sportbikedm replied to your post “Transmission fixed….”

Why’d it snap though? The new one may do the same if he didn’t source out the problem, possibly sooner than the last. Snap from wear or from load?

From wear. His exact words. “Stop slamming gears.” Which the previous owner did tell me that he pretty much got it as a project car and that the first owner ragged the crap out of it. I planned on swapping the trans for a lower mileage one but not this soon though as I was still taking care of some frame and alignment issues. I’ll see how it shifts once I get it back and be able to tell. Cause prior to the rolling pin pretty much every gear shifted a little rough, 2nd more so than anything. I’m just glad the guy before me knocked out all the high mileage maintenance for me before actually selling the car. Gives me some breathing room on getting the major issues taken care.