spoony's experiment

First breakthrough seizure: “Oh my god. Oh shit. GUYS IM GOING TO HAVE A SEIZURE! WTF!!! HELP!!”

Fifth breakthrough seizure: “Woah, okay. Sorry, I just gotta sit down a sec,”

Fiftieth breakthrough seizure: “Yeah, hold that thought- brb,” *seizes* “K, back. What were you saying?”

Even if you’re friends with a mouse

Invisible Disability Experience #101:

A CAST MEMBER at Disney implied I was faking using MY OWN WHEELCHAIR once, when I was laughing about something my friend said as he pushed (you can’t laugh when you’re in a wheelchair, you should always be sad or you’re faking) and he mockingly laughed back at me and said:

“Oh, and in another few minutes he [friend pushing me] gets a turn to ride right?” And walked away from me.

Honestly that story reflects the OPPOSITE of the disability service I generally experience at Disney, but true story.

Funny experience, keep thinking about it n gotta share:
I’m on a megabus rn, and brought my wheelchair with me to put under the bus. After the usual debate if I can make it to my seat (I can) I go to take apart my chair for it to fit better under the bus. So I get up and pop the wheels off, and there is a LOUD audible gasp from the other bus passengers and bus workers. And when I fold the back down another loud ohhhh! Like its this amazing magic trick. It was sooooo funny I just giggled and hobbled to my seat. Abled people are so damn silly

Fun Fact:

If men experienced chronic pain at the disproportionate rates women do, pain would be well-medicated and sufferers would be praised, possibly even lionized. If the majority of pain patients were men, there would be more research and less hand-wringing. 

That’s not to say that men with chronic pain have it easy; rather, that our perception of women has shaped our perception and treatment of the illnesses that women tend to get.

Since it’s mostly women, it’s just “in our heads” and “can’t be that bad.” Funny how that works, isn’t it?


I am the one man Pollo appreciation squad

People forget about his existence all the time. I like to try to imagine what he’s up to when people just sort of write him out of whatever’s happening. Oh man, we’re all gonna die? Don’t mind me I’m almost done downloading ROM hacks directly into my body. 

(Also of course that’s a phone of course I can draw phones)