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I was tagged by: @lukethmos

Name: Dino

Birthday:  27.04.

Gender: m

Sexuality:  debatable

Relationship status: single

Zodiac sign: taurus

Siblings:  one brother

Favourite colour: ones between 400-700nm

Pets: dog named Bongo

Favourite bands/artists: oh my…. skunk anansie, editors, chet faker, max frost,…. 

Sleep: yes, all the time, i love sleep

Type of phone: samsung galaxy s3 mini

Love or lust: yes

Lemonade or Ice Tea: tea

Cats or dogs: yes

Few best friends or lots of casual friends: i got both

Coke or Pepsi: schweppes

Day or night: night

Text or call: i never call anyone, ever

Makeup or natural: w/e

Ever met a celebrity:  idk, several writers maybe. don’t meet your heroes

Spoons or forks: spooooooons

Truth or dare: truth

Pronounce caramel like “car-a-mel” or “car-mel”: car-a-mel

Smile or eyes: yes

Light or dark hair: dark :3

Shorter or taller: taller

Intelligence or appearance: yes

What colour shirt are you wearing: black green striped

Musical instrument you play: none

City or country: city

Last song you listened to: the weeknd - can’t feel my face

Last book you read: currently reading The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson =)

Favourite old song: idk

Favourite TV Show: Sense 8, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Gotham, Modern Family,.. 

Favourite animal:  whales, foxes,… basically anything that has 4 or less legs

Interests/hobbies: i’m a chemist kinda ( i have a degree that says so )

Cool pillow or warm pillow: cool

Favorite scary movie: the room

Any piercings/tattoos: someday a tattoo would be nice