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Why Catra Makes Me Cry

When Adora first left the Horde she told Catra she was leaving because the Horde was evil, did monstrous things to innocent people, and had been lying to them the whole time. And Catra responded, “what, you didn’t know?”.

And there’s so much to unpack there, but what really killed me was when I thought about why that was. Why was Catra so cynical when Adora bought the propaganda?

It’s because of how they were raised. Shadowweaver raised both of them abusively, but they got different flavors of abuse. Adora was the Golden Child and Catra was the Scapegoat. They were both abused, but Catra caught the brunt of the most violent abuse. She knew the Horde hurt innocent people because she was one of them.

And that puts a whole new twist on how angry Catra was when Adora wanted to leave. When Adora said “what the Horde is doing is wrong and we should leave because of it”, Catra’s response wasn’t really “you’re just learning the Horde hurts innocent people now?” it was, “it wasn’t enough to make you leave when they hurt me?”.

That’s why she’s so angry. From her perspective, Adora was willing to leave the Horde because of what they did to these random people they’d never met before. But she’d never offered to do the same for her.

Catra refused to go with Adora because, just by asking, she broke her heart.


No matter what path you take in life.

This is a scene that will resonate with a lot of viewers. We have all been in the position of telling loved ones that who we are, and what our goals are, don’t necessarily match up with who they think we are or what they expect of us. Sometimes, our loved ones do not react as we hoped. Other times, it takes them a while to understand. This is especially difficult when those loved ones are our parents.

I want to admit that this scene made me cry. I have had a conversation like this with my own parents more than once, and this scene has always been the result. But many people have not seen this conclusion, and others are afraid to have this type of conversation with their parents. No matter our experiences, we all need to see moments of self-affirmation and acceptance in the media. Scenes like this not only inspire children and older viewers to be their authentic selves, but also help create loving parents.

Thank you @dreamworksshera​ for this groundbreaking moment in animation.


LISTEN before the show aired I was thinking Beauty and the Beast but I watched s1 and was all “hmmmmmmm…”