A request for a friend on Facebook who asked for one of Poison Ivy’s Sporelings, so I chose Thorn! (I can’t find much about the three of them online, I’m not really sure why :/)

I also tried out a new colouring technique which is really helping me with my shitty colour-block that I get sometimes. Hope you like it! x

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WoD is a pretty lame expansion (I’ve thus far enjoyed it more than Cata, but I only gauge this by considering that Cata made me quit and WoD has yet to do so) but something I do appreciate about it is the neat little tie-ins to the “canon” lore– the corresponding zone regions with Outland, NPCs both big and obscure making cameos, and those little easter eggs that you can easily miss the first go-around… like how while leveling my paladin I realized that we, the player, are single-handedly responsible for preventing the creation of Sporelings by killing a one-off nobody rarespawn.