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ooo: Where are you moving to?? (psst- move over here!)

That’s too far awayyy! :c

I’m staying in Berlin, just about an hour or so away from where I am now. Honestly, I have too many ties here to move away already!

It’s a small first-apartment kind of thing and it won’t really be mine. It’s like, a ‘supervised living’ type of deal. So an organization rents the place and handles the rent with the money I get from my father and stuff, but I live there and learn to do the whole gas and electricity stuff and get to live alone and stuff.

I’m just really excited because I know moving is a whole lot of trouble but it also sounds very exciting??? And I already have so much furniture that there won’t be much new to it, but it still feels like a fresh start! And I can’t wait designing the rooms and stuff! ;u; I’m used to having my one room to think about, but now I get to design the living room too. And the hallway. And the kitchen and the bathroom and it’s all mine. The bedroom is my room. And the living room is my room. I’m really giddy fsfdjsdfj