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“It’s hard to believe that, in 2017, we still have to fight so hard for basic equitable support,“ said assistant captain Monique Lamoureux-Morando. "But when I think about the women who paved the way for our team – and when I see girls at rinks around the country who are dedicated to pursuing big dreams and look to us to lead by example – it’s well overdue for us to speak up about unfair treatment, even if it means sacrificing an opportunity to represent our country. We owe the next generation more than that. We owe it to ourselves to stand up for what is right.” - U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Will Not Play in World Championships, ESPNW


羽生君、惜しかったね💦 フリーでは、目指す演技が出来るって信じているよ!(^-^)

宇野君、ノーミス演技、よかった! フリーでも演技後に笑顔になれるといいね(^-^)


World Figure Skating Championships 2017, Helsinki, Finland,  30 Mar. 2017

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Porsche 935 “Baby”, 1977. Based on the 935 Group 5 race sports car, was created specifically for entries in the small division (up to 2000cc) of the German Sports Racing Championship. Compared to the Group 5 car, this 935 had a 370bhp six cylinder turbo engine reduced to 1.4-litres and meet the maximum weight of 750kg as dictated by the rules of the small division.


超カッコいい”Let’s go crazy”の後に、どやっ笑顔を見せてくれるよう願っているよ~(^o^)/


World Figure Skating Championships 2017, Helsinki, Finland, Mar. 2017

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The post no-one was waiting for (but that I’m doing anyway) pt.2

Dearly Beloved,

here we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Men’s Free Program – last group.

Usual warnings apply, this post may become quite long. If you feel offended by anything I write, asks box is there for you.

ISU Feed was horrible, but sadly that’s all we got since fancams are few and far between. For reference (and also because Uncle Kurt says some very interesting things about jumps) CBC broadcast here:

Let’s Go.

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