hello my loves!! i am so sorry that i’ve been so sporadically active, college has been busy as heck and i’ve been trying to settle in but ! i miss u guys so much! please let me know how youre doing, send me asks n stuff if u wanna! u can ask me questions about how my lifes going, whatever u want, i just want to talk to u aaa i miss u im sorry

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what kind of friendship would the s bros have with their best friend like THE BESTEST friend (how would they pass their free time, what would they do for fun etc.)

Shu - Just think of Edgar.

Reiji - He isn’t the type of have companions, but it would be relatively aloof and sporadic meetings of them drinking a cup of tea while complaining about having to take care of the crazy bunches their families are.

Ayato - Him? Have friends, haha, laughable- But, if he manage to have one, it would pranks galore, heavy drinking nights, stupid secret handshakes, being each other’s wingman, all the fun shit.

Laito - They would have games about who can fuck the most women/men, have interesting philosophical conversations, occasionally have a drinking night out at the strip club, classic friend stuff.

Kanato - His friend makes sweets for him all the time, he occasionally sings for them (and even rarer trusts them with Teddy), and they have fun with their tea parties and stuff of that variety.

Subaru - It’s a lot of silence, but slow bonding on the rooftop. You make food for him, determined to find something he likes, he occasionally talks to you about his school problems. He’s there to protect you if some guys/girls hits on you.

Kino - VIDEO GAMING BRAS FOR LIFE. They talk about weird anime theories, fuck around malls, and love to challenge each other to hacking battles.

I wouldn’t say that that’s the goal. We’re not aiming to try to be as all over the place as possible. I think that the landscape of the record is a testament to the type of music that Josh and I like to listen to, which is all kinds of music. We’re a product of that generation that has access to everything, and it comes down to it whenever Josh and I are working on a song. There’s a lot of outside pressure, a lot of outside opinions, especially going into the second record, and I think that we work pretty hard to all block those things out and ask ourselves the question, “Do we like this?” So I wouldn’t say it’s intentional, like, “Let’s try to make a record that sounds so sporadic and so crazy.” I think that’s just the product of what we like in music. 

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(Kamen Rider Ikiryo; Youtube AU) "How's it going fellow hounds, The Hell Hound here and if you didn't notice..." Daisuke looks at Kurami and her dress and then at his own Tux. "We're married now."

“Yeah, which is why both of our videos have been… sporadic lately” She says.
“But now we’re back! And videos should be back on track!”

I. What we never planned to be

    Midday cast across the sky, tinting the passing clouds in gentle hues of yellow and orange.  A few stray Pidoves soared above the sporadic tree tops, dipping below for brief intervals before flapping their wings to rise back up to the clearer sections of the sky. This calm harmony was quickly brought a halt, however, with the abrupt clamor of shouting, heavy laughter and feet recklessly stomping along the grassy terrain. 

    The remaining birds scattered about through the trees whilst the local bugs and Rattata scampered away from the group trampling through the greenery. The source of the ruckus summed up to be a collection of young adults dressed in identical uniforms with large red ‘R’s printed on the chest of their ebony and ivory attire. The group squabbled and horsed around, seeming quite proud of themselves as they headed to the large, black, dome-like metal building that sat in the midst of a rather wide clearing. Crates were laid about, some in twos and threes, cluttering up around and even within the opening of the building. 

    As the group of similarly dressed grunts entered the building, still yammering away about how wonderfully they’d done, they were followed by a set of Pokemon. Some were dressed in armor-like pieces on certain sections of their frames, while others were either lacking any accessories, or were equipped with something simple and unimportant. 

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Hi! My name’s Brenda, but you can call me Norue (or just Brenda, I don’t mind). I’m 17 years old and I’m from Mexico. My mother language is Spanish, but I also speak English and I’m trying to learn Norwegian, Russian and Polish all at the same time (Needless to say, it doesn’t work).

I don’t really watch TV. The only TV shows I have seen are GoT (just the first season), Stranger Things (oh yeah) and Supernatural (like, since the mere beginning, so yeah, I’ve grown up watching it). Sporadically, I watch Beavis & Butthead, documentaries and anime (specifically, Hetalia and Bungou Stray Dogs).

I love reading fantasy, paranormal and thriller. My favourite books are The Raven Cycle (I haven’t read the third and fourth book, though), Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Disequilibrium (you can find it on Wattpad). Additionally, I’m also a writer, and I write the same genres.

I listen to a variety of music, but mostly alternative, lofi and classical rock. I’m love with Kansas, Blue Öyster Cult and Guns ‘N Roses. On the other hand, I tend to listen to this silly bands, like Little Big and Sebastian with Sin (don’t judge me).

I’m in love with Norway. Like, hella in love. I want to live there, fall in love there, and die there, seriously. I love the culture, the country, the history, and Edvard Munch. Also, I know a lot of world’s random history, so don’t be surprised if I just sent random things related to it.

I’m not looking for something specific on my pen pal, I just want someone with whom I can freely talk to, no matter the country, the age or the sexual preference. I’m pansexual, and sometimes I dress with male clothes, sometimes with female clothes, so yeah, I’m pretty open minded.

Instagram: itsnorue

Snapchat: saskialeviken

Tumblr: breenmoran

Email: itsnorue@ hotmail. com

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Ok what I've feared most happened. I've fallen out of love with vampire weekend... The wait is too long, news are too sporadic... Ez I beg y ou do something before I loose complete interest

I’m lowkey starting to feel this too… esp with all the new bands you guys showed me it’s like whos vw

shapeshifting is the best super power because you can have any haircut any time you want, you can turn into a hotter version of yourself, you can turn into a dragon, you can turn into a robot, you can turn into a shambling mound of abstract shapes and sulk outside your estranged father’s house at night while chanting ominously about his sins,

i know GIR was the face Lol Random type humor for the longest time but tbh you could always sorta guess what types of things he would say. Ed’s dialogue from EEnE was far more amusingly authentic in how nonsensical it was like the line “Shhh. My yeast is rising” straight up mystifies me to this day.

Melissa is from Colombia and speaks fluent Spanish. Since we began dating, I’ve been trying to slowly learn the language. At dinner, we always play this game where I say something to her in Spanish to see if she understands, and she repeats it to me in English. At the beginning of our meal on July 28, 2013, I asked her in Spanish if she liked the food. She responded with, ‘Do you like the food?’ This continued sporadically throughout our meal, and I made sure to ask her strange questions to keep her laughing and not suspecting my final question. When the meal was almost over, I asked, 'Quieres casarte conmingo?’ She laughed and said, 'Will you marry me?’ I smiled, and repeated myself. She dropped her fork and looked at me. I presented her with the ring and she accepted through tears.