La Città Invisibile 

When Gianluca Vassallo began his journey into the Sardinian interior on 17 August 2016, he didn’t know that he would once again be taking his anger with him. Over the years Vassallo, a Sardinian by adoption, has learned to talk with the territory and look inside the people of this island. He has embraced social causes on behalf of the community and defended people and the places where they live. His most recent work, La città invisibile (“The Invisible Town”, curated by Roberto Cremascoli), presents a snapshot of depopulation in Sardinia (#sPOP). A study carried out in 2013 on behalf of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia to take stock of the phenomenon on the island has revealed that 31 municipalities are destined to vanish over the next 60 years. La città invisibile is the artist Gianluca Vassallo’s journey, with the assistance of the young photographer Nicolò Galeazzi, to ten of these municipalities, chosen among those that have the largest area per capita. The work was commissioned by the Fondazione di Sardegna, under the coordination of Franco Carta and Riccardo Uras, as part of an investigation that combines artistic and scientific research, carried out in parallel by the Sardarch architects’ collective, and will culminate in the production of an interdisciplinary publication.

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Command: Drink a full bottle of mayonnaise

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◃◃ Play it in reverse here, yo!


I die everytime Sarek says Spops… not kidding

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Spops: The bit of staircase or slope on the wrong side of the bannister.

Spops are a small shrubby bush, with almost violently green leaves, with rich cherry-red, bell shaped fruits. The fruits taste varyingly sour or sweet, depending on if they’re picked when it’s overcast (sweet) or clear-skied (sour). Sometimes both the sweet and the sour berries are used in the making of fruit tarts, salads and syllabubs, for the delicate flavour that is the result of the mixing of the sweet and sour Spop fruit.

Send in childhood names for things which weren’t the things actual names!