spoonbridge and cherry

One of the recent homework assignments from my visual journaling class at ArtiCulture was to make a page about place.

The only map I had with my neighborhood on it was last year’s schedule for “Music and Movies in the Parks”… Oh well. :)

Make this place your home. -Phillip Phillips, “Home”

I know a place where the sheep count humans. We speak our minds but it never hurts feelings. And at night we can watch ourselves dreaming.” -Cloud Cult, “A Place”

Love Minneapolis’ Spoonbridge and Cherry? Now you can eat it

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden by scarfing an edible replica of the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture at Gather by D'Amico at Walker Art Center.

The dessert is available through the summer as a special item on the menu and includes a chocolate mousse dome on a chocolate shortbread, a chocolate almond cake filled with cherry cheesecake and a bittersweet-chocolate tart drizzled with cherry compote.

To finish it, a marzipan cherry is perched atop a spoon made of molded chocolate.

via TwinCities.com


Fondly known as the ‘giant spoon and cherry situation’ by locals, this super-size sculpture was created by pop artist Claes Oldenburg in collaboration with his wife and artistic collaborator, Coosje van Bruggen.

Commissioned as a centrepiece for the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, 'Spoonbridge and Cherry’ remained on-location from 1985-1988. The namesake cherry weighed 545 kilos and would turn glaceed with snow during the winter months.

Above is the mother of Carol Litchterman (a chartered member of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden), Sylvie, posing at the opening of the Garden, 1988. After the photo was taken, Sylvie said, “All of a sudden I feel like having an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top!” and proposed that she and her daughter skip their planned lunch and go straight to dessert. Image courtesy of The Walker Art Center.


Pages from my art journal about the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The first page contains the lyrics from Semisonic’s song “Sculpture Garden” - I originally planned to write them on the collage, but I totally collaged myself out of space there. Whoops! :D

(There are a couple of great references in that song that you might not catch if you aren’t from the Twin Cities. The first is “underneath the cherry moon”, which refers to Prince’s film Under the Cherry Moon (as well as to Spoonbridge and Cherry). The second is “we could join the fabled few”, which refers to Spoonbridge and Cherry getting rated as “the best place for public sex in the Twin Cities” once upon a time.)

The second page is the collage - pictures and text are mostly from various local publications, with a cut-up postcard and some sparkly gel pen for fun.