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H A P P Y  late  H A L L O W E E N ! ! !

first of all ignore the fact that it’s a full moon,,, i didnt know what other background to add and this really good night sky looked perfect s  o , , ,

HEYO SORRY FOR THE INACTIVITY!! despite that, Cat and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for still being here! It really means a lot that so many people like this AU and are still following it’s development,,,,


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I had my biochemistry final today :.D last final of the semester! One more semester left… WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? Oh well, 3 weeks off to figure it out.

If any of you guys need help in general chemistry I or II (acid/base chemistry, titrations, buffers, electrochemistry), genetics, organic chemistry I or II, and biochemistry I have time off to help out! My inbox is EMPTY. Perhaps it’s because it’s scary WHEN I USE ALL CAPS. I swear ITS BECAUSE IM JUST EXCITED ALL. THE. TIME. LET’S GET SpOoooOOooPy. spooky / spoopy IN DECEMBER HECK YEAS.

truckstopfistfight  asked:

Have you done a RP on nakano takeko? She's a female samurai and she's really badass. Just wondering! Love your work btw!

I haven’t yet! She’s on the list though. If you want entries on onna bugeisha, you could check out my entries on Masako Hojo and Tsuruhime Ohori. Other cool ones on my list, to get to when I have time:

  • Tomoe Gozen
  • Hangaku Gozen
  • Yaeko Yamamoto (gunnery expert!)
  • Empress Jingu (who was made up to legitimate the invasion of Korea, but a fascinating story regardless)
  • Empress Himiko (more priestess than warrior; likely partial basis for Jingu legend)
  • Hacchoutsubete Yatsushiro (fictional, never been able to find much on her; I just know she rode a battle wolf into war while pregnant)
  • Sasaki Rui
  • Koman
  • Komatsuhime
  • Kiyohime (fictional, but turns into a dragon, so that’s cool)
  • Takiyashahime (who’s a ghost, and spoopy as heck)
  • Kaihime Narita (unsure if she’s fictional or not)
  • Nohime (Nobunaga’s double-agent spy consort)
  • Hashihime (husband cheats, she becomes demon who assaults people on bridges, name literally means “bridge princess”)

(I’ve here defaulted to the English convention of the surname coming second – so Hojo is the family name, Masako is the given name. With Hacchoutsubete, I’m not sure which one is the surname.)

They actually did a drama with Yaeko Yamamoto in it a little bit ago. This is how she was represented:

…although this is (I believe) what she looked like in real life:

@therealjacksepticeye i need u to please voice a dark/scary character in a movie or a game or something please. listen, here me out okay? u do great voices for let’s plays & your voices for the evil or scary or dark characters are always kick ass & amazing & on point. then, we know u can be spoopy as heck bc of your incredible portrayal of he-who-we-shall-not-name in october. i need u to either get urself in an actual movie as a dark scary character or voice a movie or game character that’s dark and scary and possibly evil okay? this isn’t a request, jack. u gotta do this. okay? these talents of urs are too large and great to be wasted and not used okay? thank u, my dude. much love xo !