wherever uranus is placed can signal where energy is restless, unhinged, and volatile. with uranus in the 1st the self expression itself can be highly obscure and strangely vibrating, with uranus in the 2nd the energy for DOING, for BEING, for ESTABLISHING, for forming value and foundation in the person fluctuates, this with self worth so they can be highly strung achievers for months and then just give up. with uranus in the 3rd the mental energy can be sleepless, unsettled, and buzz in and out of activity, the thought patterns are very sporadic, the same with uranus in the 1st… the uranus 4th house person has an eccentric persona, however it reflects very much more in their life - their unusual responses to daily events, lifestyle, values can be innately unusual. with uranus in the 5th creative energy switches on and off, they are bought to dazzling inspiration and then become cooly critical, uranus in the 6th can indicate restless, uncontrollable mental energy often provoking abruptly arriving and disappearing panic. with uranus in the 7th the energy in relationships is highly strung, often striving on stimulation, but this can become drama because their romantic feelings can change so quickly, erratic behaviour can be sourced by a need for alone time, uranus in the 8th has a restless and unhinged psychic energy, it jolts to the unusual so apparitions can play the trickster, the person can be sporadically bothered by ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits’ and have everything suddenly stop.. only to be repeated erratically, uranus in the 9th have a wakeful higher mind, inducing startling bolts of intuition and prophecy, often the individual has trouble committing to learning as an adult because the energy for study variates so much, uranus in the 10th has an unhinged energy for life - that being overly restless to achieve and then helplessly flailing, often setting up strange objectives that push them out of their comfort zone and compromise the success they have built themselves. uranus in the 11th has a restless, almost anxious social persona, appearing and disappearing, craving connection but breaking under expected demand, uranus in the 12th has an unhinged, wired psychic energy, like electricity from infinity that has liquified itself in the surface, sending abrupt waves of intuition, pain, and enlightenment, worlds become visible and then vanish, lure and condemn


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hows the dear evan hansen animation coming?

GOOD- im excited to share once it’s finished but im working on it sporadically while doing commissions so it will be a little bit

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EYYYY Reverse!AU Again! AllMight trying to get along with (eventual) s/o by taking them on a date. Wherever, idc. Teacher s/o has known him for a few months now, so maybe get into a small heated kissing session?

Eeey welcome back lovely! And sure thing, I hope I could write this well enough! =) (also please ignore the fact that I literally have no idea what I’m doing and I hope it’s going to be okay anyway)

It took All Might a while to get the teacher to agree to go out with him. He’s been sporadically dropping by their working place just when they left and while he never held back on charming, toothy grins and a couple of ambiguous, flirty remarks, he kept his hands to himself and started conversations about all sorts of topics.

When they finally agree to go out with him, he can’t help the widening of his grin.

“Oh, you won’t regret that.” He says and offers his arm. “Let’s go, I just know the place.”

They smile half wryly and half amused, before they give him a slight nudge and ignore the offered elbow to just straight out take his hand. “I very much hope I won’t regret it.”

All Might chuckles, just a tad darkly the way he always does and leads them away. The restaurant he takes them to is small and doesn’t have many costumers despite the fact that the food is rather good. That is mostly the case because the restaurant is open even after the dark and that’s when the true clientele arrives.

Not that All Might is going to tell them that, as they sit together, talking and joking, with his knee pressing against theirs and he can’t help but tease them and reaches out to brush his fingers across the back of their hand.

When they leave, he accompanies them, their hands entwined and their shoulders touching. Once they stop before his date’s home, they turn to him and give him a warm smile.

“You were right, I had fun tonight.” They say and he grins.

“I didn’t promise fun, though that is satisfying to hear.” He steps closer, his hands lightly slipping around their waist. “And I just know the perfect goodbye for tonight.”

The teacher tilts their head up, leaning gently against him and he sees their smile widening a little in the bit of illumination the streetlight provides.

“Yeah?” They ask and he leans down, the hand on the small of their back pushing them flush against him.

All Might kisses them deeply and hotly, not holding back and his hands fan along their hips. He slips his tongue into their mouth once they open up to him and he swallows the sound they’re making. When they break apart, his date sucks in air and he grins, before he leans down again, kissing them again, their body pressing against his.

He feels their hands coming to grab a hold of his suit, pulling him down even further and the kiss turns searing, as their tongues meet and the kiss turns a little sloppy and even deeper.

With one last, deep kiss, All Might slows down again and leans back to slowly shifts his hands to a more appropriate hold, grinning down at them.

“I’ll see you again soon.” He murmurs.

“I very much hope so.” They answer with a grin and kiss swollen lips.

The Litlu Tiny Living Challenge!

So April 19th was the 1-year anniversary of when I first began posting The Litlu Tiny Living Challenge, and I thought to celebrate… I’d actually start posting them again! So this is the beginning of a queue of posts, I tried really hard to get a decent collection of screenshots, so hopefully we can get a few days out of this! Sorry my posting has been so sporadic/erratic lately, folks! Thanks for sticking around. ♥

Boredom [Captain Boomerang x Reader]

Hi prompts request (nsfw): captain boomerang x reader, boomerang and the girl (reader) are bored at home and decide to have some fun, please and thank you 

Hey look, I’ve risen like a zombie from the grave. Shortly after Easter, which is ironic in its way. I lost the writing bug for a while, coupled with finishing off my thesis (I’m submitting it on Wednesday when I get a day off) and some drinking and depression I let the blog fall by the wayside. I’m so sorry about that. But I did some writing today and I’ve been trying to do a bit more in sporadic bits even if it isn’t all for requests. 

I’m so sorry I vanished again. I keep doing it, I’m a bit terrible at this tumblr thing. And I’m sorry if this request isn’t quite as good as you hoped, I’m rusty and the smut writing is totally rusted up. 

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1127 words.

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I’m having my first official snow day...

…in late April. There. Is. Snow. EVERYWHERE. Landlines are broken. There are sporadic power outages, 17 cars have drove off the road (so far), the busses are MIA because the GPS-system doesn’t work properly in the storm, and the road to my job is prone to traffic accidents during normal circumstances…

I’m not leaving my house today.

*makes blanket fort*

activity will be sparse and sporadic today because I’M GOING TO SEE LET’S PLAY LIVE IN NEWARK!!! AND I HAVE VIP MEET AND GREET TICKETS!!!

shapeshifting is the best super power because you can have any haircut any time you want, you can turn into a hotter version of yourself, you can turn into a dragon, you can turn into a robot, you can turn into a shambling mound of abstract shapes and sulk outside your estranged father’s house at night while chanting ominously about his sins,

The more time I spend with you, the more I fall apart.
And I know this, I think about this all the time but I don’t wanna believe it.
I’m desperately trying to convince myself that It’s not you, that you’re not my destruction. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not losing my mind because of you. That I’m not getting more and more unstable by the minute because of you. I keep thinking that maybe I’m just delusional, maybe you’re my salvation.
But you’re not.

it’s never going to happen but please let the raven cycle series be filmed in parks & rec format. let ronan stare dead-eyed into the camera every time gansey starts talking. let blue go on 25 minute feminist rants that are cut in sporadically throughout the episode. let gansey ramble cheerfully to the camera about glendower until ronan inevitably yells at him to shut up. let the camera zoom in dramatically on adam’s face literally every time he speaks. we deserve this.