it’s 2am and we’re just getting ready for bed but just wanted to give some totals - $24,679 for Louis’ bday drive so far and $2,279 for the bloodwise one in honor of Jay. that’s around $20,000 raised today (we were around $5500 before the news broke).  I’d really like to get Louis’ drive to an even $25,000 and then focus on the Bloodwise one.

For the auctions, we will give the winners their choice of where they want the money to go. 



I will be off and on sporadically since my gf is here, but message me if you need to get in touch with me.

Blue Quilt Auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/282279667134

Green and Blue Quilt Auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/282282438960

Louis Selfie Bear Auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/282283498292

just when i thought 2016 couldnt get any worse my boyfriend broke up with me this morning. im now 95% less salty (and also v dehydrated) bc i spent p much all day crying but yknow i guess 1600km distance between parties with no means of transport isnt really an ideal component in a healthy relationship 💔

in other news i started learning polish last week and also im leaving for new zealand in 10 days (not bad things just thought now would be a convenient time to let u know) 🇵🇱🇳🇿

stay tuned for more sporadic and ridiculously vague life updates 👍


i had someone ask me about my ocs a while back so here is This…. i’ve been putting off answering bc honestly i’m still unsure about their designs and they didnt have names until like. today. merope is a princess who, due to political turmoil in her country, has been sent elsewhere with her favorite guard for safekeeping. theyre supposed to be incognito but merope is really enjoying her new carefree way of life. scorpius and merope eventually cross paths with orion, a friendly local who INSISTS on showing them around. scorpius is Extremely suspicious of orion, but merope trusts him. she also is unabashedly attracted to orion’s sporadically appearing/disappearing sister. trouble seems to follow the quartet wherever they go– food poisoning at restaurants, floorboards giving way beneath them, buildings collapsing, always nearly killing merope.


(A/N: Hey guys! I have something I need to tell you. From the 16th of December, or in eight days, to the 29th, I will be going on hiatus. I’m flying down to Texas for the holidays and my mom says that I shouldn’t take my computer, as I’ve broken a computer from taking it on a flight before. I might occasionally update, very sporadically, if I have access to a computer or can do something quickly from my phone. I hope you guys understand! Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Modern Preference: The boys first Daddy/Daughter day


       Caspian was confident.

       He thought that he knew exactly what he was doing. He was sure that he knew what your daughter liked and what she didn’t, what made he cry and made her smile. Boy, was he wrong.

       The way he described it afterwards, he was trying to hard. He didn’t let her spend very much time on the playground because he wanted them to go get ice cream. He didn’t let her get a tricycle, instead making her try on a princess costume and getting that.


       Peter was happy.

       Your daughter had always seemed to be more of a mommy’s girl. He was always scared that she didn’t like him, or something crazy like that. When your daughter expressed wanting a day with just her and her dad, Peter was thrilled.

       He was really carefree about it, letting her choose everywhere they went. You want to drive an hour to the shopping center with the bookstore? The car’s heating up already. You just want to walk five minutes to the park down the street? Stand still, I’m already zipping up your coat.


       Edmund was nervous.

       He got scared holding your daughter, much less being responsible for her life. One time, when your were still pregnant, he had had his hand’s on your belly whenever your daughter kicked for the first time. He had felt it, immediately jumping back and asking if he had broken her. You were a bit worried.

       He actually did pretty well, apart for the fact that she got sick the neck day because he let her take her coat off instead of insisting she put it back on.  

at long last——   after debating a whole lot on whether making one of these calls was a good idea or not, with this quick as shit graphic here it is ! pretty much everyone by now knows how these things work:     by liking this post, you’re telling me you are interested in discussing  &  eventually developing a possible relationship between our muses. be advised that not necessarily a ship must be sexual, romantic   (   nor aizen is your everyday casanova so ?   )   or fall under precisely defined categories like friendship, enemies and such.  

 i am open to pretty much any dynamics  ;  all i ask is that you make sure we’re mutuals before liking this, and that you have at least a minimal idea of what relationship you would like to develop with my aizen.   naturally, i will not be messaging everyone now   ——   but i’m certainly going to in the near future.    LAST BUT NOT LEAST:   if your activity is too sporadic, or you write on your blog every once in a pope’s death, avoid liking this post  ;  as the purpose of the latter is to encourage relationships  &  development.

— notice —

Just a heads up, I’m flying abroad tomorrow and I’m not sure how stable wifi will be while I’m abroad so IMs + thread replies might be even more sporadic/behind than usual. >< Sorry bout my irregular replies! m(_ _)m

I’ll try to squeeze in as many replies to threads and memes while waiting @ the airport though! 

Kinda Hiatus for December+

Hello! Soooo. Well, to be honest I have grown bored of FlightRising. I don’t have much time for playing, which means I don’t have T, which means no new apparel, full lair slots, no accents, which is what holds me in FR - dressing up new dragons and giving them personalities. I have found my way back to art and writing after much trouble with both. In RL I have grown into a more healthier mindset which is good and many of you have also helped with that, for which I am grateful. 

The community is now colder? Less open? Only close knit groups seem to chat anymore. People have left or aren’t as active. It’s not fun to blog anymore. God, I miss some people SO much.

I am definitely NOT quitting FR anytime soon. Instead I am going to be less active overall on this blog. I keep up a queue of awesome art, but it might stop sporadically. Feel free to reach out though, I may be a shy, antisocial anxiety blob, but I love talking with people, just am not able to often initiate it myself

Will be spending a lot of time on @thebookwolf, my main blog - Undertale, art, cats, Gravity falls and random things.


//hey there friends - things are going to be sporadic for a little while longer on my end so please bear with me; my grandfather passed yesterday morning and we’re still waiting on information about the funeral, my mother is going in for surgery next week, and I’m working full time again.
i’ll still be accepting memes and starters, but it may take me a minute to get to it so please be patient with me.

shapeshifting is the best super power because you can have any haircut any time you want, you can turn into a hotter version of yourself, you can turn into a dragon, you can turn into a robot, you can turn into a shambling mound of abstract shapes and sulk outside your estranged father’s house at night while chanting ominously about his sins,

i know GIR was the face Lol Random type humor for the longest time but tbh you could always sorta guess what types of things he would say. Ed’s dialogue from EEnE was far more amusingly authentic in how nonsensical it was like the line “Shhh. My yeast is rising” straight up mystifies me to this day.