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AtlantaFalcons: Just wanted to say congratulations and thank you to everyone who supports us! We’re so happy for our city. This Brotherhood is such a beautiful thing. We could definitely feel YOUR passion in the stadium, around this beautiful city, and across the globe! To all the supporters who have been with us since the beginning: we thank you. To everyone who just started riding with us, we’re more than happy to have you. Rise Up, everyone! There’s still work to be done!
Skilled, determined and broke: Africa's female football pioneers
Despite social and sporting progress, even the best teams at the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations struggle to fund friendlies
By Maeve Shearlaw

Please take the time to read this. Often our focus is on the USWNT, canWNT, Germany, etc and I think it’s important that as fans we do everything we can to support CAF teams too.


170130 B.A.P Aerobics Dance cut @ Idol Sports Championship


[PREVIEW] 170116 Sehun - ISAC 2017 (with Chanyeol & Suho)

Fan accounts:


During practice:
- Sehun: 9
- Chanyeol: 9
- Suho: 0

During the actual game(1st round):
- Sehun: 1, 5, 4
- Chanyeol: 6, 2, 5, 8
- Suho: 10, 8, 8 🎉

cr: to the owners


170122 B.A.P cuts @ Idol Sports Championship Preview

Your 2017 college football national champions, the Clemson Tigers!

Clemson was the better team — on both sides of the ball. And while they say defense wins championship, having arguably the best quarterback in college football on your side helps, too. Over and over, Deshaun Watson put Clemson on his back and willed his team to stay in this game. Watson was battered, bruised and exhausted by the game’s final whistle, but it was all worth it. A year after falling just short of a national championship, Watson got to be the one covered in confetti with a trophy to raise.


Bon Jovi gets fans at gillette singing during the AFC Championship