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Roman Cavalry Sports Helmet Mask, 2nd-3rd Century AD

A sheet bronze face-plate from a cavalry sports helmet (Russel-Robinson Type E) with repoussé detailing to the hair and coif, brow-band of square panels with ovoid centers, raised herringbone eyebrows and eyelashes; openwork eyes each with central ring, pierced nostrils and mouth; hole to each side of the chin.

The face-plate resembles a mask from the Straubing Hoard. The features have an ‘Eastern’ appearance enhanced by the construction of the eye-rings. 'Cavalry Sports’ helmets are a class of ornate, embossed headgear used in parades, military exercises and on the battlefield. According to Arrian of Nicomedia, a Roman provincial governor and a close friend of Hadrian, face mask helmets were used in cavalry parades and sporting mock battles called hippika gymnasia. 

Parades or tournaments played an important part in maintaining unit morale and fighting effectiveness. They took place on a parade ground situated outside a fort and involved the cavalry practicing maneuvering and the handling of weapons such as javelins and spears. Parades would have taken place at several times in the year, especially at religious festivals and on days marking the birth, and accession to the throne, of the Emperor.  Hippika gymnasia were colorful tournaments among the elite cavalry of the army, the alae. Both men and horses wore elaborate suites of equipment on these occasions, often in the guise of Greeks and Amazons. Calvary helmets were made from a variety of metals and alloys, often from gold-colored alloys or iron covered with tin. They were decorated with embossed reliefs and engravings depicting the war god Mars and other divine and semi-divine figures associated with the military.


If we wanted to be sad while watching football, we’d watch ‘Remember The Titans’ for the thousandth time.

How Being Decent To People Is Political Now

Imagine Lev and Murasakibara becoming tol friends and Yaku’s suffering doubles.

Imagine them being so loud and constantly arguing about trivial stuff.

Imagine them scattering crumbs all over the floor.

Imagine them scaring the living daylights out of Hinata.

Imagine them bickering as to who is the best blocker.

And imagine everyone getting all fed up of their childish antics and going Eren Yeager on these two tol titan friends. 

goodytissues  asked:

Prompt: Ginny and Mike have been an item for a while and they've both participated in the ball sports in highschool but this year Ginny wanted to try something new like cheerleading, basically the first time Mike sees Ginny in her cheerleading uniform :D

Mike sat on the couch in Ginny’s basement, listening to the television as he waited for Ginny to come down the stairs in her newest uniform. Ginny was their class’s only triathlete, playing softball, track, and basketball respectively during their three years of high school. Now seniors, Mike was top dog in the baseball clubhouse, and Ginny was adding another sport to her repertoire: cheerleading. He hadn’t believed her when she told him she was trying out at her best friend Evelyn’s urging, but sure enough her name was on the list of girls who’d made the cut.

He turned at the sound of her footsteps but she called, “Close your eyes!”

Mike grinned and covered his eyes, listening to her descend the stairs. After a moment of silence, he warned, “You better not be pranking me, Baker. I’ve beat you up before and I’ll do it again.”

“I’m not five anymore, Mike. I’ll kick your ass,” she replied. “But since you’re so eager, you can open your eyes now.”

Mike opened his eyes and a smile spread across his face at the sight of his girlfriend in her black sleeveless uniform, their high school’s initials “THS” emblazoned on her chest in gold. She had pulled her hair back in a ponytail, decorated with a large black bow. Ginny smirked, scrunching her nose at her boyfriend. “Well?”

“Aren’t you gonna cheer for me?”

Ginny snorted. “Absolutely not.”

“Well how am I supposed to take you seriously as a cheerleader if you won’t cheer? Where’s your Panther Pride, Baker?”

Ginny rolled her eyes then went to her backpack at the bottom of the stairs and pulled out her pompoms. She leveled him with a threatening glare. “If you tell anyone I did this off the field, I’ll murder you.”

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