makes you feel confident,” - explains Hadid. “Even if everyone thinks you look good in a bikini and you don’t feel good in it, you are not going to be at your best. If you feel great in a bikini you can always work it.” 

Gigi gets specific on the swimsuit trends recommending to stay away from washed-out colors or pedestrian neutrals. “I think bright colors are always really good because they are slimming and they bring out your tan, which is also slimming”. Salamander Bikini Shop believes that being a Californian girl, Hadid knows exactly what she is talking about.

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Salamander Bikini Shop wishes Happy-Happy Belated Birthday to the gorgeous Sport Illustrated model Heidy Klum, who turned 41 (!) on the June 1! She is always our inspiration and still rock!

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