How to Know When They’re Attracted To You!

Aries: They smile and laugh more around you. When Aries feel attraction, they feel better about life and that you’re the reason for it. 9 out of 10 times, they will laugh at everything you say.

Taurus: They become a different person in front you. When around you, they behave and their personality changes. For example, if they are a quiet person around others, they might become more chatty when they’re around you or vice versa.

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i was talking about teen titans with a friend last night and i am still dwelling on it a bit and suddenly remembered that killer moth guy who was a very hammy villain bent on destroying things with mutant bugs for basically no reason or motivation whatsoever

and who also had a spoiled, malevolently bratty human daughter whose whims he’d always cave under

why isn’t there more fanart of this guy tbh


Let’s have a hammock date, shall we?

A good friend told me, before hopping on a plane down under, that I’m not holding up my end of the blogging pact. She can’t keep track of me from distant lands, if I’m only posting sporadically, so I will make a concerted effort to write more frequently.

I used to write in a journal daily. That kind of fell away once I started blogging. I miss putting pen to paper, so I have decided to keep an all purpose journal. Food, workouts, thoughts, quotes etc. Today is day one.

I’m on vacation this week, so I’ve been working on a few projects. Finally framing all of my bibs was one of them. I’m kind of in love with how good they look.

I had my annual exam at the doctor today. She was really happy with all of my vitals and level of exercise. I am unhappy with where my weight currently is, but she really wasn’t. She advised that I not be so hard on myself. That I am fit and healthy. I can lose some weight, but she is not concerned currently. I have mixed feelings about that. Fat and fit for the win? Meh.

I made one of my absolute favorite lunches today. A whole wheat tortilla topped with hummus, quinoa, shredded carrot, cucumber, avocado and salad greens. Try it you won’t regret it!

I want to yoga twice this week with Katie before she left. The first was a candlelight flow class. I love it when the yogi focuses on breath through the whole class. You feel like you’re breathing as one with 20 other people. It makes it so much easier to turn off your brain and get lost in the movement. The only thing that distracted me was the sound of my own sweat plop, plop, plopping on my mat. It was so hot.

The second class we went to was an advanced heated vinyasa flow class. She had us trying lots of crazy inversions. Lol nope! Someday. Again, it was so hot I actually started to feel sick halfway through.

It’s absolutely beautiful here today. The sun is out and the humidity is low. I’m hoping to get in a bike ride and a run after Little Mister wakes up from his nap.

Happy Tuesday friends.

Apparently, Melissa was seen on set just yesterday. I tell ya, sightings of Carol have been really sporadic this season. But it’s good to know that the Queen C. is alive. I’m just wondering what the hell she’s doing behind the walls so much, and why haven’t we seen more of her. Has she taken up some kind of role in Alexandria that requires her presence 24/7 or something? We aren’t really seeing her out and about with the others. Why is she remaining stationary?

Swan Queen these last weeks

I don’t know if it’s just me but… Before this season finale, the #OUAT tag was filled with CS stuff, while SQ posts sporadically were seen.
NOW I keep seeing SQ in the most popular posts of the #OUAT tag!!!
Is the ship getting more members? Is the ship getting more recognition? I’m so proud to be a Swan Queen shipper!!!

pencilcat replied to your post: Ok Tumblr I’m officially confused and …

try turning up the tolerance of your fill bucket? The fill area may not be 100% solid. Or the lineart above it (if there is one) may have a slight texture, and the fill bucket may be filling around that.


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Exxxtra-cool 80s numbers for the profoundly depressed, sporadically upbeat loser

Track list:

Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode
Sister Europe - The Psychedelic Furs
Numbers - Soft Cell
I Got You - Split Enz
Beat My Guest - Adam & The Ants
Making Plans for Nigel - XTC
Away From Home - Klark Kent
Nemesis - Shriekback
Don’t Be Square (Be There) - Adam & The Ants
Burning Down the House - Talking Heads
Missing Person - Split Enz

[listen on 8tracks]

Thank you!

Thank you for reblogs, I appreciate it. : )

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*has two fluffy girl moths, one on the tip of either index finger*
*slowly brings fingers closer and closer together until the two just barely boop together*
“they kiss, and then take over the wor–”
*they both fly away*

anabundanceofstilinskis asked:

Hey! I really adore your Seed Wolf series, and I see that it's going to take a lot of your time and energy. Do you have a Patreon where people can support you to take a bit of stress out of it?

Hello! Thank you for asking!

I do indeed have a Patreon Account. It gets updated with all sorts of tidbits (and I have yet to dump a whole bunch of stuff there this month), but because I update sporadically on there, I’ve made the donation system monthly, rather than by creation. So if people are wanting to help support my art, they can pledge as little as $1/month and get cool freebies like sketches and rewards!

Thank you for enjoying my Seed Wolf series, and I hope you’re having an awesome day! ♥

when i was a kid we couldn’t afford cable or going to the movies so i was never that pop culture aware. if i saw something, it was because the public library had it as a VHS tape you could rent for free.

as a result, my first experience with The Mighty Ducks was the cartoon and i thought that was the definitive version, so when i saw the live action movie years later i was like “what the hell is this”

which is what i assume to be the exact opposite sequence of events for most people

She facebooked a picture of herself in a new dress.

She’s so cute. So pretty.

And I want to get my arms around her waist.

She only sporadically replies to my messages, though quite charmingly when she does. I know she’s busy, but she’s somewhat active in social media.

Men comment on her pictures and I feel that that old foolish jealousy. Oh, to be young and pugnacious as of old.

I hope she will love me, but hope slowly fades.

We will see each other again in a month. Maybe that time I will know the words to say, to let emotions and hopes arise.

the villain from lollipop dragon wasn’t even that evil he was about as actively malevolent as the trix rabbit

one episode he enters the snow sledding race where the winner gets a new kind of lollipop made in whatever they flavor they want and since his favorite food is liver he of course plans to have them make a liver lollipop if he wins and everyone is like NOOOO THINK OF THE CHILDREN NO KID WOULD WANT A LIVER LOLLIPOP WE HAVE TO WIN THIS RACE AT ALL COSTS
like the existence of his lollipop line isn’t going to obliterate the 500 other flavors the kids can pick from let the goblin man have his nasty organ candy

and then of course when he just flat out steals the Magic Lollipop in the main special his punishment is being turned into a tree until he dies