How I interact with people: Sporadically leave comments on their posts every once in a while and either forget due to memory issues or become too morbidly awkward to reply to their replies, killing the potential conversation dead before it even has a chance of starting. 

first, i will teach you how to love me. you’ll come into it tasting of soft ashen embers and i like pine needles, you’ll come into it with soft hands and soft eyes. and i’ll teach you how to become an oxymoron: quiet and sporadic, sprints through the city in the dead of night and lazy Sunday afternoons in your apartment. how to make an entire forest so dark it is as if it has never seen the sun. we’ll cause so much chaos and try to wash our hands clean but end up going to sleep sobbing because of it. when it’s good it’ll be great but when it’s bad we’ll absolutely tear each other apart. this is how you become a tidal wave and a ripple. this is how a candle is a housefire. this is how you are both light breeze and tornado. when the thunderstorm season comes we’ll dance to its beat. i will teach you how to waltz. i will teach you my favorite things: riding a crazy horse, caring for a fish tank, the names of every crystal in my collection. and you will teach me too, all that you love i will learn. let’s get drunk and fall in love with the moon, she is lonely and we are empty bottles of champagne and you, you are perfect.

THE TIME OF THE PROPHECY IS UPON US! I will be away at DragonCon this weekend smushing all my friends and taking pictures of all the cosplays. The queue is running and I’ll probably be liking/reblogging/posting pictures sporadically, but I won’t really be here because mobile is the worst, so if you send an ask or a message I may not get to it until I’m home on Tuesday. 

As always, the best way to get a hold of me is my phone number if you know it, and my twitter if you don’t. Wishing you all a weekend at least as good as mine.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Hey Cas, I love you. We all love you. I can't stop you from doing anything to yourself but I would love to see you overcome this too. It is your choice no matter what you choose to do though but we really do love you and don't want to loose you. If you were to decide you don't want to loose you too, we can always do our very best to help you out of this.

Thank you, I really can’t describe what it means to me that you even to the time to say anything, so just, thank you.

I can’t ask anything of you buttons to help me, except maybe be patient with my sporadic and/or complete lack of posting and if you’ve sent me a message asking for advice or anything else, or even a nice message that I haven’t responded to, please don’t think I don’t care, I do. I just can’t allocate the energy to answer everyone at the moment, hell I just showered for the first time in 2-3 days because I literally hadn’t left my bed.
But I have seen your messages and I’ve read them and I appreciate the kind words so so so much right now. Really. It makes a huge difference knowing that people are actually listening to me. and just thank you to everyone who’s taken their time to be nice to me.

So just, yeah, be patient and remember that I care about you all <3

i mean it’s crazy how i started this blog as a space for myself bc i was creeping people out on my main and now theres almost 4k people here so like. part of me feels an obligation to try and give everyone what they want? but i’m just getting bored with only reblogging other people’s stuff and i don’t want to repost content that’s probably been reposted a million times already…

and i really, really like horror movies and LOVE to discuss them with people.

it’s not like i’ll STOP reblogging things, really the reviews are gonna be sporadic at best…i just want to contribute something a bit more personal i guess 😅

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Where have you been on tumblr? I'm use to reading like 50 comments/replies from you a day and so far you've only been on it sporadic. I'mhaving withdrawals.

I missed my flight whilst sitting at the airport the other day cos I was on tumblr. I was prolly answering your question. Im gonna send you the bill!!

It was foolish, as a whole, to think that children could change the course of an inevitable war.” Silent musings slipped past parted lips, amber eyes unblinking before narrowing slightly, down to look at the same deeply colored amber liquid in his cup. It burned his nostrils, smelling whatever swill this was as deeply as he could, before lifting the cup and downing the contents of it, which felt worse going down.

Dark ears, feline in nature, twitched atop his head sporadically for a moment, before calming to a small flicker of the tips. He settles down into his seat, biting back the urge to spit back whatever remained of the fire that parched his throat even more. 

Don’t you think so?”

I’m sorry I have disappeared from tumblr for a while folks. My summer was hectic and now my transition into college life is not going nearly as smoothly as most. I will definitely try to keep my queue going again but I apologize if my activity is sporadic at best.

Much love and wishes to you all.

Just Rambling

If I get my behind on the computer tonight I’ll get out Week in a Life. I have most of the dialogue written I just have to go in game and get screenshots. It’s about to go left so there may be a trigger warning or two.

School started back on Monday for my little bit and we’ve been trying to get back in routine. My sim time is now homework time so I’ll be around sporadically until I get my life together.

shapeshifting is the best super power because you can have any haircut any time you want, you can turn into a hotter version of yourself, you can turn into a dragon, you can turn into a robot, you can turn into a shambling mound of abstract shapes and sulk outside your estranged father’s house at night while chanting ominously about his sins,

i know GIR was the face Lol Random type humor for the longest time but tbh you could always sorta guess what types of things he would say. Ed’s dialogue from EEnE was far more amusingly authentic in how nonsensical it was like the line “Shhh. My yeast is rising” straight up mystifies me to this day.