What People Love About Your Sign - Capricorn

“I truly admire your patience” 

“You’re so caring and full of love”

“You always go out of your way to help the people you really care about”

“You’re incredibly smart, and you will always be enough”

“I love how you stick to what you believe. I also love how you’re so honest”

“You’re so tough, but I love that you are also very sweet, gentle, and protective of those you love”

“I love the originality and spontaneous, sporadic energy and conversations you give”

“You help me make sense of my life and make me feel safe and never let me down. Thank you for always feeling like home”

i really like this idea and, since my activity is always kinda sporadic :
( meaning that i can bombard you with my talent, good looks, && starters whenever ! )

Hey everyone, so I’ve never made an announcement before and this is probably a little too early to do it but I wanted to let anyone who is interested know that I’m going to try to publish the full compilation of my poetry in the fall.

Instead of it being sporadic and random like on here, it’s going to be broken up into the full timeline by chapters, so it will show the story more completely. It’s most likely to start out as an e-book on Amazon.

I’m also going to start unveiling the other compilation that I’ve been working on for awhile. I’m not sure when, but I think soon!

Oh and thank you all for everything so far, for sharing and spreading my life. A special thanks to all the fans who’ve sent me messages to encourage me on this path. It means more to me than I can say, and well, I can say a lot. But having people read me, it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

All my love.


Going to be visiting Japan Tuesday. It’s been a few years.

I’ve already been like super inactive due to FFXIV, and I’ll be even more sporadic for 2 weeks.

I’ll take pics though don’t worry. :3

I love many traits about the modern, evolving dialects of Internet English. How “because” has become a pseudo-preposition, how the deliberate, sporadic miscasing and spacing of letters and words in type conveys Poignancy or huMO R; even how the absolute lack of punctuation can indicate an entire web of understood, associated emotions and subtleties within a simple sentence.

But, I think one of my absolute favorite traits of this lunatic (social media) dilect is how declaring the desire to shove something up one’s ass is always understood as being right up there with the highest of complements one can bestow.

You can’t NOT be charmed by a language where one of it’s most enthusiastic complements frequently used often falls along the lines of “THIS THING IS SO WONDERFUL, I’M GOING TO SHOVE IT UP MY ASS” and everyone immediately understands it as joyful acceptance

anonymous asked:

just wondering, how come you chose to raise guide dogs instead of getting your own pup?? Echo's looking gorgeous btw!

Excellent question! 

My main reason has always been my financial situation. When I started raising, I was a student. Four years later, I am about to be a student again. So I tend to have sporadic, part-time income most of the time. Having a dog is a big financial commitment, not just for monthly maintenance (food, treats, toys, grooming, basic vet care, flea/heartworm preventative, etc.) but for emergencies. While I think I would be fine to keep up with the basic costs for a dog, I would mostly likely not be able to cover unexpected veterinary emergencies (which can easily hits the thousands fast). 

I have many other reasons. I have been living with my parents for the past year and need my own place before I get a dog. 

I’m a great point in my life to raise puppies, being a student. Soon it may be impossible to raise with my job so may as well do it now.

I’m addicted to heartbreak, apparently.

Top 10 Weather Photographs: 7/4/2015 “New Mexico Supercell Lights Up in Brilliant Colors” – Who could ask for a more spectacular sunset supercell than this one near Bledsoe, New Mexico. What an amazing color display and sporadic lightning strikes, illuminating the structure. May 29th, 2015.

artnurse asked:

Are you studying for the adult CCRN or another speciality? I've worked PICU/NICU for 7 years and have been studying sporadically for the pediatric CCRN for awhile. Just never found the drive to sit down and dedicate my time to studying, haha. I know I should do it but naps and binge watching Netflix are so much more fun lately! How do you like the hospital/unit you work at? I've been at the same place since graduating but have been itching to go into higher acuity and more CV surgery.

Adult CCRN. I work in an adult intensive care unit, so it’s the one that best applies. I’m having a hard time dedicating time to study for it too…. I feel so much more driven to chill in my time off than to study. I feel you there. But my hospital is paying for it, even paying a bonus for getting it along with extra money each year. I want to have it on my resume to make myself more marketable too.

I like the unit I’m working on, for the most part. I started off working in a stepdown unit, and moved to the ICU a few months back. I enjoy the work but the politics can be a bit tiring. Changing things up is good! Moving to a new hospital would be an incredible amount of stress, but it furthers your practice as a nurse and keeps you sharp. All depends on what you want!

coloured-city asked:

List five things you like about yourself publicly then send this message to 10 of your fave followers! :D

oh boyyyy another one! guys I can hardly think of anything anymore this is so hard! 😐 but thanks for this Ian, you’re one of my favorite followers too! 😁

• uuuuhm i like the way i speak fluently in movie quotes and youtube references and sporadic song lyrics being sung
• i like my very broad taste in music
• i like that my style varies so much and that one day i’ll be in a cute girly dress and the next i’ll be a 90s grungy rocker chick and the next day i'all be wearing some west coast type bohemian feel-y outfit
• i like that i’m always looking for a new place to explore
• i like my love for little local coffee shops and books and globes and maps and road trips and days spent in bed and thunderstorms
• i like that i love little kiddos
• i like that im romantic in every single way and that i adore love and loving

woah dang i found 7 things this time i am impressed with myself ✨

Rec Sunday

Literally everyone knows Hootsweets, but if you don’t: sit down it’s time to learn.

She does a fair amount of Adventure Time fanart and one of her most well known work is actually a Marshall x Gumball graphic novel.

Pg. 45 of I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect

It’s pretty dope, go check it out.

Updates can be a bit sporadic, but it's well worth the wait.

(She’s also been working on her own original comic so keep an eye out for that.)

her tumblr  |  her deviantart

Think it’s time I did that cliche thing

Me at 14

Me at 18

Headcount of events between the two photographs:

Started out believing I was straight, then thought I was gay, then went back to straight, then it dawned on me I was bi late into the 17th year, started GCSEs, sporadic outbreaks of depression and insomnia, one period of self harm, handed out suicide notes, obviously didn’t commit suicide, finished GCSEs, started A Levels, broke a microwave with a potato, entered my first ever romantic relationship (still going strong), got my first paid job (lasted two weeks), went to Comic Con/visited the capitol for the first time,  tried smoking (not good, don’t do it kids), finished A Levels, made many amazing friends, alienated a few, many mistakes and regrets, many happy memories. #specialfuckin’snowflakeoverhere #generic”thingsgetbetter”message


Blaine moved quickly through the crowd, checking his watch at sporadic intervals to see how much time he had left. He hadn’t been given a specific time to be back on duty by, but he was conscious of taking too much time away from his job. He didn’t want to take advantage of Sam’s kind offer of having some time with Kurt, even if part of it was fueled by the fact that it would keep Kurt away from Rachel. It was a silly notion now that he knew that the whole relationship had been faked, but if Sam hadn’t been informed of that particular news then he didn’t feel as though he was the one who should be telling him. 

He checked his watch once more before he turned spotted their agreed meeting point, a familiar flash of brown hair and a perfectly put together outfit caught his eye and he hurried towards the other man. “Hey! Sorry I took a little longer to get here, there are way more people than I expected.”

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I've got an OC named Qalaba Adaar, he's a half-Qunari half-Human mage that, since he never had any real training, is very sporadic with his magic. He likes healing magic but doesn't trust himself with combat magic, especially fire, and has severe burns on his arms. He's constantly struggling with the loss of his only family and the expectations people have in him as the Herald/Inquisitor, but Josephine, Dorian and Solas are huge helps!

Half-blood!!! <3

shapeshifting is the best super power because you can have any haircut any time you want, you can turn into a hotter version of yourself, you can turn into a dragon, you can turn into a robot, you can turn into a shambling mound of abstract shapes and sulk outside your estranged father’s house at night while chanting ominously about his sins,