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Hello All,

I’m going to start documenting my foodie journey. I love trying new restaurants and will feature at least one new restaurant a week through pictures or video. I will post what I ordered and what the rest of the people with me ordered. I will then rate the food, service and overall experience. (i.e. 3 Foodie Points out of 5) Can’t waith to share my adventures with you. Please recommend new restaurants for me to try (right now in LA). Now that you know whats going to be happening let the adventures begin. 

1 Foodie Point - Def not going back

2 Foodie Points - Might give it another try

3 Foodie Points - Ok restaurant will go back 

4 Foodie Points - Def going back and will add to my Frequent Foodie List

5 Foodie Points - adding to my Foodie Favorites



p.s. I will still post fashion, beauty, and random photos still :)