sport shake

Spoil sport.

“Tt,” Damian shakes his head as he walks in to the living room. “Lovey dovey as always.” Damian comments as he walks by Jason and you to grab the books he had left behind in the living room. “But where are the rings?”

You look away from Jason to stare at Damian. “What?” Did you hear correctly or were you so hopeful you actually thought Damian said ‘rings’ instead.

Damian is staring straight at you, holding book tightly before he tilts his head to the side, catching Jason’s gaze. “You have yet to ask?”

Jason groans before glaring his eyes at Damian. “Can it, Damian! Get out of here.” He instructs instead.

“I thought you would be less incompetent, Todd.” Damian shakes his head at Jason’s lack of actions before he gives you a curt nod, padding out of the living room, leaving you so utterly confused yet at the same time hopeful.

You turn to look back at your long-time boyfriend who is looking at anywhere but you. “What was Damian talking about, Jay?”

Jason hesitates for the tiniest fraction before taking a deep breath and looking at you, releasing that breath slowly. “The little shit ruined the surprise so what have I got to lose, yeah?” Jason gives a grin and although you are slightly comforted by it, Jason’s words are still confusing to you.

“I still don’t get it.”

Jason clears his throat before taking out the rings he had gotten for you and pulls your hand to his. “Will you marry me, Y/N?”

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i have a trope prompt: tony stark and getting bullied??

(I…warped this and threw in Peter. I apologize).

Tony blinks. “Peter, where the hell did that shiner come from? You’re supposed to give me a full report every time Spider Man engages.”

Peter ducks his head bashfully. “It’s not…it’s not because of Spider Man.”

Tony stares at him. “Then it’s…” Did the kid get mugged? Take up a sport? Did May…Tony shakes his head. That’s ridiculous.

“At school, one of Flash’s friends, uh…they don’t usually get physical, so it’s not that big a deal, but…”

It all clicks for Tony then. “It’s a big deal,” he says firmly. “It’s a very big deal, kid, do not tell me some asshats bullying you isn’t a big deal.”

Peter pinkens, an interesting effect with the purple eye. “Mr. Stark, no, really, it’s normal, and I…”

“Bullying is never acceptable,” Tony says.

“How would you know?” Peter snaps. “You don’t have to…you didn’t…”

Tony chuckles dryly. “Peter, I know you, like, think I’m the coolest thing since sliced bread, but you seriously over-estimate me if you think a kid four years younger than everyone else and too nerdy to keep his mouth shut and interact properly didn’t get the crap kicked out of him on occasion. Even if it wasn’t physical–I did sometimes have bodyguards–all the rest of it, that was there. I was the undersized nerd baby, a great target.” Tony feels the rush of distant memories. “Their favorite was pretending they were accepting me, then laughing when I fell for it.”

“That’s…awful,” Peter says.

Tony shrugs. “It happened, I survived. The point is, it’s not okay.”

“What did you do?” Peter asks.

Took it, Tony thinks, because he had no other option. His Dad had no sympathy, his mother no sway. He couldn’t get the mocking “poor little rich boy” expression from administration anymore.

At MIT, Rhodey was a good buffer, but he couldn’t deal with everything and Tony didn’t want him to. Really, the best solution was to get rich and famous and show the world the iron facade.

But Peter doesn’t have to take that approach. Tony feels sick, thinking of this kid with an iron press smile,

“How ‘bout getting picked up by Iron Man tomorrow?” He asks. “Star intern, all that. Let them see who’s backing you up. You point them out, I scare ‘em into submission with my stare.”

Peter looks torn momentarily–likely, Tony thinks, knowing the kid, between the desperate need for help and the desire to fight his own battles–before he nods.

“And Peter?” Tony says, making sure he has the kids full attention. “I’ll give them a talking-to tomorrow, but if they cross any sort of line again, you go to the school. And if they don’t do anything, you go to the police, okay? No one gets away with this.”

“It’s…just high school,” Peter mumbles, staring at the ground.

“It’s a crime,” Tony says. “I think you have enough to worry about without it. Like, speaking of, how you’re going to integrate Karen into these goggles. Chop-chop, Peter.”

The task seems to put Peter’s mind at ease, which is good, because Tony has a speech to plot, readying to put the fear of Iron Man into some bullies.

It’s hard to explain.
It’s hard to explain that when I go for a run, I’m going for a therapy session.
It’s hard to explain that as much as I don’t want to, I based just a little bit of my self worth on how my run went that day.
It’s hard to explain that this sport can shake me to my core, because it is that much a part of me.
It’s hard to explain that I’m in love with the open road.
It’s hard to explain that running becomes a lot less tedious when I stop seeing it as a chore.
It’s hard to explain that I’m thankful for my thighs and calves on every run, even if I hate them in the mirror.
It’s hard to explain that I know what I’m worth, and I’m fighting for it.
It’s hard to explain that injuries teach me more about my love for the sport than winning a race ever could.
It’s hard to explain that I am my own biggest competition.
It’s hard to explain that when I run, nothing else matters
It’s hard to explain.
I’m a runner.
Beacon Falls

This is Part 1

Requested: nope

Stiles Stilinski x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 885

Warnings: nope

     Summary: Reader goes to school at Mystic Falls high and she goes to Beacon Hills for a football game and meets Stiles


“Who are you playing tonight?” you ask the younger Salvatore, drumming your pale fingers on his locker “Beacon” he says under his breath as he studies the cover of his book, more accurately avoiding Elena at the end of the hall. “Cool, will you be there?” you ask and he shrugs making a face “Yeah, don’t really have a choice do I?” he says before closing his locker and heading to class, nodding in your direction in goodbye.

Mystic Falls is the place you’ve lived all your life, but there is no denying that it’s way more exciting now that Damon and Steph are here. You rummaged through your closet and found the jersey you were looking for in the bottom, the burgundy coloring prevalent, along with your school crest.

“I love games” you say turning toward the bathroom where Elena and Bonnie were getting ready along with Caroline, painting her toes on the floor. “Me too, especially when the boys on the other team are hot” she giggles and you smirk “As if you aren’t falling all over Matt” you add in and she scoffs tossing a throw pillow at you “She’s not wrong” Bonnie pitches in earning a scowl from the other girl.

“I’m driving” you holler making your way over to Bonnie’s cute little sports car, shaking the keys in between your fingers as the girls pile in the ride. After blaring your jams through the speakers for a while, you finally made it to Beacon Hills High School. Kids swarmed the parking lot all the way up to their field, your teams bus parked in the middle of the chaos.

After sitting down on the cold metal bleachers under the bright florescent lights of the field, you finally had time to take in your surroundings. The school was nice and you had to admit their players were pretty cute, even though you would rather cut out your tongue than admit that to Caroline. “I’ll be right back” you say after tapping Elena’s leg, letting them know where you would be.

you walked down the grass path from the bleachers over to where the concession stand was on the other side of the field.

Little did you  know, across the field, a goofy, dark haired boy, who was currently benched, would be paying attention. “Scott” he says to his friend who was built and had dark eyes,in turn, shifted to him. “Look at her” Stiles, said goofball comments, trying his best to not be creepy “Who is that?” he asks Scott, who only shrugs “She must go to the other school” he says focusing his attention back on the game, just as a boy on the field got T-boned, said boy being Stephan.

You of course, heard the obvious bone crushing noise from where you stood buying popcorn and rushed over to where Steph was now sat on the side of the field, in a pile, bones splintered in his leg, that would be healed quick enough. “Stephan” you yell, running onto the field, mid-game, which had now paused. “Y/N?” he asks his eyes looking a bit dazed “It’s broken” you say helping him up much to the disappointed of the ref. “He’s fine, just give him a minute” you say setting him down on the bench.

Stiles, who up until this point had been staring at the scene, made his way toward where you were on the field, your eyes were calm despite the splint being tied on your friend. “He needs an ambulance” he says pointing to Stephan, his eyes on you “He’s fine, trust me” you say looking at the boy for a minute, wondering who he was. “Melissa” he calls into the crowd making a women from the crowd stand and make her way over.

“Hi sweetie” a pretty dark haired women says kneeling down now, to inspect Steph’s leg, Stiles standing beside you. “He’s fine, really” you mumble but she doesn’t listen, even when Stephan himself tried to assure that he was okay. “I’m Stiles, what’s your name?” he asks and you turn to him now “Y/N L/N” you say and he smiles a bit “Do you want to come sit with me Y/N?” he asks and you nod, not before sending Stephan a worried look to which he shrugged.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Stiles asks as he leads you to where he was sitting with his friends, your own cliche forgotten.  “No, just a friend” you say sitting down where he offered, next to him and a red headed girl, who smiled slightly at you. You could have sworn you heard Stiles mumble a good before turning toward a dark haired guy.

“This is Scott, Scott, this is Y/N” he says gesturing between you and the boy and you wave slightly, just as Stephan stood up from the bench. “What is he-?” Stiles started to ask and you knew you had to do something to distract him so you grabbed his face and smashed your lips onto his, his eyes growing wide for a few seconds before they closed, electing gasps from literally the whole side of the field. Apparently Stiles’ didn’t get kissed often.

I Love The Way You Think

Wanrings - Smut!! Swearing!

Words – 2183

Jerome x Reader


“You stay away from my son! I won’t tell you again, you’re nothing but trash!”

You hated this woman with a passion, but she was your best friend’s mother so being around her was inevitable.

She treated Jerome terribly, and it drove you mad. This wasn’t the first time the two of you had argued.

You step forward pushing yourself right into her face

“Really Lila? I’m trash? This coming from the two-bit whore?” You snarl, she slaps you across the face. The sting on your cheek only feeding the fire of your hated.

You grab her around the neck. She was unable to fight you off, the years of acrobatic training paying off, you were deceivingly strong for your build.

“Fucking TOUCH me again, and I will destroy you” you see a flash of ginger hair at the tent entrance, alerting you to Jerome’s presence. You drop the woman’s neck and storm from the tent towards your trailer.

You slam the door behind you, dropping down in your chair in front of your vanity. You look at the photos stuck around your mirror, smiling at you photo of you and Jerome.

You were crazy about him, you always had been, but you were too scared to ever tell him. You dreamed of the two of you leaving the circus and running away. But they were only dreams.

People like you didn’t get happy ending, you didn’t deserve them. You were a bad person, Gotham was your home years ago until you ran. You ended up at the Haly’s Circus, you were found by the Grayson’s soaking wet, shaking and sporting some nasty cuts and bruises courtesy of your father.

You told them you were running from an abusing father and they took you in. That had been 2 years ago. They took you in, trained you and here you were.

You were now 18 and still carrying around a deadly secret. Yes you had been running, and your father had been abusive. But you weren’t running from him.

That night the sick son of a bitch decided not only to beat you within an inch of your life but to try and have some fun too. So when you managed to get away, you ran to the kitchen, you grabbed a knife, and you rammed it into his chest….50 times.

You didn’t regret it, you still class it as your biggest accomplishment. But that didn’t mean you wanted to do time for it.


It had been a few days since your fight with Lila when you heard a commotion outside. The Grayson’s and The Lloyd’s were arguing.

“Hey! What the hell is going on?” You ask exiting your trailer.

“Lila’s missing”

You don’t hear much else as you stay as far from sight as you can when the GCPD detective shows up. You walk with them to find Jerome when he realises that damn snake. Your eyes stay glued to your friend.

When they find her body you rush to his side as he falls to his knees, holding him close to you.


He was different, you could see it in his eyes. You recognised the look, you saw it in your own eyes after you killed your father. But how do you tell him?

“I know” you whisper to him as you both sit on your bed.

He looks at you and frowns, trying to keep up his facade. You smirk

“Can’t say she didn’t deserve it. Hell I’m surprised they haven’t put me down as a suspect the amount of times I threatened to kill her” you laugh. He watches you intensely

“You’re not upset…” you smile at him wickedly

“Well that would be a little hypocritical of me” you wink laughing to yourself. The shocked look on his face only making you laugh harder

“I always said we had a lot in common, I didn’t think we’d have this too” you reach for his face, both stop laughing at the banging on your door.

“GCPD! Open up!”

“Go! Window in the bathroom, you’ll get through there” you answer the door calmly once you were happy Jerome had gone

“Detective, what can I do for you?” You smile

“Where is he?” You fake innocence

“Where’s who?” You smirk, he grabs your wrist

“You’re already in a sever amount of trouble Miss Y/l/n, I recognised you from the other night, you’re wanted in a cold case, so please don’t add this to your charges” he pleads, you just laugh at him as the crowed gather.

“Y/n Y/l/n, you are under arrest for aiding a suspected murderer, and for the brutal murder of your father” you hear a few gasps and cries around you but you can’t keep from laughing.

You’re booked and charged with murder and sentenced to Arkham Asylum and the grounds of insanity.

You were kept from general population for a few weeks after attacking a guard and almost blinding him.

“Miss y/l/n, I’m trying to help you. If you can convince me you aren’t a danger to the other inmates. I can allow you to have more freedom.” You smile brightly

“Doc, I told you. I was provoked. He called me a whore and grabbed….well, you’re a woman, I’m sure you can guess” she nodded sympathetically. She was so easy.

“This won’t happen again?” You shook your head promising you just wanted to do your time and try to understand your problems.

“That makes me very happy to hear Y/n, truly! ” she smiled, this woman wouldn’t last. No one can be this naive.

“I have no issues recommending you be transferred to general population”

You were moved later that day. You had a single cell which made you happy, you never liked sharing things. You began arranging your belongings, the little that you had, that’s when you heard it. That laugh.

Your head snapped up, he was here. You never got any news of what happened to Jerome after that night, no one would tell you anything.

You rushed to the door, hoping to hear it again. You stilled for a moment, sighing when you’re met with silence. You see a guard, a young handsome fellow (if you like that kind of thing) you plaster a sweet smile on your lips and sway your hips over to him.

“Excuse me, I don’t wanna bother you. But I was wondering, who’s laugh was that? Pretty loud and distinctive” he seems taken back by you asking him anything but is taken in by you battering your bright y/e/c eyes.

“Valeska, he’s a bit of a psycho Miss I’d be careful” he smiles down at you. You giggle

“Bit of a psycho huh? Well aren’t we all” you wink reminding him of where you were.

You saunter away from the guard, making your way to the community area. The room filled with tables and chairs that are screwed to the floor.

You see him instantly, that hair of his making him stand out. You smirk, wanting nothing more than to rush over to him. But you resist seeing him with his fellow inmates. You tear your eyes away and make your way into the room.


“Well looky here” Greenwood comments licking his lips

They all turn to look at you, eyes falling over your figure as you sway your hips causing your black and white striped dress to shift around you.

“I don’t believe it, it can’t be…” Jerome frowns confused

“You know her?”

“Yeah I do” he confirms a small grin forming in his face

“She’s a hot piece of tail, I wonder how sweet she’s tastes” Greenwood sniggered, Jerome launches forward

“Touch her and I will kill you” Sionis, put his hand on Jerome’s shoulder

“Relax Jerome, no one is going to touch her. Except maybe you” he pats his shoulder “maybe you should go and catch up”


He see him stand and make his way over. You keep your head down smiling to yourself, your head buried in the magazine you found on the table.

“Y/n?” He smiles brightly hopping into the chair across from you. You close the magazine, throwing it onto the table.

“Hello handsome” you grin, giddy from seeing him again. You prop your head on your hand and watch him.

“What are you doing here?” He looked different, relaxed, and if you were honest, he look incredibly sexy.

“I told you we were alike” you smile, explaining about your father and how Gordon had arrested you that night when he came to look for him. How you’d been locked up for weeks after attacking a guard.

“So here we are” you smirk your eyes dancing wickedly

He laughed madly, before glancing over at his previous table. You think for a second he’s going to go back over there. You follow his gaze seeing one of them giving him a thumbs up.

He reaches across the table and grabs your hand pulling you to your feet.

“Come with me” he drags you from room and you follow without question.

“You have a roommate?” He questions pulling you towards the rooms

“No, I don’t think they trusted me after the guard incident” you giggle

“Room?” He demands, you point to the corridor to your right telling him where you were staying

The look in his eyes causing butterflies in your stomach.

He drags you into your room, shutting the door behind him. Before you can think you’re slammed against the wall.

You dive your fingers into his hair gripping it tightly making him growl into your mouth, you wrap your legs around his waist automatically, grinding against him.

You feel him harden beneath you.

“Such a naughty girl” he grins “MY naughty girl”

“Always Jerome” you slam your mouth back to his roughly.

He bunches your dress higher, his fingers finding the edge of your panties. He thrusts his hand into your panties, finding you clit instantly. You throw your head back against the wall

“Fuck…” you pant heavily, Jerome drops his lips to your neck, biting the tender skin. You breathing picks as you feel yourself rushing towards release.

Suddenly he pulls his hand away. You whine at the loss of contact

“Shh….have to be quiet. We don’t want the guards rushing in here do we” he laughs against your neck.

He carries you towards your bed dropping you onto it, he pulls your dress over your head before reaching to remove his pants.

He tells you to remove your panties and bra, you do so without question watching him intensely as he strips before you. The sight of him leaving you breathless.

He crawls slowly and teasingly up your body, occasionally leaving kisses and nips on your skin.

Jerome runs his hands over your breasts, pulling lightly at the nipple making you groan, he rubs the top of his hard length down your slit teasing you. Your eyes flutter closed in bliss. He stops immediately.

“Eyes on me, you close your eyes I stop, understand?” he smirks at you, you nod frantically, begging him to continue. He positions himself at your entrance, waiting momentarily, just watching you.

Without warning hr slams into you with such force, all of the air rushes from your body, you grip at his arms your nails digging into his skin.

He thrust slowly, his hips grinding into you, small movements driving you crazy, making you writhe beneath him.

He smirks down at you as he pulls out of you completely before slamming back in. You gasp in total pleasure

“Jerome…please” you beg him to stop teasing, he gives in to your plea’s.

He starts pumping in and out of you fast and hard, but hitting your sweet spot constantly. You thrust your hips as much as you can to meet his, fighting to keep your eyes open as ecstasy rushes over you.

“So tight, Fuck Y/n I always knew you’d feel so good” he groans into your ear.

His words make you see stars, you scream as ecstasy explodes around you, Jerome groans as you tighten around him, he pumps into you twice more before he follows you into bliss grunting your name.

He collapses on top of you, kissing you sweetly as you wrap your arms around him.

“You have no fucking idea how long I’ve wanted to do that” you whisper breathless, he grins down at you.

“Oh I have a pretty good idea, I wanted you the second you walked into Haly’s Circus”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” You demand with a laugh

“Well I thought you were innocent…” he laughed manically, making you giggle with him.

“Funny how murder can bring people together” you kiss his neck making his growl as you nip the skin

“Gorgeous, what do you think you’re doing?” He smirks at you and you move your lips over his jaw to his lips

“I do believe we have a lot of time to make up for Mr Valeska” you wink cheekily, he grabs your hands and pins them above you head.

“Sweetheart I do love the way you think”

Only Heaven Knows

Title: Only Heaven Knows

Summary: You might be winning the hearts of these boys to capture loose souls but every single time they always kissed you and not the other way around.

You think idly that if you ever fell in love you’d kiss him first. If you ever finish catching all 600,000 souls that is.

Pairings: Gladion x Reader and Reader x Everyone.

The tricky thing about winning over guys is capturing their attention. Fortunately, you were practically invisible. It didn’t matter if you were in the same class or in the same neighborhood. You were, as they say, a blank slate. And because you were blank it was easy to mold yourself into the kind of person that suited every guy.

It started with a love for Otome games.

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Extra™: The Series

Episode 3:

Instead of simply cutting or breaking the banana into pieces, Sport slices it with a non-sharp object after throwing it into the air.

Not pictured: banana

To blend the mixture, Sport “shakes” it by tossing the bottle into the air.

This method shouldn’t actually mix it very well. Besides, the chunks of banana would probably ruin it.

John can hear Sherlock whistling from downstairs. He stops typing mid-sentence to see if he can place the tune, but that becomes all too easy: Sherlock slips into singing the words as he bounds up the stairs:

“Sinatra was swinging, all the drunks they were singing, we kissed on the corner then danced through the night-”

Sherlock reverts to humming as he enters the living room. He is smiling, cheeks pink with the winter air.

John leans back in his chair and chuckles. “Aren’t you a bit early for all that?”

Sherlock shrugs. “I’m not responsible for Tesco’s music choices.”

He winks and heads to the fridge to put the shopping away. John gets lost back into writing his draft blog entry, and so doesn’t even hear Sherlock sneak up behind him. He only notices when Sherlock quickly places the backs of his hands on his cheeks.

“Oi!” John gasps with the cold, but he can’t help giggling. “You cheeky git!”

Sherlock plants a comically loud kiss on his lips to make up for it. “Can we put our tree up today?”

“It’s the middle of November.”

“Is that ‘John’ for 'yes, dear heart, light of my life, of course we wi-”

John stands and cuts him off with a much slower kiss. “On one condition: you let me handle the lights, you’re a bloody disaster with them.”

Sherlock tuts, then grins. “Now, where would be the sport in that?”

John shakes his head fondly while Sherlock bustles around making room for everything, rushing back downstairs to ask Mrs Hudson whether she has any tinsel. To see Sherlock so unabashedly excited… well. It means- it means a lot.

John knows that December has hardly been the most wonderful time of the year for them. But now, now, it’ll be different and amazing and-

Sherlock emerges again, tangled in fairy lights. John snorts. “Here, you daft…”

He never said it would be perfect. Still, John knows that it’ll be just right for them.