turiantea  asked:

You've probably been asked this before, but do you have any particular Tokka fic suggestions? I find it really hard to scope out any on AO3 or FFnet.


I have a ton…! 

I’m currently in the process of reading my friend 3holmes fanfiction “Choices”. It’s a work in progress! Her characterization of young adult Sokka and Toph are so spot on what I imagine in my head!

My wifey Liz ( superliz6 ) wrote an amazing story “The Push and Pull”It’s also a WIP, but OMG SO SO WORTH THE READ! ITS AMAZING! <3

OMG if you’re into smut go see madameatomicbomb

Really theirs so many good stories out there. My bookmarks are filled with them! If you go on fanfiction.net dont click the ‘pairing’ tab when filtering… it excludes a lot of fic that existed before that tab did! I always like to go back and read them from years ago!! (pre korra days when there were endless possibilities)