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Hetalia Football AU

Quarterback: America, the center of attention. 

Kicker: Italy, doesn’t do much until he’s suddenly deciding the entire game. 

Running back: China, gets ball handed to him, second fastest, kind of carries the team. 

Corner Back: Hungary, covers wide receiver, defense.

Safety: Japan,the  fastest, no one behind him, protects long ball.

Wide receiver: Prussia, catches the ball, flashy, big talker. (Has to work to not argue with the QB, or he might never see the ball.) 

Offensive line/ right and left: Canada and France, protects the QB on offense, the left protects the QB’s blind side.

Center: Spain, hikes the ball, marks where everyone is. 

Linebacker: Germany, leadership role, defends, doesn’t let anyone get past the line of skirmish. (Sometimes blitzs :p) 

Nose tackle: Russia, huge, stops the ball, causes disruption.

Second-string Quarterback: England, would be really important if you didn’t have the Quarterback.  


, People should know that this isn’t anything new.  Catalans have been discriminated against and treated as less than human for years now.  The spanish government completely ignores the issues and concerns raised by Catalonia and refuse to help them prosper.  

This is far more than just independence.  This is a human rights issue that people have swept under the rug for decades.  This is just like Franco’s reign all over again, where the people of Catalonia are being targeted and brutalized for their culture.

I am a Spaniard and I stand with Catalonia, all for or against independence.  I stand with FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, who still had to play despite the tragedies happening in their community.  I stand with Gerard Piqué, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez, and others who are unfairly mistreated by the Spanish media and fans for their heritage and beliefs. Catalan clubs and players should not be constantly targeted and unfairly treated because of their culture.  

I stand for their right to voice their opinions and be proud of their heritage without fear of abuse from their government.

And the sh*t goes on

You may not know this, but Spanish golfer Sergio García has just won the US Masters. Jon Rahm - a Basque golfer who was favourite - also played but ultimately lost to García.

And because some people are unable to praise someone without insulting another person, actor-turned-far-right-politician Toni Cantó has tweeted this jewel:

“It’s their problem if someone want to stick to their 8 weird surnames, to their little language, to the tribe. Spain is García”.

We’ll leave aside his gratuitous attack to Basque people. He refers to the fact that García is one of the most common surnames in Spain. The problem is:

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Geraldo De Paula by Geraldo De Paula
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Campeonato Mundial de Karate Cadete e Junior | 2013 | Espanha


Queens Park Savannah. Port of Spain. Trinidad and Tobago.

The Queen’s Park Savannah is Port of Spain’s largest open recreational space. Covered with low grass, the 3. 5 km (2 miles) perimeter of the Savannah, as it is called by locals, is lined with large beautiful samaan and poui trees. Originally part of the St. Ann’s Sugar Estate, the Savannah, now owned by the state, is Port of Spain’s main outdoor recreational park. On weekends and week day afternoons, the Savannah comes to life and is the destination for sports enthusiasts, health fanatics, joggers, family picnics, strolling couples and persons seeking to indulge in the sumptuous local street food served by vendors.