spooning couple

Being forced to share a bed au's

(OTP that’s not yet together/haven’t acknowledged their feelings for each other)

- building a wall of pillows between them
- they still wake up tangled in each other anyway
- person A calms person B down when they wake up gasping
- person A soothing them by stroking their hair and forehead till they fall asleep in their arms
- person A keeps snoring and person B kicks them every time
- person A hogs all the covers and person B’s solution is to spoon them
- the two of them smelling of each other when they wake up
- the pair acting like the intimacy they shared at night never happened the next day

MAPPA Representative Director: “Victor’s heart has been taken by Yuuri.”

As regards Maru-san’s post Yuri! on Ice in the December Issue Spoon.2Di.

When asked about the highlight of  「ユーリ!!! on ICE」episode 3, Ootsuka Manabu-san (MAPPA Representative Director/President) says: “Of course the two Yuri(s) -‘Onsen on ICE’- competition would be the no.1 highlight in this episode. Although in the previous episode, the two were particularly bewildered about the images which are totally opposite to their own characteristics, I think that this point makes them become really attractive when it comes to the performance…“

VICTOR’S HEART HAS BEEN TAKEN BY YUURI; although the result is that Yurio couldn’t win, I think he had given all his best in his performance.“

In addition, he also states that personally, he thinks Yurio and Yuko relationship is really ‘kawaii’, especially when Yuko gets nosebleed after seeing Yurio in the Agape costumes. Other highlight scenes are: waterfall scene, temple scene, and even the scene when Yurio teaches Yuuri how to land a quadruple jump… He thinks the relationship between Yuuri and Yurio is so interesting, especially when the two who are called ‘rivals’ before are gradually getting close to each other…


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bed sharing au’s bc who doesnt like their otp sharing a small intimate warm and cosy place:

  • ‘you’re staying with us while your mum’s away and every night you sleep walk into my bed and i can’t bring myself to kick you out because you’re adorable as all hECk and i’ve never slept so good’ au
  • ‘we’re roommates and we’ve barely interacted so far but one night there’s a thunderstorm and i’m a serious astraphobic and come into your room shaking bc i dont know what else to do and you lull me to sleep by stroking my hair and softly ranting about niccolo machiavelli’ au
  • ‘we’re on a roadtrip with some friends and we have to share a hotel room and there’s only one bed and a whole lot of sexual tension’ au
  • ‘you’re pretending to be my significant other so my mum gets off my case only she’s assuming we’re going to be sleeping in the same bed together oh dear’ au
  • ‘i offer you my bed to sleep in bc our respective roommates are getting it on in your room and take the sofa to sleep on only i wake up back in my bed with your tiny body wrapped around me and damn me if it isn’t the cutest thing i’ve ever seen’ au
  • ‘we’re stuck in a log cabin overnight during a snowstorm bc of some stupid school team building exercise and it’s freEzing and I can’t sleep and you can hear me shivering in the next bed so you pick me up and dump in your bed and good grief you are hot in every sense of the word’ au
  • ‘my roommate told you to crash in her room during a party that you’re not really in the mood for but you end up in my bed bc she’d switched the room signs over that morning so people would stop having sex in her room only now the party’s over and i can’t bring myself to kick you out bc you look so peaceful and cute and also bc people are sTiLl having sex in her room so i climb into the bed with you and man you smell so. good.’ au

It’s winter so here’s my “winter time cuddle buddy” application form:

-must like cuddles
-makes good coffee/tea/hot chocolate
-wears big hoodies/sweaters
-lets me wear their hoodies/sweaters
-likes watching movies all day
-has a netflix account we can use
-has a lit spotify playlist
-oh and is happy to kiss for like 75% of the time.


Scorpio & Aquarius
  • Scorpio, laying next to Aquarius, enjoying being the little spoon, almost asleep:
  • Aquarius, takes a photo of the both of them together:
  • Scorpio, grabs her phone & shoves it in his shirt: Post that shit on Instagram and I'm posting the picture of you shitting in a Applebee's parking lot
  • Aquarius, raises an eyebrow: I'm willing to take that chance