when it comes to stuff i like, i splinter fandom activity in 2 ways:

Type A: “I like this thing so much it’s either basically perfect on its own to me, or has a very tight/self-contained narrative, and so I can’t think of anything I could really contribute besides maybe drawing the characters as they are once in awhile, or reblogging cool stuff others have made. It could be my favorite thing, but I rarely seem to show it because for me it speaks for itself.”
Type B: “I like this thing and would love to make and participate in all kinds of stuff for it, because it’s either flawed enough I could think of constructive ways to improve it, or it’s just fine on its own but has that wiggle room in its canon one could insert their own ideas into. However the fandom is an inevitably terrible environment, so I end up actively involving myself with as little frequency as I would with a Type A”

buckle up, here comes a rant

Here’s the thing about lunch meetings.

If you don’t eat, you’re weird. Immediately people will start spouting the “Oh don’t be shy, help yourself!” stock response, and then move onto the more invasive “Aren’t you hungry? Please, eat!” line of questioning.

I’ve had several sporadic lunch meetings over the last few months. They’re all with the same group of people, and the meeting head always gets us pizza. I managed to dodge it the first meeting, and the second meeting I said something about not being hungry. By the third one, the person running the meeting/ordering the noms all but demanded to know why I wasn’t partaking.

So what do I say? Some pizza makes me sick and I’d rather not be sick at work? Especially the greasy kind, which is all we ever order? I don’t like to eat messy food in front of co-workers lest I inevitably spill on myself, or end up with cheese on my chin? I brought my own lunch? I already ate? I’m not hungry?

Most of my proposed “excuse” responses were true, but I decided to just come out with the deciding factor and hope for the best. I flat out told EVERYONE IN THE ROOM because I basically HAD TO: I’m on a diet. Furthermore, I said it almost shamefully.

They all stared at me.

Of course they stared at me. I’m thin, and being on a diet sounds neurotic, crazy, snobby, like I’m an uptight bitch, etc. Not to mention there was another woman in the meeting who was about my size and on her second slice. I’m pretty sure she hates me now.

Diet is a personal choice. It’s information that isn’t really meant to be broadcasted unless the person in question WANTS to share. There may be reasons behind it besides the most common ones, but the reality is the reason/s shouldn’t matter because IT’S NO ONE’S FRICKIN BUSINESS.

We had another meeting yesterday (in the afternoon) and another lunch meeting scheduled for today. When we met yesterday, the Orderer of the All Important Pizza told me (and everyone else in the room) that he specifically ordered me a salad for today’s meeting. I smiled. I said “thanks, oh wow you didn’t have to do that…” and then before I could stop myself and/or make the floor open up and swallow me whole I added “I don’t starve, you know.”

So now I’m the skinny bitch that won’t eat the pizza, and that’s all these people will remember about me.

Members of the French Forces of the Interior (Forces Françaises de l'Intérieur), the military wing of the French Resistance, man a barricade during the Liberation of Paris. The liberation began when the Resistance staged an uprising against the German garrison on 19 August upon the approach of the U.S. Third Army (United States Army Central). On the night of 24 August, elements of General Philippe Leclerc’s 2nd French Armored Division fought its way into Paris and seized the Hôtel de Ville (Paris City Hall) shortly before midnight. The next morning, on 25 August, the bulk of the 2nd Armored Division and U.S. 4th Infantry Division entered Paris and Germany officially surrendered the city. However, pockets of German and French collaborationist resistance continued sporadically and had to be rooted out in street fighting. Paris, Île-de-France, France. August 1944. Image taken by Robert Doisneau.


Look, unbloomingblossom!! Buns!! And a guest appearance by sugar cane juice.

Met with some family friends again, brought home more small people, tomorrow I’m leaving early for China, so my updates might be more sporadic until I’m back in Hong Kong. One more night here, though. …haven’t had roast duck yet. Maybe. And now… Relax time.


I know it’s been hella forever since I’ve been here.  Sorry about that.  I’m still playing sims, kind of.  Sims 2, and just haven’t really felt like taking the time to do stories or post pictures or anything. Just having fun with it. Very unseriously and very sporadically.   I’m really kinda missing a lot of the friends and stuff I made on here though. But I just don’t see myself coming back to posting sims really.  Not in the near future anyway.

Mostly I’ve been on another blog. I know I know, I’m a horrible person. But I’m sure some of you remember Xavier.  His face is still my icon here. I was roleplaying him on twitter when sims twitter stuff was a thing,  it probably still is but I haven’t been on there in a million years.  Then I was roleplaying him on Skype, and still am.  Anyway, he has his own RP blog now and a human faceclaim and I’m pretty deep into the tumblr RP community with him and really enjoying it.    (don’t anyone be judging me now :P  I know firsthand how weird the sims community can be :P and there’s no room to talk about weird hobbies)

SO if y’all want  you can check out his tumblr -   prettylittlehalfling  and come and write with me if you like.  :)  (should probably throw a warning in here that it’s pretty heavily smut related, though that’s not ALL he gets up to) Or just ask him really awkward questions on  (or off) anon. That’s fun too :)  If you’re interested and you’ve never done roleplay before, or just never done it on tumblr, just shoot me a message and I’ll show you the ropes.

I might be (probably (okay almost definitely), because I can’t resist an idea once it’s taken root) turning this blog into a personal, we’ll see if I can keep up with stuff first before I decide that.

Anyway, sorry I disappeared on everyone. Have a gif hug from human Xave to try to make up for it.

Xavier’s human faceclaim is a younger Bill Kaulitz from the german band Tokio Hotel.  Who, (unless you are completely blind) looks just like him, and more importantly, looks just like the Xavier I’ve always had in my head.

Xave says Hi to everyone by the way.

ANYWAY!!  I’ve missed you guys!  so shoot me a message maybe. :) 

The first in my third set of illustrations for the Hobbit Big Bang 2.0! This set belongs to the story I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire by the lovely diemarysues.

I’ve never actually drawn Dís, so this was a good opportunity to fill my Durin sibling love quota with this tender moment between brother and sister <3 This story focuses on the idea of Smaug as a dwarf instead of a dragon and Thorin’s very personal vendetta to deal with him. Definitely give the story a read as it is updated over on Ao3! This set will probably be updated a bit more sporadically as I’m still in the process of inking the remaining 2, so keep your eyes peeled for more of this set!

Set: 1 / 2 / 3

Pandorubi ((aka BOX)) is a pretty important recurring character but like many of the actual protagonists I neglect him for months at a time because i get distracted by other characters like electric jerk tower, important musical girl trio and the failed coping mechanism boys

Return from the Dead, or Finished My BA?

Hello there everyone! I have been rather sporadic this entire year haven’t I? well, the good news is that I am finally finished with my BA! wooo yaaaaa (but really, I have decided to skip commencement because sitting for four hours with people I hardly know to receive a diploma seems rather dull and I’d rather go out with family and friends, I’ll do the whole commencement thing when I complete my MA.) So now I shall be a little more frequent, although I still have work and I shall be looking for another job as well, and I am going to be gone from june 8th to the 29th because I will be in Europe with my dear friend mikemussinastractors. There will be a separate post about that as well as we draw nearer to the actual day of departure, until then there is a lot of stuff to finish ironing out, a lot of tears to shed over money (imagine not being poor. imagine. no. unthinkable.) AND one last update! I shall also be one step closer to my death (likely from cancer due to my extreme love of tanning) on the 28th of May. Busy two months. 

Thank you so much for your patience in dealing with my infrequent replies and responses and updates, I am shocked my follower count hasn’t dropped all that much-I suspect it’s because people forgot I was here to even unfollow! 

somewhat of a semi-hiatus???

My activity will be sporadic tomorrow and Saturday due to the fact I’m going to another state to pick up my new puppy, Comet! We’re not getting him until Saturday then we’re going straight home, and on Friday we’re doing some things around the town we’re staying in, so I’ll probably end up just saying I’m on a semi-hiatus and just using up all my data up there lmao

Night in the Woods is supposed to come out sometime in 2015 I really hope it’s soon it’s pretty much the only game I’m looking forward to / have looked forward to in ages
and with SU and GF both on hiatus I’m in that pit of “I crave new fiction/content for stimulus but very little manages to catch my interest enough to engage and I’d rather languish in the doldrums than participate in the fandoms of stuff I do like and ruin them for myself”