This. So much more of this please.

My friend Sporkbot, who is an amazing artist and a bit of a celebrity in the Cosplay community, made this for me.

sporkbot asked:


I’m so sorry

Oh my GOODNESS. Please do not apologize. This is amazing. This is so funny to me. For those of you who don’t know what  you are looking at, this is a mash up of Chandler and I, taken from this photo.

Pretty brilliant. And I want MORE. I invite all of you to take photos from my site and play with them. Put Chandler’s head on my body. Put my head on his body. And of course, as usual, extra points will be awarded if you add a mustache.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the mad skills that Sporkbot has. It can be as professional or amateur as you are capable of. Heck, print the pictures out, cut and paste (literally) them onto each other, and then send me a picture of that picture, if you have to. Just have fun with it. 

Thanks again to Sporkbot for making me laugh this morning.

(You can send your submissions to improvisingfatherhood @ gmail . com or post them yourself and send me the link. Or send them by carrier pigeon.)