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“USWNT Signature Series”

Have a bunch of signatures lying around in my laptop, figured I’d make some use of them. A bunch of my favorite players, wearing (almost) every kit under the sun, proudly representing me and my country. A reminder, I dunno, something (hopefully) nice in these trying times. Stay positive and stay strong.

I love every single one of you. 


@uswntobsessed @fuckyeahkrieger

Collaboration with @osaycanyousolo and @uswnt-ko5

Album: Keeper Korrect - GSeries

Track Titles:
1) Balls Deep
2) Chillin In Da Net
3) Don’t Worry I’m Back Here
4) My Dear Friend Carli Lloyd Ft. Carlos
5) Chasin Chickens
6) Make It Reign
7) Jaw Game Strong
8) My Back Line Bitches
9) All By Myself Ft. Sleeves & The Silent Assassin
10) Northwest For Lyfe Ft. The Glorious Pinoe
11) Dangerous
12) The Gaze
13) Brick Wall
14) Game Face
15) Happily Ever After
16) No Fucks Give Ft. Da Ref
17) I Gotchu Ft. Becky Broon
18) Long Love The Kling Ft. KlingenMoe
19) Heartbroken Ft. Abby Dubs
20) Get Da Fuck Back Ft. AliK & Ash

Bonus Track Titles:
1) Drop Kick Ft. NKO aka Ninja Knock Out Kelley O'Hara
2) Why Your G-Name So Long Kell?
3) Believing In Me First
4) 2 Gold Ass Gloves
5) Because HARLI
6) Squad Goals Ft. The Gals
7) Rebel In Love
8) The Stadium

Information leaked by The Gals: @bnb1043 @turtlesquish @poetreeoflife @malevolentphantoms @hannahbobanna90 Osay, Chuck, and Myself

miyuki kazuya and his stupid contacts lenses

this started out as a temporary title but i feel like strangely keeping it 

so i’m a contact lens user, been for around 1-2 years. i wear them every single fricking day and literally the only time i wear my glasses is at home or if i’m meeting close friends who have already seen me with glasses. i get really bad headaches if i wear glasses for too long (i think it’s the weight on my nose), so i’m heavily reliant on contacts. also, during sports or exercise, i basically am forced to wear contacts because my glasses have broken a shit ton of times because of it. imagine basketballs, volleyballs, softballs flying in your face plus if i do dance it’s just annoying to have on. nightmare for my face + my wallet.

this means i wear them for at least 8-10 hours a day, sometimes even longer, no joke.  sometimes they can get pretty annoying (although i still love them and will never be able to live without them tbh). so it got me thinking about well specifically miyuki with his contacts (also was inspired by some tumblr post talking about it i can’t remember) and well what awful situations he might have. 

these might or might not have actually happened to me (it has who am i kidding)

  • imagine his first time inserting the lenses, like the awkwardness of how you just want to blink but you can’t, the feeling of not being able to fit that in the eye, the multiple times he has to attempt to insert that shit in, his eye turning redder and redder until eventually he give up.
  • imagine him rushing to fit the lens in his eye and then accidentally getting a eyelash stuck in it whilst ramming it in. cue intense burning and pain. 
  • imagine getting dirt in his eye during a match (fuck i can imagine it already) and having to smile through all of that pain because why do things like this happen to us
  • imagine his contact lens turning inside out during practice and him being unable to focus because FUCK WHY DO YOU DO THIS LENS
  • imagine the contact lens falling out of his eyeball during a match and he has to deal with slight discomfort + really weird peripheral vision. also, he gets a headache just by how much stress is put on his one, remaining, working eyeball that can see
  • imagine him after a match and accidentally falling asleep with those lenses on (rip) and then waking up with THESE DRY ASS LENS STUCK ON HIS EYEBALL
  • imagine the lens tearing in his eyeball whilst something is talking to him about some team strategy but all he can think about is the two pieces of lens which is swirling around in his eye and how the fuck he’s going to take them out later
  • imagine him opening a fresh batch of lenses and dropping them on the floor with all of the solution, then realising that he forgot to bring saline out, which makes him have to ask every. single. person. in. the. team, if they have solution (wait what solution? eijun-kun you know the contact lens solution? wait, don’t you use water?)
  • imagine him inserting the lens inside out by accident yet having to deal with it through the entire match. the team gets all concerned and asks why he’s awkwardly clutching and tearing from the same one eye. some of them start to form weird perceptions on him as a captain (you can predict we’ll lose?)
  • imagine him reading on the news some terrible story on how some girl’s eye got eaten by bacteria because she wore her contacts too long. cue the horror. his teammates find out also (because why the fuck not) and enjoy sending this shit to him just to piss him off. they secretly know it scares him as well just as much as it scares them.
  • imagine him taking off his contact lenses after a match and then forgetting where he left his glasses. he spends a good amount of time finding them but to no avail (kuramochi probably took them as a prank anyways)
  • lastly, imagine the gratification that he gets after a good game, as he slowly takes out his contact lenses, placing them in the case with solution, and going into the bath. 

also i know he wears contacts with the visors to protect them from debris, but just to share my own personal story. during my practical examination for chemistry, i was wearing the lab goggles (you know the shit they say is supposed to ‘protect your eyes’) and with my contacts on. guess what, a piece of dust from idk where the fuck just slipped behind the goggles and WENT INTO MY EYEBALL with my contacts on. i was a mess.

these situations are just fucking canon at this point if it’s proven he wears contacts because seriously this is so real.