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That last Talks Machina episode when Laura played with Taliesin’s hair and he just.. fucking… insta-puppied and had the most content expression I’ve seen on a human being’s face got me thinking.

Percy laying on Vex’s chest, after, all of his long limbs tangled up around her, and she’s slowly stroking his hair. That’s it.

For low spoons days:
  • Play/spend time with your crystals! Just sit or lay and hold them.
  • Draw sigils. Don’t charge them because it takes energy but you can sketch as many as you want for future use.
  • If you can manage to be outside, soaking up the sun is a good way to energize yourself and your very own magical potential.
  • Similarly to the above suggestion, put out things you want to charge in the sun or the moon!
  • Listen to audiobooks relating to witchcraft in any way or guided meditations.
  • My favourite: take an astral nap. Basically, make yourself as comfortable as possible in your bed (I love making a nest out of blankets and curling up in it with my cats), listen to music if you want, and imagine a safe sanctuary where you can invite in friendly spirits and entities. I usually fall asleep at that point and fully go into this sanctuary, like a dream. Spend some time with your deities if you have any!

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Charbo, hi. What secret useless talent do you have? Handstand? Play the spoons?

Oh my god this is the best question ever. Can I list a few?

- Reaching the top shelf / changing light bulbs without a ladder. Hashtag 6′1″.

- Obsessing over any slightly annoying noise within a one mile radius.

- Exaggerating.

- Recognizing voice actors and faces. I am pretty great at the ‘where the fuck have I seen / heard that person before?’ game.

- Telling anyone and everyone trying to swallow a pill by tilting their head back ‘chin to chest’. CHIN TO CHEST PEOPLE. 

- Contemplating my mortality on a weekly basis but not letting that existential dread set in.  

Tell me yours guys. This is fun. 

the curious incident of the dog in the night-time review

Okay right off the bat I want to say this play was so different form others that I’ve seen. To show you here is the opening stage!

So this whole grid paper design was the whole stage. The grids opened up like cubby holes and had props in it such as trees, a train set, houses, big ben, and the London Eye (the ferris wheel in London). 

Through the play it switched from him and other characters talking to his teacher reading his book. Towards the middle of the play it actually transitions to a play within a play. Just like how the book is telling the story of Christoper’s book.

At the beginning of the play it opens up with an intense strobe lights directly on Wellington. So that is a warning to people who have visual sensory overloads/ epilepsy of any kind. (I have problems with visual stimulus so I had to look away and my friend would tap my arm to let me know it was okay to look again.) 

This happens a few other times like on the train to London. Most were the backlights during representations of sensory overload. There were loud noises as well and Benjamin Wheelwright who played Christoper did a wonderful representation of having a meltdown or a sensory overload (which happens many times in the play) as well as stimming (which made me stim when I saw it!) 

Overall the play was wonderful un like any other I’ve seen. The way they used the stage to show his overloads was incredible and even used them for him to draw on like a smartboard. 

I would recommend this to anyone who is autistic or is just interested in learning more about this play! I would always suggest reading the book! It’s only a couple dollars on amazon or you might just read it in a high school English class which is where I first read it!

I’ll be making another post of the pictures we took from the play!

This is probably my most playful smut yet, and I was giggling the entire time I wrote it. I hope you guys love it.

Jin’s breath became heavier as he began to fall asleep. You were playing little spoon, he had one arm under your head, and the other wrapped firmly around your waist. His breath on your neck was driving chills down your body, making it impossible to think of anything besides the growing wetness between your thighs. Shuffling sounds in the bed next to Jin’s snapped you back to reality, and you remembered Suga was sleeping just feet away.

Jin let out a small sigh, and shifted slightly, bringing his hand to rest on your hip. You smirked, intertwined your fingers on top of his, and used both of your hands to push your butt into him in a slow and hard motion. You imagined his eyes shooting open when he gripped your hip harshly. “Y/N” he whispered “Stop!”

You pressed your face into your pillow to muffle a sheepish giggle. “Oppa… You’ve been breathing down my neck for the last half hour..” you slowly guided his hand into your pajama pants, “Im so wet..” Jin let out a half sigh, half choke, and swiftly pulled his hand out your pants. “You’re not wearing underwear!” he was trying to whisper, but shock got the best of him. You closed your mouth tight to try to stop from giggling again, and let out a breathy “shhhh,” before slowly rolling over. “Suga is sleeping!” you whispered, before kissing Jin, gently nipping his bottom lip as you pulled away.

“Jagi-yah. Let’s go shower?“  Jin kissed you again, needy and full of lust, but you shook your head. “This is more fun,” you put your leg over him, and rolled your hips into him. You could feel how hard he was through his boxers. He grabbed your hip roughly once again to stop your tormenting behavior. “Babe! We can’t…” His tone was serious, but you couldn’t help but smirk at how adorable he was when he was trying to be stern, and quiet.

“Oppa,” you leaned up right next to his ear “we can just pull our pants down a tiny bit, I know you want to feel how wet I am when you’re inside me.” You bit his earlobe before placing a gentle kiss on his neck, and rolling your hips against his once more, this time at an antagonizing slow pace. “Shit, Y/N,” was all he could mutter before you slid your hand in his boxers and pulled his dick out of the top of them. You gave his member a firm squeeze, and his fingers dug into you momentarily, before he pulled your pants down just enough to reveal your throbbing heat.

“We’re really doing this..?” he whispered as he grabbed your ass, and sighed. You guided his cock to your heat, and rubbed it slowly against your wet entrance, before stopping. “No Oppa, its okay.. We don’t have to..” He grabbed your wrist as your let go of his shaft, and you let out another small giggle. Jin grunted softly before kissing you, “you’ll be the death of me baby, I swear.” He kissed you again, and pushed his hips towards yours, slowly slipping inside of you. You let out a partial moan that was muffled by Jin’s hand quickly covering your mouth. “Shhhh!”

Jin was in total control now with his hand over your mouth, and his dick pulsing inside of you as he slowly thrust into you, each time going deeper. Your leg wrapped tightly around him, and your toes curled in ungodly ways. He quickened his pace, and as he was about to let out a moan, he grabbed ahold of your hair and pulled you in hard for a kiss.

You both tangled your hands in each others hair, trying with every fiber of your being to be quiet, and as your stomach began knotting, and fluttering you bit Jin’s lip, and barely gasped his name. Before you could utter another word you were cumming around him. Your nails dug into his shoulders as you let out a short but very high pitched squeak. You threw your face into his chest to muffle your heavy breathing, and you both froze, almost sure the sound must’ve woken Suga.

After no noise or sudden movements from his side of the room you whispered to Jin “Oppa… Are you close?” He simply nodded and began kissing your jaw down to your neck. His thrusts became harder, and you bit your lip to keep yourself quiet. Jin bit your neck so hard you gasped, and you felt his release inside of you. You both laid there silently, wrapped up in each other letting your breathing calm.

Your stomach sunk as you heard a tired and raspy voice, “are you two fucking?” Your eyes grew wide, and you clutched on to Jin, unsure if you should answer, especially since he was still inside of you. Suddenly Jin spoke out “N-No. She had a nightmare! Sorry if we woke you. She was really scared..” You almost started giggling but instead gave a dramatic sniff, as if you were crying. “Sorry Suga.. I’m shook. I think I should go shower to calm down..” Your voice was anything, but convincing.

You moved upward to kiss Jin, in a stealthy manner pulled your pants back up as you were climbing out of bed, and headed for the shower. As soon as you closed the door you let out a subtle sigh, and tried not to giggle as you heard Suga say, “you guys we’re totally fucking!” Jin erupted with laughter, and quickly met you outside the door. He kissed you hard as he led you to the shower, “You’re in so much trouble Y/N.”

Okay but look how beautiful she is in her little queen dress she’s been living in for like 3 days :) Each dress she wears she drinks from the matching color cup, eats from the matching color spoon, plays with the matching color play dough, and requests the same color for everything throughout the day.

She has to stay up until midnight so she’ll be able to sleep and not have any food, water, or milk for four hours before the surgery. Thats going to be the hardest part you know? Telling her that she can’t have water when she’s thirsty, I’m not looking forward to that. I’m scared for her before they put her under, they have to take her to the room without me and she’s not going to be able to understand that, being taken to another room with a bunch of strangers without me.

For everyone that is asking they believe she has Dentinogenesis Imperfecta or some form of genetic mutation with her teeth that causes them to be brittle. No testing until after surgery. Her enamel came off of her teeth right after they came in, like a chocolate candy shell. I noticed the decay in her front teeth right away, but because of her age the dentist at the time told me nothing could be done and gave me fluoride drops. The decay is now so severe that she has an abscess, that has now been identified as a staph infection (as of Monday). They needed to be sure that her fever was gone before they were able to put her under. They are removing four of her teeth, filling and crowning the rest, and sealing all of her baby teeth. She will be asleep for all of this, but her infection and medical problems really complicate this. Her teeth are worn down to the point you can’t even see anything, and she has been fighting this infection for months, unable to eat, resistant to even drink. It’s been a battle, and also a surprise. No one had any idea she was under this amount of pain or that the decay was this severe and this quick until her yearly dental exam.

Between this and the court battle for custody of our eldest son that is going to finally come to an end for or oldest in December, we could just use lots of prayers, any you can spare. I haven’t slept more than 2 hours a day for about 2 and a half months because of the pain Portia is in.

Desperate for graces, and thanks everyone for the prayers, it means so much! This advent is going to be very special for us this year I think, I’m already ready for Christ to come in Christmas and for us to experience the joy at the end of all our sufferings, and that’s pretty much what I focus on every day to get through each day. I know we are all having our little seasons of sufferings, but at the end of these seasons is that peace and joy we are preparing for, you know?!

But for now, look at how beautiful she is! What a joy she is in our lives!!!

cute domestic phan things:

one of them sneaking up behind the other in the kitchen and wrapping their arms around them

dan seeing phil laying tummy down on his bed and he  goes to lie on top of him

phil trying to get dan’s attention but when dan doesn’t listen he grabs his laptop and just plops onto his lap

dan trying to get phil’s attention by whining “phiiiww”

phil trying to get dan’s attention by poking him in the face… repeatedly

phil catching dan doing the heart eyes

dan catching phil doing the love yes

they take sneaky photos of each other and show each other when they’re lying in bed

whoever’s the little spoon playing with the hands and fingers of the one whose arms are wrapped around them

trying to get jumin’s route

when ur in love with seven

n u have to be a douche 2 him





Things no one told me I’d see at Newsies on tour
  • andy richardson needs more appreciation and recognition!!!
  • joey barreiro looks and acts like his character so much he just IS jack 
  • actually the entire cast is so amazing i can’t say enough about them
  • race had a much larger role than i realized
  • kaitlyn frank, one of katherine’s understudies, performed as katherine and SHE WAS AMAZING
  • newsies and katherine playing the spoons???
  • romeo is pRECIOUS
  • stephen michael langton looks oddly similar to ben fankhauser 
  • spot’s arms are HUGE
  • all the newsies are very skilled at tossing stacks of papers to each other up and down staircases
  • jack kelly cosplayers!
  • newsies yelling “Atta boy, Jack!” when he kisses katherine in the finale
  • newsies dabbing at the end of the finale

Playing piano on set

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I have three little ghost friends. Rosa, Walter and Dylan. Dylan likes to screw around with my books and put them in random places after he is done looking at them. Walter is in love with honey and seems to want me to drink a whole jar. Rosa is kinda the derpy one and enjoys playing with spoons and playing with my cat.

Awww, they sound lovely! <3

The signs at a debate tournament
  • Aquarius: doing homework
  • Pisces: flirting with the people from other schools
  • Aries: having a panic attack and drinking excess amounts of coffee
  • Taurus: playing spoons or cards
  • Gemini: eating cup noodles
  • Cancer: desperately searching for an outlet plug
  • Leo: trying to fix their outfit last minute in the bathroom
  • Virgo: knocked out asleep in the corner
  • Libra: online shopping
  • Scorpio: talking shit about a team from a distance
  • Sagittarius: complaining probably
  • Capricorn: listening to Sagittarius complain

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Can you do if dating soda cuddling head cannon

Dating Soda with Cuddles:

-Him randomly cuddling you at any given time

-He wants to be big spoon

-Plays with your hair

-Probably smells your hair

-Likes to draw shapes on your stomach

-He laughs if you’re ticklish and it makes you squirm but he won’t let you go so it becomes a tickle fight

-Probably intertwining the legs

-He likes to kiss your neck if he’s in a mood

-You two probably have soft little conversations