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Secret admirer au where herc sends laf love poems

g a r b a g e

omg okay but what if he also starts knitting them shit? and like its really cute plushies or scarves or a hat - “noticed you were cold the other day” or something and laf is totally smitten 

and then the squad is all at herc’s dorm one day without laf and they are just hanging out and some how they all see and find out that herc knits and it takes them a few seconds before they are like h ER C HOLY SHIT

and he’s like what i have no ide a pf why would i ever [sweats nervously]

This is my life on the daily!! 

There is never a happy medium when you have IBD, you’re either weak from malnutrition because your body wont absorb anything or you’re mad bloated from that tiny bit of gluten you ate. #thatspoonielife

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I don't want to sound stupid but I need to ask this. I see posts talking about using spoons and I think I know what it means but I was just wondering if you could explain what that means. Thanks!

Of course!

Spoons are a metaphor for energy that chronically/mentally ill and disabled people use to explain how draining things are for them. So if someone says that an activity used up all of their spoons, it means that it took all of their energy to do that thing and now they need to rest.

Spoon theory is what this is based on, and the wiki page describes it in more detail.