spoon dessert recipes


🎂simple, budget friendly vegan cake🎂

-boxed cake mix. Just check the ingredients for dairy but most are safe
-frosting. Same as the cake mix, just check the ingredients label but most are safe
-12 oz any flavored carbonated soda (I used a&w vanilla cream soda)

Mix the cake mix and 12 oz of soda. The soda replaces the water, oil, and eggs. then just follow the instructions on the box! This makes a much fluffier cake than using applesauce as an egg replacer.

Cake Mix Cookies

With the holiday season almost over, a lot of things go on sale, like cake mix. There’s a way to make cookies with the mix without all the measuring or the cake pans or the long wait. It’s a three (3) spoon recipe.


Cookie sheet (sheet of aluminum foil will also work)
Parchment paper (optional, but you don’t have to wash the cookie sheet afterwards and the paper can be used again)


One (1) box of cake mix
Two (2) eggs
One half (½) cup of vegetable oil or peanut butter if you have more spoons for stirring.


-Put oven on 350. 

-Optional: Put parchment paper on cookie sheet. 

- Dump cake mix into the bowl. 

-Crack and add eggs and oil. 

-Stir with spoon until wet. Little dry clumps are fine.

- Put spoons of mix on the sheet. 9-12 can fit, and if they are tiny they bake faster and will be more like 15-18.

-If tiny, cookies will be 6 minutes. If bigger (bottom of tin can size), it can take up to 12 minutes if you like soft cookies, and 14 if you like hard cookies. 

-Take out of oven/turn oven off. 

-In another five minutes, the cookies are ready to eat.

They store well and taste good. Hope you enjoy!

–Mod Jacob