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Electrical Violations

(Submitted by MossFlowers on Deviantart)

Greg was excited. There wasn’t a whole lot going on in his ordinary human life, but any day he got to engage his passion for music was a good day. This piece was a tricky one, with a lot of interplay between high guitar melodies and bass accents, but Vidalia had agreed to take on the role of bassist and he was looking forward to doing something besides fruitlessly searching for a job.

The only thing yet to fall into place was the video, but he had an idea for that too.

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I don’t find the spoilers as agonising as everyone does. I may be heartless - even though I cry my eyes out very easily - but this piece of puzzle kind of explains everything. If you think about it, it makes sense. It was the worst choice someone could make someone to do and Gintoki made it. But what could he do? He was helpless and so were all of them.

It’s not the event that makes me cry and it’s not the ninja that cuts onios either. It’s the idea itself.

The fact that Gintoki lived until now with this burden, laughed, cried and fought with all his might, not losing his power to love and his compassion while this event kept replying everytime he was alone, now that’s agonising indeed.

Yuri on ice ep 9 (part 1) SPOILER SPOILERS SPOOOILERS

 I’ll talk about anything BUT victuri in this:

-Okay, I have to admit that my first impression of Michele wasn’t good  but this episode made me adore him. His love wasn’t too creepy and he’s monologue during his routine was… sweet actually? He’ll get better, Sara^^!  As an Italian fan, I’m not disappointed!!! 

- I’m sad for Seong Gil Lee. He was rude but not a bad guy… his  expressionless-man-facade cracked.

-Yurio SMILING AT Yuri and CHEERING ON him! and talking about his grandpa! Love this kid! His costume cound have been better though -.-…

-Emile Nekola! that was a good song! And a cool idea! I’m still wondering about which Crispino he’s hitting on! (probably both XD)

- Pichit made it! PICHIT MADE IT!!!