B.A.P Reactions/Drabble To You Having A Daddy Kink (Somewhat Smutty?)


You had barely seen Daehyun the past couple of weeks. You understood of course that with BAP’s comeback looming, he and the others were busy. That didn’t however, excuse him for barely sparing you a glance when he was home. Whenever you kissed him, he’d turn his head to the side with an apologetic smile.

You couldn’t help it as doubts filled your head. Did he no longer find you attractive? Did he no longer want to be with you? Did he no longer love you?

When you asked him, he admitted it was because he was stressed. It was after he had confessed, that you eagerly sought out a way to help him de-stress. That’s when you began to have lustful thoughts. Even if it was only for a couple of hours, you were sure it’d work.

Daehyun had just returned home from practice and with a quick kiss to your cheek, he began heading towards the washroom to wash up. You bit your lip as you worked up the nerve to do as you had planned.

Stripping yourself of all your clothing, only your racy bra and panties kept you from being completely naked. You hesitantly made your way towards the washroom. With a deep breath, you smiled coyly as you walked into the washroom confidently.

Daehyun was in the process of wiping sweat from his face when he heard the door being opened. He turned his head, and when he saw you his breath stilled. He ran his eyes down your entire figure, his eyes black with lust once he had finally settled his eyes on your face again.

A small smirk played on his face, “what are you up to, Jagiya?”

“I know how stressed you’ve been,” you bit your lip, instantly drawing his attention to them, “I just wanted to help you relax a little.”

Daehyun’s smirk grew as he closed in on you, trapping your body between his and the washroom’s door. He gently cupped your cheek and ran his thumb across your lower lip, “and how exactly are you planning to do that sweetheart?”

You reached your hand to the front of his pants and began playing with the zipper, but before you could unzip them, Daehyun’s lips were on yours. At first the kisses were gentle, but they quickly turned into something more rough, something more passionate.

He hoisted your thighs so that they were now wrapped around his middle and moved you so that you were now settled on the sink. When you drew him closer to you with your ankles, he teasingly ground his hips against yours. You let out a small moan. He repeated the action, and began kissing from your jaw all the way down your neck.

You began to grow restless, you needed more, “D-daddy,” you moaned accidentally. You had had no control over your words. You grew still, eyes wide, as you waited to see how he’d react.

Daehyun had been sucking on a sensitive area on your neck. The second he heard the name leave your mouth he couldn’t help it as he bit down on the skin.

“Fuck,” he whispered as he pulled away. A new found lust overwhelming him.

Without warning, he pulled your panties down and he lowered himself so he was now eye level with your core.

“Keep calling me that princess,” he insisted as he began trailing kiss up your inner thigh.

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