sport is a selfie taking shit


1. who has to stop who from buying all kinds of weird shit from infomercials

2. who blasts love songs on the boombox outside the window to try to make up for their mistakes

3. who makes grossed out faces about lame lovey dovey shit

4. who listens to macklemore, and is it ironic or sincere

5. who takes really unflattering selfies of who

6. who tries on really tacky clothes and who says they’re not gonna be caught dead around the other if they’re wearing that

7. who likes minions, and is it ironic or sincere

8. who’s here to Win during multiplayer games / team or non-team sports / any activity that could be vaguely competitive

9. who always gets caught in the up dog type jokes

10. who wears socks with sandals

`Who are you?

I’m a traveller, writer, and nerdlord who spends way too much time watching sports anime. My mom laughs at me because all my husbands are fictional. And I just took my braces off (hallelujah) and like baggy t-shirts for pajamas.

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