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Normani NEEDS to be in IVY Park's next campaign

“You have the power to show a character’s emotional journey through their costumes.”

“On my show, I think you can see it best with the characters Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons [who are both agents and main characters in the show]. In the beginning, they were more colorful, they wore more patterns, things like cardigans. Then in season three, Simmons experienced post-traumatic stress disorder, and we reflected that in her clothes: We stripped away all the patterns, all the color, and kept it very simple, to show her headspace. We also showed how much Fitz had grown up by replacing his cardigans and sneakers with slacks and sports coats.”

-Ann Foley- (costume designer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)

but have you thought about Kent Parson as a platform diver???

  • Kent comes from a family of swimmers
  • His father was a member of the USA Olympic Team (and coincidentally met Kent’s mother, a Canadian gymnast, at opening ceremonies)
  • So lbr Kent learned how to swim before he learned how to talk
  • His family had an olympic-size in-ground pool in their backyard
  • which is basically where KP spent all of his free time because being submerged in water and the smell of chlorine was just… so calming…
  • So he wasn’t sure how to tell his parents he just… didn’t enjoy swimming as a sport??
  • He started slacking off at practice to the point where his coaches had to move him to the slow lane
  • But being at a pool pretty much all the time meant he got to watch the divers during their dryland warmups
  • He doesn’t tell his parents when he first quits swimming to try diving for a little while
  • They actually don’t find out until the JO coaches try to recruit him
  • And everyone suddenly discovers that Kent is a naturally talented diver

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Study Affairs // minxchester

Frank was far more different than his younger brother Joe, but that was okay. Joe was the type to go for sports more often, slacking in his studies though he still got good grades. He was a class clown, a social butterfly, usually the center of attention, and his favorite past time was flirting with various classmates, male or female. Yes, his brother definitely knew what he liked.

Frank was another story. He liked staying in the background, and while he was on the swim team, he fell more towards academic activities after school, which attributed towards his A’s and B’s. And the flirting scene? Definitely a strike out. He was hopeless when it came to others making a move on him. Anyone he had a crush on was usually out of his league. Whenever he tried to talk to them it was like his brain melted and he couldn’t think straight. So, Frank kept to his books more often than with other people. Less chances of getting distracted. College was important, especially since he was in his last year of high school. Distractions were easy to avoid.

Until he walked into English class on the first day of school and discovered the brand new teacher the school board had hired was like a walking Adonis; tall, clothes clinging to a well built frame, a face that would give anyone a wet dream, and those eyes… Fuck, Frank had never seen eyes so green. And when he talked, with that deep voice and earnest expression as he taught the lessons with genuine excitement and interest, Frank knew he was screwed.

Kind of hard to focus on school when you’re ultimate fantasy was teaching your afternoon class.