Ok i think one of my profs might be a wizard or something. His office is in the basement of simard and i was hanging out next to it and took the elevator to go to his class that started in 5 minutes (5 floors higher). as i walked in front of his office, he was still in it. As i walked into class, he was walking out of it and almost bumped into me. like either he sprinted up the stairs as soon as i passed his office or hes been using some magic

tenhighschools asked:

“You got that from the chick always doing selfies?”


     well… i mean, LOOK AT HER. she
     lost her sister and she’s on the news
     totally fine about it. i’m calling it right
     now, babe— she’s the murderer. ❞
     god bless their   little   investigation
marathons. who’da’ thought
     the chick always taking selfies would
     have murdered her sister?