Catradora fic where Catra and Adora grew up together and where best friends until Adora moved away at the beginning of freshman year maybe? And years later they meet again at a bookstore but Adora doesn’t recognize Catra and Catra makes it her goal to make Adora’s life hell for not remembering her but what Catra doesn’t know that Adora had been in a car accident and lost her memory and she’s recovering and trying to get her memories back and it’s just really hard for Adora bc this really pretty girl who caught her attention at the bookstore is just really mean to her for no apparent reason and she reminds her of home for some reason bc in the few memories she has she’s seen those mismatched eyes and they make her feel safe and happy but then Catra is mean to her and she’s just sad bc the only possible familiarity she has to her past is just a cute cruel girl who hates her guts. Months later Glimmer and Bow follow Adora to the bookstore to see where she’s been going bc they were worried about her and they notice Catra being mean to Adora so Glimmer starts arguing with Catra and Bow tries to get Adora out of the store and Catra then says something along the lines of “just bc you’re her new best friend doesn’t mean you know her better than I do. I grew up with her and she meant everything to me. To finally see her after all these years? That was a relief and then I find out she doesn’t even remember me? Yeah no that shit hurt like hell and now I’m just returning the favor” and then have Glimmer just stare at Catra and softly say “she lost her memory. She was in a car accident. A hit and run they said. She isn’t even supposed to be alive. Doctors called it a miracle. She didn’t even know who she was when she woke up! She didn’t forget you bc she wanted to. She doesn’t know anyone. Her parent took it hard. Apparently they had an argument and she went on a run to calm down. Next thing they know they’re getting a call from the police department telling them they’re daughter’s on her way to the hospital bc of some asshole who didn’t even stop to make sure she was ok after they hit her. They checked security cameras and it had been almost 2 hours before someone found her and called 911. They left her for dead and somehow she survived that. They don’t know when she’ll get her memory back. Or if she ever will. All I ask for you is to please let her be. She comes her bc of you. She remembers you she just doesn’t know it yet. She talks about your eyes a lot. She likes them. Told me she feels safe when you’re around bc of your eyes. She’s trying so hard to remember. Please don’t hurt her anymore. It’s not fair. Not to Adora. Not when it’s not her fault.” And than have Glimmer leave and Catra just stare after her while trying to stay calm until Scorpia finds her and asks her what happened and have Catra break down and explain how she had been an asshole to Adora bc Adora didn’t remember her and have her tell Scorpia everything that Glimmer told her and that she didn’t know what to do and then have Scorpia say “well the first thing you have to do is apologize to Adora. You didn’t know what happened and she doesn’t know you know her so apologize first and see how that goes. Then if you want you can take out those old photo albums your mom has and show her the pictures of you two together. See if that helps jog her memory a bit. Help her remember Catra. Bc something about the way Glimmer talked to you me makes me think that Adora never forgot you. And I don’t know about you but that sound like a very good thing. So talk to her Catra. You’ll regret it if you don’t.” And then have Catra talk with her mom about the albums and the next time she sees Adora she doesn’t say anything she just goes up to her with the albums and sits down next to her and just puts the albums in front of her and says “here. You can give them back next time you come if you want” and then just leaves and Adora is just confused and carefully gets one and opens it. She gasps as soon as she sees the pictures bc she knows those little girls!!!

She knows the blonde one is her. They’ve shown her pictures of when she was little. But the other girl she knows. It’s the one from her dreams!!! Or memories. She takes a picture out and a piece of paper falls out. She opens the letter and turns out Catra wrote down what happened in every picture. All pictures have papers inside explaining the story behind them. Her favorite is one of when they’re like 5 or 6 and they’re wearing ring pops. There’s two paper behind that one. A “marriage” certificate signed by both of them and the letter. Apparently Adora had proposed to Catra bc she was her very best friend and she wanted to be with her together forever and she knew that mommy and daddy were together forever bc they were married so she and Catra had to get married. She looked through half the album before they told her they were closing. She asked for a bag to put the albums and went home. She looked through the albums for days before she went back to the bookstore in hopes to see Catra and give them back. She wasn’t expecting to see her right away tho, but the moment she did she gave back the albums and apologized for forgetting her. Catra just stared at her like she was crazy. “Why are you apologizing for? I was the one who was an asshole to you not the other way around. If it wasn’t bc of your glitter friend I would probably still be an asshole to you right now but she told me what happened and I’m so sorry Adora. I honestly thought you just didn’t remember me bc of how long it has been since we had seen each other. I know that’s no excuse but that’s all I can say to you. I hope these helped a little bit at least.” And then she turns to leave but Adora grabs her hand and asks her if they could maybe meet up and stay in touch and Catra says that she’d like that and they meet up every once in a while just to talk and Adora would ask her if they did something that she dreamed about and Adora would get really excited when Catra said yes and Catra would just get the softest smile when that happened and whenever they’re texting they would both get the softest smile and literally everyone knew that they were crushing on each other and omg please someone write this I can’t 😭😭😭😭


this screenshot kind of looks like catra and scorpia are playing DnD and catra is the dungeonmaster and shes getting frustrated with scorpia because making your character hug every other player whenever your turn comes up isn’t how you play the game

Glimmer: Can I kiss you?

Adora: I mean like, you’re at eye-level with my clavicle, so if you got a stepping stool or something then yeah you might be able to reach but it’d probably be faster if I just bent down


Adora: … you meant ‘can’ as in ‘may I’, didn’t you

Glimmer: Yes, and I plan on climbing you like a fucking tree thank you very much