A Long Time Ago

I made a digital painting lampooning the cliche’d “Alien Monster holding Space Babe Pose”.  You know, this one 

Anyways, it proved to be a popular image, and after many “Maybes” and “Almosts” and “What the Hell am I doing?”- the story of Rita Rodriguez the space roller derby champ and her small alien boyfriend Prince Zebulon the 23rd will be told….comic style!   My buddy Rhys took the official writing reigns, which is fine since he knows a thing or two about space adventure and space women’s wrestling.  While I wait for a replacement tablet cord, enjoy a tiny preview 

These are….INCREDIBLY ROUGH LINES but you get the idea. Expect a lot of stuff soon. 

The story of children of African migrants in Europe

African folks who stopped watching boxing since Mike Tyson lost to Evander Holyfield in 1996 are now talking about Anthony Joshua as if Lennox Lewis, Shannon Briggs & David Haye were straight out of the Marvel print haha I love it.

Anthony Joshua’s path to success is the path of many youths of my generation who’s parents migrated from the African continent to Europe… Black, talented, full of energy & potential, but couldn’t really understand why so many doors were closed to us. Misrepresentation in the media & the lack of role model didn’t help… Without proper guidance we didn’t know what to do with all that energy, plus our lack of discipline got many of us mixed with the wrong crowd. Many of us got involved in criminal activities without a sound argument to backup our decision, but a number of us lost the debate with life six feet under.

However, it only took 1 person to drop the right seed on a fertile brain that our parents had already prepared from day 1… To completely transform us from youths to responsible adults with discipline. Some became adults at 14 & others as early as 45…  

We cannot keep on sending the youth to sleep without dreams! If we all leave the house with something to share, & we all meet in Park on a cloudy day… There are chances that the youths will make something out of the experience. It’s sad that there are so many of us who survived that traumatic experience have become bystanders… Looking at the new youths going through the motion of playing Russian roulette with their lives, & not many folks want to become the new seed dropper in their lives. However, all you’ll hear is “this generation is messed up” or “this generation is spoiled” ect…

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