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Do you guys ever have customers that come to your store looking for items that you don’t carry, but it’s really obvious another store would carry?

Like I work at a sporting goods store, and I had a customer once who wanted to buy sand. He thought we might fill basketball goals with sand to weight them down, so we must sell sand. It’s not a completely illogical conclusion to come to, but home improvement stores will definitely sell sand (and it’s not a question of our store being more available, the nearest home improvement store is 1.9 miles away from the store, and they’re open both earlier and later.)

Another time I had two women looking for air bed air pumps. I showed them our selection, and they asked to test one out. I didn’t know about just opening a product to “test” and I was confused about what they were trying to test? They wanted to blow up a bunch of balloons for a party, and they thought an air bed air pump would work. We have an opened pump at customer service for some reason, and it didn’t really work for blowing up balloons, so I suggested that they try Carty Pity, and do you know what they said? “Oh, we were going to go there next.” Why in the world wouldn’t you go there first? Distance is definitely not a factor this time because the Carty Pity is in the same strip mall as our store. I’d maybe try an air bed pump as a last ditch effort if literally every other store was out of balloon air pumps, but I wouldn’t come here before any store that actually sold balloons.

And lastly I had a woman come in and ask if we had any clothes that would be appropriate for “going out.” If you want to wear either leggings and a racerback tank top or a fishing shirt and cargo pants out, yes; otherwise, no. And there’s a mall directly across the street. Like, why are you here???

I had the most ridiculous experience today. I needed a pair of waterproof hiking shoes, so I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick one up. I walk in and no one helps me, so I go to a salesperson and ask where the women’s hiking shoes are - since I see the men’s and youth hiking shoes, and the women’s running shoes, displayed on the wall.

“Oh, we don’t carry women’s hiking shoes.”

I was kind of like, “Oh, okay, so you’re out of stock.”

“No, we don’t carry them. We don’t stock them at this store.” 

He showed me all they had, which was literally three boxes of size 11 women’s Field and Stream boots, not suitable for hiking, said “sorry” and left.

I was just…speechless… You’re going to be a huge sporting goods store and NOT CARRY women’s hiking boots/shoes. Like women don’t hike?

Luckily, I have small feet, so I was able to buy a boy’s youth-sized pair of waterproof Timberlands. I got what I needed, but I was so disgusted at the fact that a large sporting goods/outdoor store would just not carry women’s hiking boots at all. 

also! me and @fragilecapricorn figured out that the photo was taken across the street from the roosevelt hotel in downtown seattle. in front of what was then and now a sports goods store called “phiten” (1532 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, if you really want to find it). so, if you want to go visit it, take photos, leave flowers, make a sacrifice there, go ahead, and tell either of us about it! 

A customer walks into a hunting store.

Customer: Where’s the guitars?

Employee: What guitars?

Customer: The guitars your store sells. Your store sells guitars right?

Employee: we don’t sell guitars.

Customer: Then why is this store called Bass Pro!?

The employee stares at the customer. The customer smiles.

Employee: This is a Cabela’s you jerk.

Customer : Still funny.

I work at a sporting goods store chain, and we used to carry women’s jeans, key words being used to. Corporate ditched them company wide in 2013 because according to sales, women don’t buy jeans at our store. We expanded our store brand and just do it brand merchandise instead. 

Last week, they had me as a backup cashier, and as I did my usual, “Hi, how are you? Did you find everything okay?” to the lady in line, she asked about women’s jeans.

“Oh, I’m sorry, we stopped carrying women’s jeans. They didn’t really sell.”

And this woman, with the nastiest attitude, goes, “I bought women’s jeans here.”

First of all, no you don’t. Because if you did, you would’ve known before today that we got rid of them 4 years ago.

Second of all, customers seriously have no idea how a business works. Even if you individually bought all your jeans at our store, that wouldn’t make up the cost of providing jeans in multiple sizes at every store in our chain.

Thirdly, she wasn’t even wearing jeans at the time. She was wearing the just do it brand running shorts, which we literally got rid of jeans to sell more of.

Chocolate Ice Cream

fluff + single dad Sehun // The bell to the door chimes and in walks a kid, no more than six, asking for chocolate ice cream. Meanwhile, Sehun discovers his kid has disappeared.

He walked into your shop with a blue plaid cap sitting on top of a fluff of black hair. His sandals squeaked against the tiled floor, catching your attention, as he made his way towards the counter. You peered at the door, thinking for a second someone would follow after, maybe his mother but no one came. His small hands reached up to the counter and tapped the bell.

“Can I have ice cream please?” The little boy asked.

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anonymous asked:

Can you post some zookeeper must have items? Like work boots and khaki pants? Rain gear?

Alright, let’s turn this into a mini How to Zookeep because man do I need to continue that series… anyways…

Here’s some of the most helpful things a zookeeper can have…

Rain Gear

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What kind of rain gear you get depends on climate and your level of comfort, but in general you’ll at least want a good rain coat. You can either go for a lightweight shell that layers on top of other coats (I have a Patagonia torrentshell) or a heavy duty coat like a large PVC one. Either way, you want something that is strong and not going to rip apart - cheapo ponchos are not a good option here. As for rain pants, that just depends on your level of dedication to not getting wet… If you’re alright looking like a bit of a dork (what keeper isn’t?) and your legs won’t turn into an oven, go for it.


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Even if you think “I don’t care if my shoes get wet!” or “I just don’t have a use for them!” …the day will come… when you NEED boots… Yes, you will care when your shoes get wet and you get trench foot. You’ll have a use for them. It will happen. If you think you don’t need boots, get the $10 Wal-Mart ones and store them somewhere and forget about them till the day you decide oh-lord-i-need-friggin-boots. And if you DO think you need boots, go ahead and splurge on some comfy, flexible ones like Muck Boots.


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The verdict is still out on shoes - do you splurge or save? The thing is, in our line of work, shoes wear out fast. You’ll always here the anecdotal tale of some mythical zookeeper who bought Red Wing boots at a thrift store for $5 and they lasted for 10 years and he was put in his grave wearing them but… Shoes, even the $200 ones, rarely last longer than a year. Most have about a six month lifespan. Many keepers, ‘cause you know, we’re poor, buy the cheapo shoes and let them get worn down to shreds. Some keepers are able to get the nicer fancy shoes (waterproof, good tread, hiking boots, etc.) and they last a while, but still, usually not longer than a year. So if the cheapo shoes are comfy and last you at least 3 months, I say go for it.

Also, invest a few bucks in this:

This stuff is seriously amazing. It’s not a cure-all, but it has extended the life of my many different pairs of boots and shoes by at least a few weeks to months. I’ve used shoe goo to fix everything from a straight up giant hole in the sole of a steel-toed boot (used them for another two months) to minor stuff like small tears in fabric. They also have a plumbing version (called “Plumbing Goo”) that is super waterproof and strong, which I have used in a pinch to patch everything from my rain boots to my car bumper (3 years going strong!)

Pants and Shorts (probably khaki)

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You’ll need some most-likely-khaki pants and shorts for your day. Unless your work is extra fancy and provides pants as well as shirts. Seeing as our profession is mostly women, we run into the problem of most clothing manufacturers thinking that women’s pants should all be paper-thin, skin-tight, lacking pockets, and generally enforcing the patriarchy.

So shopping in the men’s area (and writing a strongly worded letter demanding POCKETS) is probably your best best. Honestly, I’ve found some of my best pants (including flannel lined khakis) at the thrift store. Time to pop some tags.

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Other places to check out include sporting goods stores, Old Navy, and outdoors stores. You’ll want lightweight pants/shorts for the summer and heavy duty in the winter. Also either buy some liquid stitch or learn how to sew because you’re gonna get some holes in them.


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Multi-tools are incredibly handy for zookeepers. You’ll probably want the fold-out kind with pliers like a standard Leatherman. Gerber multi-tools are also pretty good if you want a more affordable option. It’s easiest to get a carrying case that attaches to your belt loop. If you don’t want or need the bulk of a multi-tool, a small utility knife or swiss army knife can still be very useful.


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Y’all. Most of us are outside all the time. Or at least outside more than the average office worker. We need to wear sunscreen. If you’re outside a lot in direct sunlight, please wear sunscreen. I started getting into the habit of it last year and it’s annoying to remember and sometimes I forget but it’s good to at least try. 

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I recommend keeping a couple of sunscreen sticks around at work as a start. Try to put some on before you leave the house. Obviously if it’ll be downpouring or you work in a basement, you might not need it as much. But still. Protect yourselves.

Phil’s ASs

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Smut, Fluff, Humor
Word count: 4,122 words
Warnings: Smut, food, body image
Description: Dan can’t help but worship Phil’s perfect posterior

a/n: happy birth month, nikki @pinofs! read it and weep. :)))))


It must have been because he was turning 30.

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  • meet jeon wonwoo
  • he’s actually a really great artist like his parents got him a lil blank note book with yknow crayons and stuff and he used to go ham on it like all the time
  • as he grew up, it became his outlet to getting thru life bc even as a kid he was pretty intimidating and it wasn’t like he was very outgoing anyway so it affected the way other kids treated him
  • they always shunned him, telling him to go away and often equated him to that kid from the ring when it came out so he just stayed away from people and lived in his own bubble
  • art was a companion that could never shun him
  • however art also became a detrimental coping mechanism so excessively to the point where he was often doodling instead of completing his schoolwork so the only way his teachers could think to get him out of this mindset was reprimanding him for it
  • of course, it had an opposite effect
  • he continued to do as he pleased, becoming a lot more stubborn in the time that he was ostracized by his peers for not finding enjoyment in the same things as them and the older he got, the more this mindset became ingrained in him 
  • no matter what art was an important part of his life and no one was going to take that away from him
  • inevitably, wonwoo found interest in different forms of art from paint to colored pencils
  • but his ultimate favorite art form was graffiti
  • there was a united front about the way other graffiti artists in the ways each of them made their art their own, formulating their own stories without establishing an actual face
  • the artist was who they made themselves out to be. not rumors or stories about a boy who had no friends aside from the paintbrushes held between clenched fingertips 
  • and for him, he became someone more than just that weird looking grudge boy kid
  • he was someone…. he belonged somewhere
  • throughout high school, he developed a persona called jeon. given that’s his last name, he formulated this just for the sake of vaguieness and cuz he couldn’t really think of anything else LOL
  • so jeon is someone who battles his demons with a stare, kinda like medusa but he doesn’t turn them to stone. he turns them into paintings
  • he memorializes them for what they really are- mean people, demons, scary stuff only little kids dream of and for the most part, they become a hit to his graffiti buds and for anyone who is everyone (though those who aren’t in the graffiti community have no actual clue that this cool dude is wonwoo even if they share a surname)
  • this goes on for some time, even into wonwoo’s final year of high school where he’s graduating cuz mingyu, his new bff and only friend, encourages him after he told the older boy how he wanted to go to the city for school and it motivated wonwoo to spread his wings from his small town and wander ya know?
  • around the time when he’s integrating into college life with mingyu and their other friends scoups and vernon, he actually continues jeon throughout seoul city in subtle ways though not many people recognize it
  • anyway, with being in college, his maternal aunt sends her son aka his cousin, jeon jeongguk over just to experience some of the college life. she wanted wonwoo to show the younger jeon how college is beneficial even for misfits like himself (passive aggressive way of going abt it but wonwoo is just like “ok whateves”)
  • although it makes mingyu whiny that they have to lug around a kid who’s only two years younger and just as lanky and tall lol, wonwoo doesn’t mind showing his cousin around the city and letting him touch his stuff and eventually jeongguk discovers wonwoo’s sketchbook snippets of jeon and he gets all “??? what’s this??” finally an interest piqued in their time spent together and wonwoo lets him in on the secret after seeing how into the art his cuzzo is
  • as wonwoo explains the piece, jeongguk is so immersed and interested, he actually gets into the whole bit, wanting to do his own kind of art form bc he’s always enjoyed doodling and well, wonwoo can’t resist so he agrees to teach his cousin the craft
  • they go out to the tunnels near this abandoned train, just spraying around but enjoying themselves as twilight breaks and it’s nearly pitch black (though they have flashlights to help them out), jeongguk makes up a persona called kookie
  • he says he’s kind of like jeon but the art he memorializes highlights the good possibilities, that there’s light in darkness and he turns around those shitty monsters so they can be happy 
  • it’s cute really and wonwoo loves it cuz his cuzzo is happy too
  • unfortunately, there’s a patrol cop on the prowl trying to get his mitts on people like wonwoo and he sees small lights emitting from the tunnels and the two get caught tho wonwoo is quick to shut his light off, shutting guk’s off and telling the younger boy to run until he’s a safe enough distance that wonwoo feels relieved 
  • they decide not to go out for a while, hoping to avoid the same situation they suffered thru
  • but guk’s not done. he has more to add, and well, bc he went alone, he nearly gets caught before he sprints off and calls his cousin in fear and panic bc he doesn’t know what to do and fuck he rlly doesn’t want to go to jail or something 
  • and well, wonwoo can barely register his actions before he goes to the very tunnel and makes it blatantly obvious that he’s the one “defacing” the wall and he gets the blame for “kookie” 
  • he gets put on community service duty, forced to clean up the “vandalism” and set a 700 dollar fine that he knows his family can’t pay
  • of course his family doesn’t want to help, only wishing for him to learn from his mistakes and be an adult so he gets a job at the local convenience store and although he isn’t allowed to talk to jeongguk, his younger cousin feels awful, trying to keep in contact with wonwoo despite having to cut all ties with him
  • and that small convenience store is where you and him meet actually
  • it’s your second year at the university like wonwoo and as part of your work-study program, you decide to take up a position at the nearby convenience store since it’s close to your dorm and you really didn’t want to work at the sporting goods store on campus
  • going there, wonwoo is at the register, looking pretty bored and when he sees you, his eyes go a little wide before he asks if you’re y/n bc he’ll be training you and you agree only flushing a little bc wow he’s pretty cute and holy shit he looks intimidating (well at least until he starts trying to “train” you)
  • to say the least, wonwoo is only a little flustered by you bc holy shit you’re so nice to him
  • you don’t care if he’s too quiet or too shy sometimes and if anything you make it blatantly obvious that you like talking to him and he doesn’t get that at all
  • but bc of this mild confusion from him, it’s a steady burn for you two actually get to know one another but like most burns it’s an ache that soothes the coldest of hearts and it’s exactly that for him
  • you two will talk about your majors and what you like and he gets happy when he hears you gush about art especially pieces that obviously mean something 
  • don’t get even him started when you say you like banksy work and even these subliminal pieces you catch on the street aka his cuz he actually didn’t realize how mini jeon pieces would catch anyone’s eyes and yeah he gets unbelievably happy to see you talk about it with wonder
  • it’s really cute bc your training goes on for two weeks and he’s made it an unconscious effort to walk you to the dorms after closing
  • even afterwards, he still continues to walk you 
  • he can’t explain why even when you ask but it’s something he does and he continues when you make no moves to protest against it and he can’t help but smile to himself abt that
  • for some reason, he can’t get you out of his mind 
  • maybe it’s the nice gestures or the fact that you like his art or something but there’s something about you that gives him this swell of emotion he hasn’t felt since he created jeon tbh
  • you’re so new and different to him and for all the kindness you show him he’s truly grateful 
  • he isn’t sure how to express it tho especially when even talking to you is still new for him so he actually asks his friends for help
  • seungcheol told him to just let you know how he feels 
  • (wonwoo: hell no)
  • vernon: ummm…. idk bro 
  • (wonwoo: (-: thanks…. Bro)
  • (wonwoo: you punk what the-)
  • the ironic part: so, one day when you two are working together and it’s nearly time to go, it actually begins to rain and this moment where he shrugs off his leather jacket and drapes it above your heads as you wait for the rain to cease beneath the thin canopy, you look up at him with those fluttery eyes and his breath just catches in his throat and you glance at his lips, biting at yours with conflict in your eyes and suddenly-
  • you kiss him
  • you just do it after you release your lip
  • and he’s all red in the face trying to make sense of it before you start apologizing and he has to stop you, practically dropping his jacket on you which he apologizes profusely over
  • “d-dammit, i’m sorry god i’m a klutz… that kiss just rlly got to me cuz i wanted to kiss you and you just kissed me and holy shit did i just say that am i still talking why am i still tal-”
  • you hop on your tip toes and peck his lips once more and smile “well i’m glad i kissed you, wonwoo… i rlly like you” 
  • and he’s just in awe like wow YOU LIKE HIM TOO and naturally y’all go out on a date but one insecurity about him that he still hasn’t mentioned to you is the fact that he got busted for graffiti and that’s why he’s at the convenience store
  • he always danced around the subject so now that you two have become even closer, he finds it hard to admit to his crime bc before it never mattered when no one else really mattered to him as much as you do…
  • it really upsets him when that cop who busted him sees him and starts messing with him in front of you on your date together and although you’re confused he actually doesn’t tell you anything about it
  • no phone calls, no texts, and when he calls in sick from work that following weekend, you’re determined to figure out what happened
  • so you hunt down mingyu and ask him where wonwoo is, he tells you where the dorm is bc he knows that you mean a lot to wonwoo if he was that upset abt you knowing why he was working so when you get there you use mingyu’s key and searching for wonwoo who’s hiding in his bed 
  • not that he’s noticed you yet
  • his hair’s a mess and he actually looks paler than usual 
  • you can see in his hands are holding a black leather bound sketch book and he’s doodling away, possibly trying to cope and you sigh
  • when he hears your voice, he freezes up, trying to burrow away in his blankets until you stop him and try to get him to open up to you bc dammit you care so damn much abt him and him trying to push you away will only bring you back trying to smash that damn shell of his harder
  • until finally he relents and tells you abt what happened and you just hug him, telling him to move over and you lay beside and ask why he didnt want you to know that
  • and yeah he’s surprised you’re not condemning him to hell like so many other people have but he can’t help but cling to you as he replies “it’s not the most optimal thing you tell your significant other yknow”
  • you shrug, giving him a squeeze
  • “Well you can tell me anything and i’ll accept you, wonwoo. i promise” 
  • from then, he’s a lot more open with you tbh
  • he’ll show you sketches about jeon and you make him tell you every story he has about those ones just because you love to hear his voice
  • you don’t really mean to be so forceful with him but it takes prompting for him bc he gets so scared that you’ll reject his ideas but when you don’t he gets so confident and happy, he’s like a puppy 
  • on your dates he likes to doodle on napkins and you collect every single one
  • one time he just doodles a mash potato monster and you kept it in a scrapbook with the rest of the doodles and he just giggled at the sight
  • on your anniversary he actually drew an companion for jeon named miss jae. although she wasn’t battling monsters, she helped him with her powers of support and light 
  • as a surprise he actually took you out to a different spot and graffiti’d the two together and it was just the sweetest thing ever 
  • it’s his way of saying “i love you” and even when you complain that you have no super talent like this he still grins and says “yes you do. just say that and i’m all yours” 
  • (he’s a closet greaseball y’all)
  • the rest of the boys were rlly happy to see how happy you made wonwoo, even inviting you to one of their shows where you discovered yet another talent of his 
  • and you couldn’t help but gush about him bc of it
  • sometimes to people at the store, to his friends, to his mom (who loves you btw), and basically anyone who listens 
  • even when he’s begging you to stop with pink cheeks, you just grin up at him and say “no way. you’re amazing and everyone should know it. EVERYONE”
  • those are the times he likes to shut you up with a kiss 

I work in a sporting goods store, and one of my pet peeves is when people come in and ask for “dri-fit” material shirts or pants. Dri-fit isn’t a material, it’s moisture wicking technology, and even more specifically Nike’s moisture wicking technology. Every single brand we carry has some type of moisture wicking technology, so I need to know if the brand matters and what the customer needs it for. Running shorts, basketball shorts, and compression shorts can all be “dri-fit,” so help me narrow it down unless you want me to take you to five different parts of the store because everything is arranged by brand, not item type.

But I know that customers don’t know any of that, so I try to follow the rules in our training and “Ask purposeful questions.” Guys, the number of people who get so pissed off that I’m trying to have a conversation with them about what they’re looking for is ridiculous, even if I try to explain everything above. And God forbid you show them the wrong brand. If they didn’t want Nike, they meant the store brand because that’s too expensive and then they’re also pissed off that I don’t know how much they wanted to spend.

Lost birds; what to do.

There have been a few incidents of missing parrots recently, and if an accident does happen (and it is wiser to assume it will and be prepared then to confidently assume it won’t);

“Do I have every possible preventative measures in place?”
“What would I do if my birds ever flew away?”

The first thing to think about is prevention.

Before getting your bird out of the cage -

  • Are all the doors, windows shut or if left open, the door to that room is closed?
  • Are people in the household aware of the bird being out of its cage and take care when opening and shutting doors?

When taking your bird outside-

  • Is you bird properly restrained in its cage or carrier, with clips on the door, feed holders and any other openings.
  • If not restrained to a cage is your bird wearing a harness? Fitted properly and with training, securely holding onto a harness with prevent your bird flying away. Taking them outside for an hour whilst monitoring them will also accustom them to the surroundings. It will make them familiar with being in the outdoors, especially if their escape is the first time they’ve been outside in a while.

There is a huge MYTH around when you clip your birds wings they have no ability to fly at all. Clipped birds still have the ability to catch lift from a wind current and get caught into a tree. Don’t be niave and take risks by not restraining your parrot when outside (unless free flight training has been taught, but where I am birds of prey deter me from ever doing so)!

Is your bird trained in target training?
Particularly descent target recall. When birds are out in the open, flying downwards from a tree is a lot more tricky with fear of landing and being outside already added into the equation. You want to know you have a confident chance of targeting your bird back to its cage or a portable perch in a sticky situation.

If your bird talks, teach it to talk or whistle on command so if you ever loose sight of it you can hear it from a distance.

Get your bird microchipped!
Or have an identifiable leg band around its ankle (yes this is not a desired option but its better than nothing).

Create a list of your local vets, pet stores and animal sanctuaries for reference.
Prepare Lost Bird fliers (preferably use a photo that will make your parrot undesirable to someone who wants to keep it for themselves; aka destructive behaviours) so you’re ready to post them around if you ever need too!

Now we have the preventative measures in place;
What to do when your bird escapes?

  • Make lots of noise when your bird flies off so it can gather its surroundings and know where to fly back to your after it lands.
  • Keep your eye on your bird. Check where it has flown to and how tired it looks to give you an estimate as to where it lands.
  • Get outside and actively look and call your bird. The first 24hrs are crucial in getting your bird back. 
  • Check the area for wild birds, particularly birds creating a lot of noise. This is generally a sign there is an intruder in the area (that intruder being your bird).
  • Look in trees, not just for the figure of your bird but any abnormal rustling leaves or branches.
  • If you have more than one bird, place the other outside. It’s calls will be familiar to your lost bird and should encourage your escape bird to fly to its cage.
  •  It’s highly unlikely you will find your bird in the dark, so go inside and have a rest, post fliers on social media sites.

The next day post fliers in letter boxes, around the neighbourhood, at local supermarkets, pet stores, vets, sporting fields and community notice boards. Drive around with the flier on your back car window. 
If its been a while since the advert has been originally dates, put “still missing” under the title.

If you have a pet bird who looks like a native bird around the area, contact wildlife rescues so they know if a ‘tame’ appearing bird is brought into them to contact you.

The important thing is don’t give up hope.
There have been scenarios where people find their bird days, weeks, even months after its lost.