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I’m so happy there’s an American school of witchcraft & wizardry because now we can apply all the stupid American school stuff to Ilvermorny like:

> Spirit week, and most importantly, pajama day

> School assemblies. Loud school assemblies with the occasional spell going off from a student who got really into it

> Seeing how long you can get a pencil to stick in the ceiling, but with wands instead

> House cheers that are screamed during sport competitions but also randomly during dinner, the dining hall getting louder and louder because whatever house is the loudest is alpha

> School announcements

> Senior prank day

> Sports. Quidditch of corse, but also soccer and football

> Bathroom graffiti but, like, magical bathroom graffiti


> Yearbooks & yearbook signing

I could go on forever, but yeah. Magical American school. Feel free to add to the list!!

Rules for Zodiac Compatibility

(any relationship- friendships, family, partners, group projects, co-authors, prison gangs, fuck buddies, frenemies, synchronized swimming, long-lost twins, prank shows, sports rivals, sting operations, light treason, etc.)

  1. Unless you’re a total dickhead, you can get along with anyone. 

Miyuki: nice win! keep on like that and you might catch up to baseball team by next season!
Kuroo: yeah, it’s just too bad you guys couldn’t close the deal and finish it last game.
Miyuki: that’s not what your boyfriend said last night
Kuroo: …you little shit


Boarding School AU

Dirk Strider is the private school prince of Dersian Prep. Jane Crocker is the queen bee of Prospitian High. The two schools are relentless rivals. Academics, sports, pranks—nothing is safe from their historically noted competition.

Jake English is assisting with the petty theft of the Dersian school mascot, a small pony by the name of Maplehoof, when he runs smack dab into the Prince of Prep himself. While Jake reels and scrambles to get away, Dirk casually asks him to return his pony and—if not—to expect Dersian repercussions and at the very least feed her some sugar cubes to bring down her stress until he can get together a preppy teenaged militia to retrieve her.

Jake nods frantically and takes off. Trips on a sidewalk crack. Falls flat on his face. Skids his knees and forearms and lets out a groan and then Dirk is there. Next to him. Picking him up by the shoulder and asking if he’s okay. Telling him to relax and that Dirk is still in his pajamas and not in the mood to take on a whole group of Prospitian pissbabies.

He invites Jake into his dorm for tea. Which is such a smarmy prep thing to do. But Jake accepts and washes his cuts off in Dirk’s sink and is gifted a few My Little Pony bandaids. Dirk jokes about Jake’s Prospitian friends abandoning him and Jake says that they know he can handle himself while on important pranking field missions. But after an hour or so of joking around Jake excuses himself and says that Jane probably is getting worried and Dirk nods, understanding.

Asks him if he maybe wants to visit again.

When Jake wakes up the next morning in his dormroom the Prospitian quad is absolutely covered in purple spraypaint. On one particular wall there is a telephone number sprayed right alongside a rather garish heart decal and a crude drawing of a pony, and deep down Jake knows it’s for him.


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