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When you first became friends with Yugyeom, you weren’t sure it would ever amount to much. In the beginning you were both shy and more than a little awkward with one another. Neither of you were very comfortable around new people but, after a while, you started to warm up to one another.

Although Yugyeom could be a little shit sometimes, he was sweet and genuinely cared for his friends. He wanted nothing more than to see his friends happy and you were proud to be one of those friends. Even if he did get on your nerves sometimes.

The time spent with Yugyeom that didn’t make you want to tear your hair out was spent playing video games, watching television, or dancing. The two of you had a good bit in common and there was rarely a dull moment whenever you were together. In the words of your parents, your friendship with Yugyeom was, “cute.”

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Hanzo and Genji reaction when their s/o have turned their phones ringtones as prank to "Puff the Magic Dragon" - song? Something funny and cute? <3

(Yesss that would be the best prank ever!)


“Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea and played in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee~”

He would be so embarrassed that such an unprofessional song was coming from his phone! Hanzo always feels like he has an image to uphold, well less than he used to be, but he doesn’t really like being flustered in front of people; he likes making good impressions. He’d scramble for his cell phone, fumbling with it in his hands as he desperately tried to answer it.

When he picked up, he heard his partner sing the next part, “Little Jackie Paaaaper, loved that rascal Puff! Hahaha!”

Hanzo’s just sighed in annoyance and facepalmed.

“Do ya like the new ringtone I gave you?” they giggled.

“When did you do this?” he groaned.

“You leave your phone lying around all the time, Hanzo, it wasn’t hard! So are you gonna keep it? The ringtone?”

“No,” was his blunt response.

He could practically imagine the indignant pout they were making on the other end, “But Hanzoooo, it reminds me of uuus. I love you so much, you’re my little rascal-y dragon,”

“What about me says rascal?” he deadpanned.

“Urgh, you’re such a killjoy, Hanzo,” they grumbled, “Fine, change the ringtone back if you want, but if you leave your phone unattended again…”

“I can assure you that won’t happen,”


He’d be a bit of a better sport about it. Pranks were one of his favorite pastimes when he was younger, and he was probably attracted to his s/o because of their clever and fun pranks. Still, he probably might think that just because he’s their lover, they won’t ever prank him. But, oh, how he was wrong.

When he first heard the silly kids’ song, he thought it was someone else’s phone–maybe Lena or Mei’s. But then it just kept going and going, and nobody was answering it. Finally, Mei timidly tapped on his shoulder and asked if he was going to get that. Wait, was that his phone? Pulling his cell phone out of his jacket, he saw that it was in fact his phone singing “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

Genji chuckled, knowing right away who the culprit was, and the culprit just happened to be the one calling.

“Hey babe,” he heard his s/o say on the other end.

“Nice ringtone you gave me,” Genji said.

“Ringtone? Oh, yeah!” they remembered, “I forgot I did that! I thought you would’ve noticed sooner that I changed it. Am I really the first person to call you since then?”

“I guess so,” he shrugged.

“Wellll, I hope you found it funny,” they giggled, “Cuz you’re like a little cutie dragon~”

It was times like this that Genji was thankful people couldn’t see his face.

“You’re not gonna change it, are you?” they asked.

“Ummm,” he mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.

It was a little embarrassing for an Overwatch agent to have a default ringtone like that…

“How about I save that ringtone for whenever you call?” he offered.

“Aw, that’s so sweet~” they sang, “Thanks so much, Genji! I love you!”

“Love you, too,” he sighed dreamily.

Anon said: Please do what being in a polyamorous relationship with Fred and George Weasley would be like!!!! 

A/N: This request piqued my interest and I had to consider the dynamics between each of the twins with the reader as well as how the twins interact amongst themselves. Thank you so much for your request, I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with. - Admin Erika💖

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creator.

 Being in a polyamorous relationship with Fred and George would include…

- Fred and George are both quite selfless, so a relationship between the three of you would only happen on your terms. 

- George would be the one to bring it up, Fred would be too busy thinking about it to put anything forward.

- Things would be rocky at the start, but the three of you eventually figured out what did and didn’t work for each of you.

- George would always claim to be the better, more talented twin.

- The three of you could often be found in various parts of the castle or in a corner in the Gryffindor Common Room, if you were in their House, giggling over bits of parchments, your heads bowed together as you whispered back and forth conspiratorially. 

- They would always leave their classes early to meet you outside of yours, but if you happened to be in the same classes then they’d crowd your desk, flirting and teasing, wanting to see you blush because of their attention.

So many inside jokes.

- Fred’s the more romantic one of the two; he’d plan all your dates.

- They’re very over-protective of you, if you talk to anyone new, you’ll end up playing Twenty Questions.

- Supporting them at their matches, unless you play too, in which case encouragement comes in the form of glances across the pitch as you hover mid-air.

Always serving detention together, usually with Filch.

- Constant flirting - if you’re not in Gryffindor, they’ll tease you for sporting ‘enemy colours’.

- Friendly pranking wars between the three of you - any overstepped boundary, big or small, signals war

.- Spending every half-term/holiday with them at The Burrow or Grimmauld Place.

- People not necessarily understanding the bond that the three of you share, but if the three of you are happy, everyone’s happy.

So many cuddles - Fred’s hands tend to wander more than George’s do.

- You’d have each other’s backs, not afraid to call each other out if they’re in the wrong, but you’ll protect each other until the end.

- You’d do anything for each other.

- Having to make sure that everything is in perfect balance within your relationship; so as many hugs as Fred gets, George gets, and so on.

The sass

- If you’re shorter than they are, your head will become an arm rest for the twins.

- Arms going above your head at The Burrow or their joke shop, so they can reach something that you can’t; they’d tease you for your height.

- Fred is slightly crueler than George, especially in his pranks, If he went too far, he’d he nudged, hard and sharply into his ribs by George, who would give him a  pointed look, inclining his head towards you. Look.

 - Fred would look over and see that he had upset you, and he would apologise to you, knowing that you don’t deserve to be told things like that, jokingly or no.

- Depending on how badly he’d upset you, Fred would probably throw himself to the floor, getting on his knees and grovelling, apologising profusely and kissing your robes, though a grin would slowly form on your faces and you’d end up laughing and joking, the tension melting away.

- This grovelling would happen anywhere, even right in the middle of the Great Hall - let’s hope you don’t embarrass easily!

- It would be a very loving, affectionate relationship. There’d be arguments, definitely, but which relationship doesn’t?

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Rules for Zodiac Compatibility

(any relationship- friendships, family, partners, group projects, co-authors, prison gangs, fuck buddies, frenemies, synchronized swimming, long-lost twins, prank shows, sports rivals, sting operations, light treason, etc.)

  1. Unless you’re a total dickhead, you can get along with anyone. 

I’m so happy there’s an American school of witchcraft & wizardry because now we can apply all the stupid American school stuff to Ilvermorny like:

> Spirit week, and most importantly, pajama day

> School assemblies. Loud school assemblies with the occasional spell going off from a student who got really into it

> Seeing how long you can get a pencil to stick in the ceiling, but with wands instead

> House cheers that are screamed during sport competitions but also randomly during dinner, the dining hall getting louder and louder because whatever house is the loudest is alpha

> School announcements

> Senior prank day

> Sports. Quidditch of corse, but also soccer and football

> Bathroom graffiti but, like, magical bathroom graffiti


> Yearbooks & yearbook signing

I could go on forever, but yeah. Magical American school. Feel free to add to the list!!

Miyuki: nice win! keep on like that and you might catch up to baseball team by next season!
Kuroo: yeah, it’s just too bad you guys couldn’t close the deal and finish it last game.
Miyuki: that’s not what your boyfriend said last night
Kuroo: …you little shit


Jaylos week day 1- Rivals

(sorry for any errors! hope you guys like it)
Treat Me Like You Do:

Competition was a fundamental part of their relationship.

Whether it be pranking, sports, or even school (sometimes, if Jay was feeling up to it), they were always locked in a competition. It was no different when they became musicians. Often enough, Jay and Carlos play the same shows. Crowds adore when they share the stage. But to them it was just another competition to see who could get the most people to scream for them.

There is a board backstage with tally boards, showing how many times each of them had been more successful. It stayed tied, but Jay was adamant on changing that this time.

Jay swallows down his nerves and shares a small smile with Carlos. They were always best friends, no matter what competition they were having, and it was nice to have him on stage.

A hush runs through the arena. The only sound is the whirring of the machines as the mechanical floor begins to lift Jay and Carlos onto the main stage. The chanting of the crowd begins as a small sound, gradually rising to a deep vibration. It’s amalgamation of lyrics from both of their songs. Carlos holds back a laugh next to him. Stage smoke swirls around them as the lights flash to life. The crowds begin screaming wildly when Jay waves.

Carlos moves up to his microphone and Jay steps into the DJ booth.

“Haha, hey guys!” Carlos says, his voice vibrating through the arena. “We’ve got a special show for you. One night only, Gold Rush and The Dome Effect are sharing the stage!”

“It’s gonna be a banger,” Jay says.

He turns the power dial and checks the audio set up quickly. It’s like second nature to him now. He feels the tingling sensation in his fingertips as he touches the spinner and he laughs. There’s a set list taped onto the back of the speaker, and he adjusts the small microphone on the table so that he can sing into it easily. The lights sync up to the music and suddenly their gig is in full swing. It’s a rush that Jay admires. Adrenaline pulses through his veins and he lets the familiar buzz take over.

Carlos looks ephemeral, stunning in his sparkling tank top and skinny jeans. The lights are hitting his bleached hair and reflecting on the glitter he always pours into it. Jay loves to admire Carlos. The boy is just so unnaturally gorgeous. It’s a weird thought to have about his best friend, but Jay can’t really do anything about it.

He squints into the audience, a futile attempt to read the fanmade signs, but he’s almost certain that there is one that says something about Carlos “hearting” Jay, whatever that means.

“How are you doing tonight, Chicago?” He shouts into his microphone. The crowd roars back in response, thousands of glow sticks light up and swing in various directions. It’s all very mesmerizing to Jay.

“That’s just what we wanted to hear!” says Carlos. Jay watches as Carlos picks up his water and takes a long gulp, finishing in a few swallows. Fucking hot, he thinks to himself. Carlos throws the empty bottle into the crowd of screaming fans and Jay laughs as two teens try to take it from one another.

“Carlos is such a tease! Am I right, or am I right?”

Carlos laughs and sends a wink in Jay’s direction. “Only for my fans.”

They’ve reached the song that was co-written. It’s finally Jay’s turn to sing. He steps out of the booth and places himself next to Carlos. He’s wearing a fishnet shirt and harem pants, and his hair is in a bun. For this show, Jay allowed Carlos to do his makeup, so his eyes are smoky and sparkling.

“Hey, guys! This next song is something both Carlos and I had a hand in producing. It’s never been sung live, so we hope you enjoy it,” he says. Carlos grins and punches his shoulder.

“Your makeup looks great, Jay, who did it?”

“No need to be modest about your skills, C.” The crowd laughs in response and Jay blows Carlos a kiss. Fan service is a major part of their performance, and they always play it out to their advantage.

There is a narrow platform that runs through the crowd. Jay throws his microphone up and catches it several times as he makes his way down the line. He gets on his knees and reaches out to the crowd in front of him. It’s always strange to hear his own voice out loud. Jay’s music is just that, music. He’s got a small number of lyrics in some of his songs, but Carlos is the real singer. Nevertheless, people seem to appreciate Jay’s voice. It’s not something he’s confident in, but he loves to make his fans happy.

He doesn’t sense Carlos behind him until there’s a sweaty hand on his shoulder. He turns his head to make eye contact, but instead, something else happens.

If Jay is being honest, he’s imagined this scenario a few times, but never like this. It’s not his first kiss, but it is something Jay has been curious about for a while. Carlos’s lips are soft on his own and it feels like it lasts for hours, but it’s probably only two seconds before Carlos pulls back. There’s a smirk on his face, his cheeks are flushed. Jay imagines his face is also pretty red. A hush travels through the crowd as they process what just happened. It’s literally the calm before the storm. The crowd was screaming before, but it was nothing compared to this. Jay’s ears are ringing, and he’s still a little dazed. However, he finds the energy to stand up and grabs Carlos’s jaw.

He sings his next verse while staring directly into Carlos’s brown eyes. He can sense that Carlos is just as high on the adrenaline as he himself is. Then Jay realizes that he’s been steadily inching closer to Carlos. There’s practically no space left between their bodies. Jay lets the microphone drop and he leans in, his lips brushing against Carlos’s ear.

“I think we tied it tonight,” he whispers.

Carlos laughs and it suddenly hits Jay that the show is over. The lights are fading and people are still screaming, but they’ve reached the end of their setlist. He doesn’t think he has the energy to do an encore tonight, because he wants to get backstage to talk to Carlos.

“Thank you, Chicago!” Carlos says as he pulls away from Jay. “You were great! Catch us outside in a few minutes for autographs,” he says.

Then they’re walking backstage. Everything is moving so fast and Jay just wishes it would slow down.

“We should kiss more often on stage, they loved it,” Carlos’s voice is coming from behind Jay, so he turns around.

Something about the tone of Carlos’s words makes Jay stop and stare. Carlos’s cheeks are still flushed, highlighting his freckles even more. There’s a hopeful light in his eyes.

“Maybe we should, uh, talk about this more.” Jay rubs the back of his neck, hoping his instincts are correct.

He can see Carlos try to hide his breath of relief. “Definitely, but right now,” Carlos pauses as he walks over to the board and adds a new tally to each side. “We still need to break this tie. Don’t think that I’ll go soft on you.”

Jay laughs and pushes a few strands of hair off of his sweaty forehead. “I’d never underestimate you.”

Monsta X Reaction: Pranking Them by Fighting w/ Another Member (+ Imagines)

Requested by Anon~  Monstax Reaction pls! :-) How would they react if you and and one other member prank him by pretending to have a really serious fight? Thanks so much <3

Jeez I don’t know why this took me so long. I apologize. I also for some reason felt the need to write little imagines of the situations. I don’t know why I’ve just been in a writing kind of mood I guess. I hope you enjoy it regardless and that you have a good day! This was a super original request so I loved writing it! Thanks! Much love <3 

- Admin C


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He’d sit to the side and watch you and Wonho hash out your disagreements because he didn’t think he’d be able to help that much by intervening. When Wonho gave you a quick wink before grabbing your shoulders and shaking you while yelling you’d hear Shownu’s rapid foot steps approaching the two of you. You’d feel his looming presence from behind you as he told Wonho in a very serious tone not to touch you like that when he was angry. To leave and to calm down.
When you and Wonho started laughing and imitating his robot like protection methods he would stare at you in confusion. When he realized the two of you had just pranked him he would crack a half amused smile in the midst of your laughter. Looking at you and just wondering why he was surrounded by children. 


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You and Minhyuk had been picking on one another all day as to go along with the plan. You wanted backstory to go off of when in the final moments Minhyuk decided to flick your ear a little too hard, causing you to stand and yell at him in an outburst. Wonho would immediately step between the two of you and would probably just pull Minhyuk away while jokingly telling him to stop bugging you because you were scary when you were angry. He’d come back right after and pick you up to take you to the opposite side of the room and sit you on his lap. He’d cuddle you to calm you down but you and Minhyuk would just look at each other and laugh because wow… he handled that really well. So he’d look at the two of you with a confused expression and you’d turn your head and kiss him on the cheek.
“We were just joking babe. But I mean, you dealt with that really well haha. Am I really that scary when I’m angry?” You’d tease him.
“That wasn’t for real!?” He’d burst out in laughter with Minhyuk and hide his face in your shoulder.
“You totally got me! I thought you were actually about to punch him!” He’d laugh some more and the three of you would giggle together while he hugged you tighter.
Afterwards he’d tell the story fondly to make others laugh. He’d praise you for your acting skills and when Minhyuk asked for compliments on his acting Wonho would add in a joking tone, “You were acting?" 


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you’re wonho be more gentle with mama

He’d be concerned about the reason you were fighting and would get the two of you to apologize and try to make peace between two of you. Definitely leading you to peace just because of his personality, he would take control easily. 

Minhyuk would walk into the dorm and Changkyun would give you and Kihyun the heads up to start fighting. Kihyun picked up a pot and tossed it on the floor with a very loud bang, "JESUS CHRIST Y/N WHY DON’T YOU JUST GET OUT OF MY FACE!?” He’d yell at you as he stomped out of the kitchen and into the living room of the dorm.
You would follow after him with your arms crossed over your chest.
“Is poor baby Kihyun getting angry now?” You’d condescend to him and Minhyuk would immediately ask what was going on to Changkyun. The maknae would shrug and tell him you two had suddenly just gotten into an argument and it had escalated to this.
When you shoved Kihyun into the coffee table and yelled, “Look at me when I talk to you!” it would snap him out of his interrogation with Changkyun and he’d rush to you. He’d hold Kihyun by his shoulders and ask if he was alright and would give you a look of disappointment.
“It wasn’t right of you to push him Y/N! What if he had gotten hurt?” He would ask firmly. It made you and Kihyun purse your lips awkwardly.
“I’d like you to apologize Y/N.” Minhyuk would tell you. Kihyun would hold in his laughter and nod to you because this was now about 10x more amusing for him because you were being scolded.
You would apologize for pushing Kihyun and he’d fakely accept the apology. Minhyuk would turn to him right after and it would be your turn to hold back your laughter.
“Kihyun, please apologize for whatever you did to upset Y/N. I have never seen them this angry before. They’d never lay their hands on someone unless they were seriously upset. So please apologize for you behavior as they have apologized for there’s and then make up. I don’t want to see my best friend and my significant other fight like this.” He would not break eye contact with Kihyun once. But this was the last straw for him as he began to laugh loudly in Minhyuk’s face.
The two of you would laugh together and point at Minhyuk’s serious and concerned expression. Changkyun in the background pulling off an impressive impression of the sweet victim of your prank.
“You just got pranked!” Kihyun would yell in between cackles.
Minhyuk’s face would turn red and he’d rake his hand across his cheeks as a grin grew across his face. He’d be embarrassed that you were able to prank him and he’d look at you with glee.
“I’m gonna get you back!” He’d tell you between giggles. He’d hug you and be a good sport about the prank. But you should definitely expect to be pranked twice as hard in the future. 


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You and Jooheon were texting one another while watching a movie with the rest of the members. When Kihyun got up to use the washroom Jooheon suggested that when he gets back you show him a series of fake texts where the two of you fight and exchange insults. You agreed and you looked up to see him grinning at you. You deleted your conversation and started over, but this time you sent one another malicious texts. You insulted his rap and Jooheon kicked it up a notch by sending you “Delete this text after you read it. I just want to apologize in advance if I offend you, everything I’m about to say is COMPLETELY fake. Love you hehe”
That’s when it got real….
Jooheon began insulting your relationship with Kihyun and when you read the texts your mouth hung over from the overflowing sass. You scowled at Jooheon and yelled suddenly “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? I WAS JUST GIVING YOU CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!”
“YOU CALL THAT CONSTRUCTIVE? SCREW YOU Y/N FOR REAL!!” He yelled back at you. Standing up.
You stood up and faced him and exchanged a look of is he falling for it?
When you felt Kihyun’s hands grab your sides and he started to speak you had to hold back your laughter.
“hey hey, what’s going on you two? Y/N show me your phone please.” He asked you politely. You handed him your phone with a huff.
As he was reading the text messages his face suddenly twisted into one of disgust.
“Jooheon, how could you speak like this to Y/N?” His tone was dark and serious.
“It’s not my fault YOUR significant other needed to be put back into their place. We’re stars Kihyun. Y/N is a peasant at best.” He said it with such a convincing tone that you knew you couldn’t just let this opportunity slide.
“PEASANT AT BEST!!? YOU LITTLE - ” You lunged for Jooheon and shoved him back onto the couch. Your hands rung loosely around his throat. Jooheon sold it by making choking noises and suddenly you felt two or three pairs of hands grabbing you and pulling you off at Jooheon.
When you were dragged to the floor and Kihyun was holding you by your waist you and Jooheon looked at each other and then around the room. Not only had you just pranked Kihyun, but the rest of the members as well. All of the concerned faces and serious glares towards the two of you made you and Jooheon burst into laughter.
Everyone looked at the two of you but as you got up and hugged Jooheon with grins on your faces everyone started to put the pieces together.
“GOTCHA!” You both yelled in unison and you saw the figurative weight fade from everyone’s shoulders.
“Oh my gOD!” Kihyun yelled! An awkward smile plastered on his face.
“DON’T DO THAT TO ME! YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!” He started to laugh a little bit and you high-fived Jooheon. You both hugged Kihyun.
“We’re sorry baby! We couldn’t just let the opportunity slip away!”
After everything calmed down you went back to the movie and cuddles with your Kihyunnie.


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Jooheon gets scared pretty easily so you and I.M decided to make his heart race a little by staging a fist fight for when he walks back into the dorm. You brought fake blood to the dorm and when Jooheon left to get food for you, you and I.M went into the bathroom and you made a fake cut going across Changkyun’s cheekbone. You put the fake blood flowing down the side of his cheek towards his ear and you coated your knuckles in the liquid.
When you heard to door’s lock start to click from the outside Changkyun laid on the floor of the living room and yelled loudly for you to get off of him. You giggled quietly while getting down on his body and holding his throat with one hand.
“SHUT UP!!!” You yelled and Jooheon turned the corner quickly as his eyes widened.
“OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING!?” He yelled in shock and pulled you off of I.M.
Changkyun was clutching his face and started to fake cry. You rolled your eyes behind Jooheon’s back, the diva maknae was really going all-out for this.
“Wuss.” You stated sharply while glaring at I.M.
Jooheon couldn’t even speak. He just crouched beside Changkyun and kept trying to pull his hands away from his face.
“Show him Changkyun.” You said seriously. Changkyun peeked up at you and smiled.
He pulled his hand away from his face and started laughing. Jooheon saw the bits of toilet paper coated in fake blood start to fall off of his face and just sighed with a defeated smile on his face.
“Jesus you two! You’re going to be the death of me!” He laughed and stood up to hug you. He grabbed your wrist to examine the hand coated in fake blood and just chuckled. He’d be a good sport about it.


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I.M. had gone to the bathroom and you heard Hyungwon shift in his bed. 

“Hey Y/N..” You heard Hyungwon mumble from the top of his bed. Sitting up and stretching.
“Yeah?” You asked nicely, a smile on your face.
“Wanna prank Changkyun when he comes back? You pretend to wake me up and I’ll swear at you.” You smirked lazily at you as he opened his big brown eyes.
“Haha, let’s do it!” You said enthusiastically.
Changkyun walked back into the room and Hyungwon tossed his pillow at you. “Seriously screw you Y/N. You’re just a shitty person, for real.” He said glaring at you coldly.
“Not my fault your only pass-time is sleeping asshole. Maybe you should get a life.” You said tossing the pillow to the floor and crossing your arms over your chest.
Hyungwon turned his head and dug his eyes into your soul. “What the fuck did you just say to me?” His tone was so convincing that you felt a chill go up your spine.
“I said.. you need to get a life.” You challenged.
Changkyun sat beside you. Looking a little uneasily at Hyungwon. He poked your side and gave you a look that just said don’t make it worse.
Hyungwon climbed down from his bunk and reached for the collar of your shirt. Changkyun batted his hand away and stood up.
“Don’t Hyung. Just let it go.” He mumbled to his friend.
“You heard what she said. I need to get a life. I’ll make it my life to put her in her damn place.” He said with a searing tone.
You brought a fist to your mouth that said daaaamn get it boo boo and Hyungwon smirked at you.
Changkyun suddenly grabbed your wrist and hoisted you up behind his back. “Like hell you will.” He said seriously.
He turned around and started guiding you out of the room. But that’s when you heard Hyungwon crack up and follow the two of you out of the room.
“ooooo look at big man here! Changkyunnie! It was a joke!” He said laughing wildly into his hand. He stretched as Changkyun turned to you with a pout on his lips.
“What is he talking about Y/N? Was this really a joke?” He asked still pouting. You giggled and nodded to him.
“But I’m glad to know you’d protect me!” You said wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him close to you.
Hyungwon went to the bathroom to wash up and Changkyun hugged you back.
“I’m gonna get you back Jagiya. You’ve declared war.” He said playfully while rubbing your back.
you pulled back and looked him in the eyes, “You’re on.” you smirked and he kissed your lips.


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You saw that Hyungwon was still asleep upon arriving at the dorm in the morning. Minhyuk however was wide awake and pestering poor Kihyun in teh kitchen. You popped your head into the room and said cheerfully, “Hey Minhyuk! Wanna help me wake up Hyungwon?”
He nodded immediately and followed after you. The both of you stood beside his bed when you suddenly grabbed Minhyuk and threw him against the wall. Pinning him in place with your body.
“WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME YOU LOUD MOUTHED DOOF!?” You yelled so loudly that Minhyuk’s eyes widened before he covered his mouth trying to muffle his giggles.
You heard Hyungwon stir in his sleep but you weren’t sure if you had succeeded in waking him.
“I SAID YOU DON’T BELONG HERE Y/N! NO NONMEMBERS ALLOWED, ESPESCIALLY GROSS ONES LIKE YOU!!” He grabbed you by the collar of your shirt and guided you to the side of the bunk across from Hyungwon’s. His back was turned to Hyungwon but you saw the darkness in his eyes as he jumped from his bunk and grabbed Minhyuk’s shoulders. Firmly grabbing him and speaking in a deep sleepy tone.
“Let. Her. Go.” He said it so seriously that Minhyuk’s face looked scared and shocked. He let you go and gave you a look of if he tries to kill me you have to say something.
Hyungwon gripped your sides and kissed you on the forehead quickly. “Are you okay?” He’d need confirmation of your safety. When you nodded and smiled to him, still a little flustered at the kiss.
“What the hell happened Minhyuk?” His voice was still sleeping and he encased you in one of his arms while he rubbed his eyes with his other hand.
“Y/N came over and asked me to help wake you up. So we came in here and they threw me against the wall and yelled. So I played along.” He said honestly.
Hyungwon gave you the side eye and you giggled. “Thanks Minhyuk.” You said playfully while picking up a pillow to throw at him.
“Did you hear the tone in his voice? I wasn’t going to get the blunt end of that!” Minhyuk laughed at you and then skipped out of the room. “Good luck Y/N!”
“You’re evil.” Hyungwon said while wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on your shoulder.
“Would you have gotten up otherwise?” You laughed.
“Noooooo.” He agreed with a chuckle. Sighing into your shoulder.
“Let’s go eat baby.” You said while pulling away and pecking his lips before leading him into the kitchen where Minhyuk was back to pestering Kihyun.

Sorry these were so long. I don’t know why I made them this long but it just sort of happened lol I hope they were still enjoyable! I hope you have a good day! Thanks again for requesting! Much love!

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Another submission for @zarla-s; Here is how Trooper meets the four female survivors and his relationship with them.

Hunter and Trooper: During her walk in the evening, Hunter finds a five year old child abandoned in a dumpster. Hunter knew that there would be conflicts with the others back at the hideout, but she couldn’t bring herself to abandon a child in need. So Hunter hides the child into her hoodie and brings him into the hideout. (Eventually everyone does find out about Trooper and decides to raise him). As a child, Trooper spends lots of time with Hunter and even calls her “Kitty Mama” at some point. They enjoy lots of fun activities together such as playing sports, spearing, and pulling pranks. Trooper has a very close relationship with Hunter; he sees Hunter as a fun older sister.

Charger and Trooper: Charger is the one who decides that she and the others will raise the child and teach him the means of surviving a zombie apocalypse; she schools Trooper in everything he needs to know (the different types of monsters, what areas to avoid, how to handle certain weapons, etc). Of all the women in the group, Charger was the most influence of the child’s behavior; growing up Trooper learns to stay focus and alert at all times, and to always  be prepared for anything. However, Charger does develop a little soft spot for Trooper when he ask her about the Zoo and what it was like(considering that he’s never been into one); The only time Charger shows any smiles or the softer side of herself is when she’s alone with Trooper during his childhood years. Trooper really admires Charger’s bravery and diligence and sees Charger as a surrogate mother.

Jockey and Trooper: Jockey sings with joy to have another member in the group. She care for Trooper like the little brother she never had; she dresses him up in silly costumes and play fun games with him. Trooper love to see Jockey happy…even if the things they do together are a bit annoying and unbearable.

Smoker and Trooper: Unlike the others, Smoker is not pleased with the idea of having to raise a kid themselves, especially when they have a swam of zombies to deal with. She thinks it’s just another mouth to feed and that he’ll get in the way. As a kid Trooper finds Smoker a bit intimidating and often stays out of her way, especially knowing that Smoker does not like to be around other people. He tries to prove to Smoker that he is not a burden by constantly training with Hunter and Charger. Sometimes he’ll help Smoker around in the kitchen (if she lets him). Eventually deep down, Smoker sees that Trooper has great potential and good intentions; she has a bit of a soft spot for the kid (though she won’t say it in front of the others). Trooper really does care for Smoker just as much as Hunter does and often sees her as a grumpy old aunt.

Hope you like it :3.

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best/your favourite GMM eps?

Oh geez that’s a lot. Here are some favorites based on different categories (no particular order).

Childhood/Personal Stories:

  1. Our Bad Hairstyles
  2. Secret Tapes of Rhett & Link
  3. Epic Drawings from Grade School
  4. High School Sports Records
  5. High School Pranks
  6. Embarrassing Teen Photos
  7. Calling My First Girlfriend
  8. Leslie: Our First Girlfriend
  9. The Awkward Double Date
  10. Link’s Epic Mountain Bike FAIL
  11. Our Romantic Exploits
  12. Rhett & Link’s Musical History
  13. How to Talk to Girls
  14. 10,000,000 Subscribers!


  1. Awkward Photos on Cereal Boxes
  2. 7 Unbelievable Sunburns
  3. What Are We Smeeling? (GAME)
  4. Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep (EXPERIMENT)
  5. 5 Trust Exercises to Test Your Friendship
  6. 9 Rules of Personal Space
  7. Find Your Love Language (TEST)
  8. Learn to Speak Cat
  9. Rhett & Link Get Waxed
  10. Speed Hypnosis Experiment
  11. 5 Weird Things You Can Do With Peanut Butter
  12. What’s Up My Sleeve? (GAME)
  13. 5 Weird Ways To Make Yourself Sneeze
  14. Spiked Punch Challenge
  15. Taking a Ranch Bath

Others/Episodes that never fail to make me laugh

  1. Killing Rhett’s Beard
  2. Live Forever Online
  3. 200 YR Old Person?
  4. Draw Your Mind Map
  5. Will It Double-Awesome? (EXPERIMENT)
  6. Random Commercial Challenge
  7. Taking a Dust Bath - Experiment
  8. The Clothes-Off Game
  9. Will It Shoe?
  10. The Talking House Experiment
  11. 15 Newly Discovered Facial Expressions
  12. 6 Ways to Make Yourself Cry
  13. The Best Pencil Ever Made
  14. The Safest Way to Walk
  15. How to Dance to Attract Girls
  16. The Hot or Not Experiment
  17. Matching Music to Your Mood
  18. Redneck Theme Park
  19. Top Ten Workout Songs (2 Guys 2 Weights)
  20. Locked in a Sensory Deprivation Tank
  21. All New Yo-Yo Tricks 2014
  22. Squeezable Food Test
  23. The Oregon Trail IRL Challenge
  24. What Your Glasses Say About You
  25. What Dogs Are Actually Thinking
  26. Upside Down Glasses Challenge
  27. Introducing Pool Pants
  28. Things Most Humans Can’t Do (TEST)
  29. 8 Weird Ways To Open A Bottle
  30. Giant Cereal Bowl Bath
  31. The Missing Link (GAME)
  32. Build Your Own Microwave
  33. 6 Unlikely Superheroes
  34. Playing Glass Baseball
  35. Face Morphing Experiment
  36. Unusual Ways To Kill Boredom
  37. 5 Weird Ways To Start A Fire
  38. Testing The Facial Fitness Pao
  39. Blood Type Personality Test
  40. Speed Talking Challenge
  41. Feet Only Challenge
  42. Extreme Yoga Challenge
  43. Can You Escape A Straitjacket?
  44. Radical Glow In The Dark Hacks
The Zodiac Signs and Pranks:

Happy April Fools’ Day!

The Prankster in Aries: Aries is the type to do some quick, short pranks like throw a water balloon at someone or do an airhorn prank. They might be one to film it too. But watch out, some Aries can get mean with their pranks :o 

Aries receiving Pranks: while Aries can get in the spirit of playing a prank they aren’t the best at being pranked! A small, harmless prank can impress them but anything else will stir their temper.

The Prankster in Taurus: this sign usually isn’t one to be a prankster. Giving a small white lie then revealing seconds later or misplacing something is their style.

Taurus receiving Pranks: this sign is not one you really want to prank. A small prank that can be funny for them and everyone else might be okay but on April Fools’ Day keep things simple and maybe keep your distance from a Taurus. They are the type to get mad at a prank.

The Prankster in Gemini: of course the trickster of the zodiac has something up their sleeve for April Fools’ Day! They are the type to do a prank just to see how someone will react. Their pranks are more trickery themed like a buzzer when you shake their hand, fake gum, put a bowl of skittles, M&Ms, and Reese’s together, sewing someone’s socks halfway, or freezing someone’s cereal.

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(2) Headcanons: Siblings
  • Josh: Obviously, has Hannah and Beth for sisters. They’re a year apart in age, and while their fights can be legendary, they’re always over before everyone goes to bed because they can’t stand to be angry for very long. Beth and Hannah are super super fiercely protective of Josh, especially around their parents. Dad Washington can be super critical and there have been many many “come to Jesus” talks over the years where Josh has sat framed by his sisters and just kept his head down while Hannah got closer and closer to blowing up because he can’t help how he is. In turn, Josh has always tried to be there for them because he knows that sometimes he can be unreliable or need time to be by himself. He’s super conscious of it so he always tries to be there for them in turn.
  • Chris: Has a little brother, Caleb, who’s 12 as of the game. They get along really well for the age difference between them, probably because he just about worships the ground Chris walks on. Since their dad is not a part of the picture, Chris is as involved as he can be in Caleb’s life, to the detriment of his own social life at times, going to little league games and helping him out with homework and teaching him how to cheat the games at the arcade. If any of his friends have a problem with Caleb, Chris has a problem with them.
  • Mike: Is the youngest of three, with two older sisters. Taylor and Jasmine pretty much dominate him when they’re home from college, though they’re just as quick to coddle and hang all over him if the mood suits. He doesn’t mind terribly either way. He has better relationships with each of them individually rather than as a unit. The three of them will either bicker incessantly when together or scheme flawlessly to take over the world. Mike has always, always wanted to have a brother, though, and spends a lot of time at Jessica’s house where he is slowly attempting to steal her brothers away with sports and pranks on big sis.
  • Matt: The middle child! He has an older brother, Devon, who he is constantly trying to live up to in his daily life. They have a fairly close relationship, but Matt hasn’t seen much of him since he joined the Air Force. Whenever his grades come back, his mom tends to tut at him and remind him that Devon managed to be the running back of the football team, work a part-time job, and stay on the dean’s list. His little sister Latoya is fourteen as of the game, and just starting to grow into a sarcastic teenager. They try to be a united front against their mom’s overly-critical mindset, but they can snipe at one another just as easily.
  • Sam: An only child, which is why she clung to Hannah so fiercely as a friend. Her parents did want more, but Sam’s mom had ovarian cancer and it killed their chances. They make up for it by having a menagerie of animals and making sure Sam’s many friends are always welcome in their home, even after she moves out and starts going to college.
  • Ashley: Also an only child, this time by choice–her mother’s choice, to be exact. Her parents argued over it so much that it caused the divorce. Ashley’s never really minded it, though she also doesn’t complain about spending time around her friends’ siblings, either. She enjoys the quiet, although she will admit that sometimes it’s lonely when her dad works long nights.
  • Jessica: Has three younger brothers, all of whom live to drive her crazy. She secretly loves it, though, but you can’t tell them! Oldest to youngest, Will (10), Tommy (7), and Jamie (6), are always full of energy and trying to get her attention. Sometimes it’s all she can do to keep from screaming, and she has spent many an afternoon at Ashley’s basking in the silence. She always comes home, though, and at bedtime there are endless requests for her to put on a shadow puppet show before they go to sleep. (She can never say no.)
  • Emily: Has an older sister, Miranda, who constantly and mercilessly outclasses her in just about everything. When they were younger she followed Miranda around like a lost puppy, asking for advice on just about everything. When their mother remarried, shortly before Miranda left for college, they had a big fight over the topic and they’ve barely spoken to one another in the past three years. They only just maintain a civil facade at family gatherings. She’d love to make up and put the fight behind them, but Miranda is, as usual, better than her at holding a grudge.
Twin Telepathy

As requested by the anon, I have a few headcanons about the brotherly relationship between Ayato and Laito. 

Because Kanato was so hysteric and threw tantrums all the time, Laito and Ayato didn’t really like being around their other triplet much. As kids the two were essentially partners in crime until Cordelia started demanding Ayato study, leaving Laito either by himself or with Kanato. 

Laito was more lax while Ayato was the energetic one who often dragged Laito in to all kinds of mischief. One time the two rearranged Reiji’s bedroom just to watch him freak out. It was all Ayato’s idea but Laito did have some fun with it. 

There was a brief time when they were very small that they’d dress the same, not realizing they weren’t identical and could still be told apart.

They would gang up on Kanato and intentionally rile him up because he was so easily upset. They also just wanted to make the maids that tended to their triplet miserable.

Although they are closer than the other brothers, they still had a falling out and don’t necessarily like each other. However, they are able to have moments of civility compared to their other siblings.

Sometimes they can tell what the other one is thinking.

Because Laito likes sharing his prey he will often tag team with Ayato when they’re hunting. Ayato on the other hand is more possessive of prey and won’t invite Laito to join in unless he either feels like it or Laito keeps bugging him cuz ‘sharing is caring.’

While Ayato doesn’t like sharing his prey he doesn’t care if Laito watches him feeding so long as he doesn’t try to move in on his food where Laito will let Ayato feed on his prey because he wants to watch it.

They each have a score book of different competitions they’ve done, from sports to pranks to how many girls they’ve screwed. While Laito doesn’t really care about winning, he goes along with these challenges Ayato puts out because he knows his brother needs to keep proving he’s better at everything. The only thing Laito has ‘won’ is scoring more women, something Ayato cannot get over even though he’s surpassed his triplet in everything else. Laito will mock him over this.

They each had matching scars on their arms when Kanato stabbed at them through a door and it struck between their arms. The scars have long since healed.

Laito will play the role of Ayato’s wingman when he’s trying to score on the condition that he shares.