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A man in a magical place who get really uncomfortable when he realizes his spoon is alive



My wife and I were served spoonbread as a free appetizer while we were eating at a historical restaurant in Gettysburg, PA this summer. She loved it so much, I was determined to look it up and learn to make it for her forever and ever.

Thankfully, Leite’s Culinaria came to my rescue with an awesome and easy to follow recipe. This particular recipe gave me a more solid product than the very pudding-y stuff we enjoyed in Gettysburg, so maybe the 35 minute cook time is a bit much? Experiment! This dish is kind of a blank slate, waiting to be complimented.

Here to help us is Parsley the French Bulldog, a creation of @sewgoods. She may have difficulty holding a spoon, but she was willing to flex her little muscles and spoon out that spoonbread for all of you!

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