“YOOOO YOU LYING!” Ty jumped out of his seat with his fist covering his agape mouth and wide eyes. “Nigga tell me lying!”

“I’m not.” I sighed taking a sip of my soda. “I’m in love with Kae. I’ve always been. Just realized it now.”

“I FUCKING KNEW IT!” Ty screeched and I shushed him. We were in a public food court at the mall and this nigga really wanna be rowdy. Having the white people look at us like we’re the stereotypical black boys.

“Shut up! And sit down!” I hissed and he obeyed, calming his laughter as he rested his hands on the marble square table.

“Aight. Damn, Trell owes me 10 dollars. I bet him 10 bucks that you loved that girl and shit, I’m right! Thank you!” Ty pulled out his silver iPhone 5s and began scrolling when I snatched his phone away.


I shook my head. “No. You are not telling Trell.”

Ty sucked his teeth. “Can I tell Honey? Let me tell Honey! Or Trey?”

“No. You can’t tell anyone.”

“Please. Come on, you can’t tell a nigga something this juicy and expect him to keep to himself!”

“Well, nigga, I do. And you should especially since you’re the only one I told, which I am regretting.” Why in the hell did I tell him? I should’ve told Trey instead.

“Aight, aight. I’m gonna chill. Why don’t you tell her?” Ty snacked on his fries.

I looked at him like he got two heads.

“Are you forgetting that I have a girlfriend?”

Ty sighed. “Yeah… should dump her.”

My eyes widened. “What? Why?”

“Fool, you said it yourself! You’re in love with someone else!”

I sighed scratching my head.

“Besides, Jazz is cool and all but she’s not your type. She ain’t right for you. Everyone can see it. You and Kae, on the other way, are exactly alike. It’s fucking annoying.”

I chuckled punching him not too hard. “Shut up.”

“Seriously though. Dump Jasmine and get with Kae.” Ty finished thowing his trash away next to him.

“Easier said than done. What if Kae don’t feel the same?” I sat back rubbing my forehead and groaned. “She probably just sees me as her best friend.”

“Love how you’re considering Kae’s feelings and not Jazz’s feelings.” Ty cackled and I sideeyed him making him cease.

“Forreal though, you never know until you find out. Something tells me she’s feeling your light bright ass too. I don’t know, but if you don’t do anything, someone is gonna end up hurt.”

I pondered a little before my alarm went off indicating I had 5 minutes left of my lunch break. I got up dapping Ty up and returning to Foot Locker to clock back in and continue my shift. As I fixed the front display, I felt a small tap on my shoulder.

“Excuse me, sir, do you guys have this in a 4?” A sweet soft familiar voice questioned holding up a pair of Sport Blue 3’s. I turned around coming face to face with the girl I always loved. The girl I couldn’t stop thinking about. Kae flashed her winning smile nudging me with a sneaker.

“Hey butthead! How come you didn’t tell me you worked here?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know- wait, did you just call me a butthead?”

“You are a butthead.” She blushed. “Or would you prefer Raichu? Since I’m Pikachu.”

“Hmm I like Raichu.”

“Hmm I like both.” She cheesed even more. I gave her a pair of the shoes in 4’s and she tip toed to kiss my cheek.

“Thanks butthead”

“So Kae-”

“Chris! Stop flirting and get back here and do inventory!” My manager DeRay’s loud ass commanded. I slapped my forehead as Kae giggled.

“Get to work, butthead.”

“Alright, nigga.” I tickled her side before obeying DeRay but looked back to look at her browse more shoes.

Damn, she has no idea.

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Chris is a bitchass nigga. How the fuck is he gonna tell me he’s dating Jazz but fell for Kae and expect me to not tell anyone? I mean, I don’t got a big mouth but the rest of the crew should know. Shit, I hate being a good friend.

I looked over to see Honey wiping down the Dunkin Donuts’ counter. I forgot she worked there. I threw away my empty cup and went up to her.

“Hey baby girl.”

Honey turned to me and smiled pecking my lips. “Hey baby boy.”

“So what’s up?”

“Nothing. Just about to go on my lunch break.”

“Aight. Cool. I’ll chill with you.”

Honey clocked out and exited Dunkin’. We sat down as she got her pizza from Papa Gino’s.

“You ever had to keep a juicy secret for someone but you gotta tell someone?” I questioned and she looked up at me with enlarged eyes.

“Yes! Omg. Right now!”

“On the count of 3, we tell each the secret.” I held up three fingers and she nodded. “1…”



“Kae loves Chris!”

“Chrie loves Kae!”

We confessed in unison and sat back in surprise.

“Oh shit! You lying!” We replied in unison once again. Honey smiled wide.

“Well, tell Chris Kae loves him and I’ll tell Kae Chris loves her.”

“So? They’re both thickheaded as fuck. They’re not gonna believe us. Besides..” I sat up. “There’s Jasmine.”

“Oh true. So what do we do?”

I shrugged my shoulders taking a sip of my second soda.

“Sit back and let shit happen.”

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“Ok, Jasmine, what are your special skills?” I was beyond nervous right now. I was at a job interview for Forever 21. I really need this job. My parents aren’t going to spoil me forever and Chris works in this mall.

“Well, I have great people skills. I just love people. ” I lied through my teeth. I hate people. I’m not a people person.

The interviewer who was the manager, a 20 something year old Starbucks addicted white girl, nodded looking up at me.

“Ok, lastly, why do you want this job?” To get paid. “To gain experience and really connect with people. I love clothes.” I plastered on a smile and she smiled shaking my hand.

“Thank you. We’ll call you.”

I adjusted my black pencil skirt before rising from my seat to exit. That interview was fucking hell. I returned home to receive the news that I was hired. I jumped up and down in excitement as Heather just stood there, not able to care less.

“I got the job at Forever 21!” I cheeser looking at her. She shrugged her shoulders showing she really didn’t care.

“You know what? You’re a fucked up bitch, Heather!” I screamed going over to her. “He apologizes and you take him back but when I apologize, I get the cold shoulder! I’m your fucking sister!”

Heather’s face softened and she sighed. “You’re right. If I forgave Trell, I should be able to forgive you.”

I smiled outstreching my arms. “So can i get a hug?”

Heather sighed smirking a bit and giving my hug. We finally mad up. Finally.

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“You should be working on your experiments by now. Or and another thing-”


Once the final bell rang, I got up from the cold concrete seat. Packing my books quickly so i could make the bus. Chris walked up to me spinning my textbrook with his index finger. Boy got some strong fingers.

“Kae, you coming over my house? Right?” Chris questioned as I removed the book from his finger.

“Yeah. What’s wrong with my house?” I closed my black and gold Michael Kors bag throwing it over my shoulder. Chris shrugged.

“Nothing. Just like my house better.”

I sucked my teeth. “Fine. But I’m bringing X with me.”

“Go ahead. Now let’s go!” He pulled my hand leading me outside to his car that was parked in the parking lot. No Jasmine. I inwardly smiled. The car ride was filled with jokes and jamming to music. When we reached home, I brought X to Chris’s house and began our experiment.

“X! Boy if you dont get- get the fuck off my dog!”

I laughed hard to see X humping the shit out of Nike on the hard woord floor. Nike was enjoying it too. It was a weird yet entertaining sight to behold. Chris picked up Nike.

“Kae, me and your dog, we’re gonna fight.”

“No you’re not.” I stuck my tongue out going back to work when Chris’s phone went off and he answered it.

“Oh Hey Jazz… got the job? *sighs* I’m proud of you, babe……..” I watched from the corner of my eye as Chris grew extremely hesitant at whatever she said then looked st me.

“I love you too.”

My heart fucking shattered. I fucking knew it but a part of me was still holding on. Chris hung up and came next to me going back to work. I used all my strength to blink back my tears.


Why do I keep running from the truth?

All I ever think about is you

You got me hypnotized

So mesmerized

And I’ve just got to know

David Archuleta’s voice flowed throughout my room as I gripped my body pillow releasing the tears I was holding back the whole time I was next door. I feel foolish. I feel like a idiot. Damn it, Why does Love hurt so bad? That’s why they call it a crush. I want to fall back but I can’t. I love him too much. I opened my mouth to sing along.

“ ‘Cause I’m trying, trying to walk away

But I know this crush ain’t going away.”