sport 50

Sportacus: I can’t read.

Robbie: I know.

Sportacus: It may be hard to believe-

Robbie: It is not.

Sportacus: But I recently I lost the ability to read.

Robbie: Everyone knows-

Sportacus: But just because I can’t read doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy books.

Robbie: Well, I would argue-

Sportacus: They smell good. They…taste good. But the edges are sharp-

Wilt Chamberlain running high school track, 1954.

the best thing about the 50 yr timeskip is that some time in the near future there’ll be people who just decide to watch this random cartoon who don’t know beforehand that there was a 13 year wait for the story to finish, and they’ll have absolutely no context as to why the rating went up or why the plot suddenly started moving forward after 4 seasons. can you imagine tho like season 4 ends with jack stoically walking away after bringing a traumatized baby back to it’s mother, good filler-esque episode, and then season 5 starts and he immediately rolls in on his giant fuckign motorcycle, sporting a 50 year angst beard where he keeps his guns holy FUCK where did this all come from?????? i’d love to be a part of that crowd



it was on a sociology short answer online timed quiz thing and i am fucking stoked. i’m beyond stoked. a hundred percent in a humanities assignment. i mean that probably means it wasn’t super closely marked or something? and it also means a lot of people probably scored high. but whatever i was one of them. i had to leave the silent ‘no-talking-or-death’ study room to do a stupid dance and say ‘yes!!!’ in the middle of the library. i have been smiling all day.

The Only Reason

Requests: Could you do number 12 with J-Hope please?

12) You and your bias are in a long distance relationship and he plans a surprise visit.

Member: BTS J-Hope x Y/N x (ft. Namjoon)

Type: fluff

You had woken up in a particularly bad mood this morning and you couldn’t quite put your finger on why. It had started innocently enough; wrapped in your blankets with the perfect cold to warm ratio across your sheets. You slowly peeled yourself from bed, entered a relatively pleasant shower, and had all of your desired clothing clean for the day. 

Yet you couldn’t shake the rotten mood that hung over you. You felt edgy and mildly perturbed at even the smallest of inconveniences. When you poured your cereal, but a few pieces had missed the bowl. When you looked down and noticed your phone hadn’t been completely plugged in last night and already sported a 50% battery. Nothing was life altering, but enough to have you annoyed. 

After procrastinating for the better part of the day, you finally decided to crack open your laptop and go over some online homework. You hadn’t heard from your boyfriend yet, but you hadn’t really expected to considering he was on the opposite side of the world. Maybe that was what was irking you as well. 

Your boyfriend, Jung Hoseok, or better known to the world, BTS member J-Hope, was indeed on the opposite side of the world from you. When your best friend had drug you to a Korean pop convention, you never thought you’d wander into a VIP area when looking for the restroom. You never thought you would accidentally trip over the feet of a very attractive and very talented Korean rapper. And more over, you never thought that same Korean rapper would melt into a heart-eyed emoji whenever he made eye contact with you. 

You didn’t know what Kakao talk was until Hoseok had scribbled his I.D. on your palm before running off to perform. You took a picture with your phone, quickly washing your hands once you had found the actual bathroom, and downloaded it once you were home. It took him only three minutes to reply after you added him and the rest could be considered history. 

You jumped as your phone began to loudly ring near your thigh. Your heart leapt, hoping you would find Hoseok’s familiar face waiting for you on the other side. You lifted up the screen to find Namjoon smiling up at you instead. You sighed, furrowing your brows. Why would Namjoon be calling you?

Granted you were at ease with most of the boys in Bangtan, but rarely received calls from them. You had several chats with a few members, but never over voice to voice calls. 

“H-hello?” you stuttered, trying your best to not sounds as confused as you felt. 

“What’s up, Y/N?” Namjoon’s deep voice chuckled. “I bet you’re wondering why I called.”

“Very intuitive,” you smiled. They didn’t call him the man with the sexy brain for nothing. 

“So I finally talked Bang-pd nim into allowing me to finally move forward on that Wale collab,” Namjoon continued. You could hear the excitement in his voice. 

“That’s amazing Joonie!” you gasped. You felt happy for your friend. Wale was one of his favorite rappers and you knew this was a huge opportunity for him. You couldn’t help but wonder though, why was he calling you?

“For our next holiday, they’ve agreed to fly me and one of the manager hyungs out to meet up with him, but that’s where I’m going to need a little help,” Namjoon sighed. His tone had changed, signaling that he would mention the reason as to why he was calling. 

“From me I’m guessing?” you hummed, already knowing. 

“Precisely,” he laughed. “So we need someone to pick us up from the airport and bring us to the hotel. Wale’s people are going to take care of everything after that.”

“Oh,” you sighed. BTS were international super stars and their leader was calling you to pick him up from the airport? It didn’t make sense. “I mean…I guess, but…Namjoon…you’re a BTS member…do you really want to carpool with me? Shouldn’t you have like…a driver in a Rolls or something?”

Namjoon choked on the opposite side of the line, spluttering into a coughing fit. “I wish it was that glamorous. So will you do it?”

“When?” you grumbled, feeling oddly perturbed again. Perhaps it was because you got to see someone so close to Hoseok, but not Hoseok himself. 

“A week from today, so next Sunday at around noon,” Namjoon confirmed. Your heart immediately dropped. That was you and Hoseok’s anniversary and you had agreed to Skype date for a full twelve hours. Binge on movies, eat snacks, and make up on all of the time you had lost during the past couple of months. 

“I know what you’re thinking,” Namjoon continued, not even stopping to hear your response. “I already talked to Hobi. He said it would be fine if I stole you away for a few hours.”

You felt a streak of anger shoot through your body, causing your shoulders to tense. Did he now? 

“Well, if Hobi thinks it’s alright,” you said through barred teeth. “I don’t see why not.”

“Thanks, Y/N! You’re the best!” Namjoon all but giggled. “I’ll see you then!” 

You hung up the phone, biting your lip. “Sure…I’ll see you then.”

The next week passed as an emotional whirlwind. You hadn’t heard much from Hoseok, especially since you had unintentionally caused an argument about the whole Namjoon situation. It was the day of your anniversary and as you begrudgingly climbed into your vehicle, you still hadn’t heard anything from him. 

“Stubborn, grumpy old man,” you hissed, launching your car into drive. “Pain in the butt anniversary non celebrator.” 

You could never seriously insult Hoseok, not even when you were angry. The man was too full of sunshine and warmth to deserve anything derogatory shot his way. 

As your thoughts rolled one after another, the drive to the airport which usually took an hour seemed to take five minutes. You pulled into one hour parking and drug yourself from the car, adjusting your clothes and running a nervous hand through your hair. Seeing Namjoon wasn’t as good as seeing Hoseok, but you were still happy to have him around. You locked your car, unfolding the “Mr. Kim” sign you had created as a joke to stand in the terminal with. 

You made sure to check all of the signs and arrival times to make sure that he was on schedule. You stood near the baggage claim, unfolding your sign as there was only about five minutes left from when his flight would land. You felt the strange nerves of anxiety begin to rumble in your stomach. You hushed yourself, chuckling at your own absurdity. It wasn’t Hoseok. 

Until it was. 

Your heart nearly fell to your feet as you watched your barefaced and sleepy boyfriend step onto the escalator. His eyes quickly searched the baggage claim, finding yours in a matter of seconds. A large grin spread across his face as he took the moving stairs by two, launching across the crowds to rush towards you. 

“Hoseok,” you whispered, shaking your head. “Hobi. Hobi!” 

You were nearly sobbing as he reached you, his arms wrapping around your waist and his face buried deep into your neck. The feeling coursing through your body was unexplainable. You felt like you would simultaneously explode and collapse. Your heart and head were in the clouds, but your feet were anchored in their spot. You felt like you were being pulled apart by two separate worlds, but struggled to keep your head in this one. 

You felt like you had entered a dream as he leaned back and took your face into his hands. He wiped away at the tears streaming down your cheeks and smiled. 

“Why are you crying?” he cooed, his smile as bright as sunshine. 

“Are you really here?” you hiccuped. 

“I’m really here,” he hummed. “Were you surprised?”

“Was this the plan all along?” you cried, shaking your head. 

If it was possible, Hoseok’s smile grew wider. “Of course it was. You thought i would give up any time with you on our anniversary to my hyung? Plus, why in the world would he make you pick him up?”

“I don’t know!” you grumbled. You stomped your foot with a pout. “I didn’t know if funds were tight at BigHit, have you seen the music videos you all have been putting out lately? The cinematography is just…”

“Y/N!” Hoseok interrupted with a laugh. 

“So Namjoon didn’t come?” you asked, looking past Hoseok’s shoulder to the nearly empty baggage claim area. 

“Nope, it’s just me and you. And a week’s worth of cuddles and Netflix to attend to,” Hoseok smiled. “If you’ll have me of course.”

“Well, you did fly all of this way,” you sighed, your smile now matching his. “It would be rude for me to turn you away now.” 

“Oh, so that’s the only reason?” he grinned, peppering your cheeks with kisses. 

You looked up at him through your lashes, pushing him away before whispering, “Maybe not the only reason.” 

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