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What about spooning with 2D? Would it get a lil heated after a bit? 😉💕

2D / Stuart Pot:

You were watching movies with the guys. You laid with 2D, honestly you were getting bored so you turned to face his chest and start drawing circles with your fingers, you started in his belly to move to his neck. You were tickling him to get some attention but he just giggled a little. But you want to win so you start kissing his chest to end up in his neck. You felt his face getting red, you decided to go further. You kissed, licked and bitted that special spot. That was all, you won. He yawned and said “guys I’m tire’, let’s go Y/N”.

Almost running he took you in the room and he said “here’s mah’ revenge, love” as he started working on a hickey. When you started moaning a little he said “nah, I couldn’t moah’ downstairs so be quie’ love”.

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the band with a big spoon s/o?

mmm this is the reason i started this blog
-he absolutely loves it, especially when you run your hand up and down his frame. he’s willing to take more shit from murdoc just to lay there with your arm around him and your head beside his, feeling your chest rise on his back when you breath.

-it takes some getting used to, but eventually, he’s all over it, can’t get enough. no matter how much he’d deny it, he’s a sucker for cuddles after sex when he really cares about someone.

-she’s more of a baby spoon when you take the dominant role, facing you with her head laying against your chest and your arm around her, resting below her shoulder blades. 

-he’s definitely up for it, especially in times when he’s in need of comforting (which, let’s be honest, has to be pretty often). it’s pretty soothing, especially with your leg wrapped around him for extra support. 

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Idk if you meant the angsty one or the cute one so I’ll do both

“do they have a lot of arguments? if so, over what?”

No, they really don’t.

They both love each other and put a lot of work and thought into the relationship and on top of that they are both non-confrontational so instead of having a ton of little fights they have a few giant fights.

Not exactly as healthy as they can be but they’re working on it

“How do they fall asleep? Wake up? Any daily rituals?”

Russel is big spoon 2D is little spoon but sometimes they mix it up 

They both have sleeping problems though so a lot times they comfort each at night instead of sleeping

Russel wakes up really early and sometimes just stays in bed to cuddle and enjoy 2D being comfortable and happy but he also makes breakfast for them when he wakes up

They have a nightly rant for each of them to let off steam, they like to have meals together, and they try to dance together at least once a day 

Thank you I love doing asks 

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2D spooning is probably more like a koala cling or something just because he has so much arm and leg that he has to figure out something to do with them so he just wraps all of himself around you and buries his face just below the back of your neck and there is no escaping but it's okay because youre spooning with this awkward gangly koala of a man

you dont even need a blanket tbh because hes just so warm and so utterly all over you. he is like a human cover who you cant physically remove without elbowing him in the side a few times.