I think what I value most in friendships is honesty. I hate the feeling that my friend has some problem with me but is pretending it’s okay. My moirail straight up tells me when I’m being a bitch, and even though it hurts my enormous ego, I appreciate it. It’s one of the biggest reasons why she’s my best friend. She’s just really fucking honest, even when the truth hurts.

I wish more people could be like that, instead of tiptoeing around me like I’m a piece of glass. Trust me, you probably won’t hurt my feelings that bad. I’m probably too narcissistic for that.

Mayday Parade (10/31/13

ok so I was a lazy shit and this is uber late but this was such a rad concert I saw Mayday parade, and Man Overboard and some other openers (cartel, stages and stereos)
I really didn’t enjoy Man Overboards I don’t like the whine in the leads voice and I felt like they were trying to soudlike blink 182 and where failing miserably the only song I really liked was this song called Love your friends and die laughing I think I like it cause its acoustic and the leads voice doesn’t clash with the whine of the guitars and the beats good. Mayday was the last act and I came for them so I kinda lost as soon as they came on stage. they came out in these rediculous onesies and covered the stage with these giant teddy bears. I was right in front of brooks and alex the whole time and I couldn’t stop screaming. My friend told me afterwards that she said I sounded possessed. I cried during miserable at best and I sang along to all the words in every song and the audience sang along to they were so into it. Derek did this really sweet speech about self harm that I knew meant a lot to a lot of people at the concert. My I forgot wear a belt and my a pants started falling down a bit so brooks saw my under wear I think near the end.
When we left we walked over to dunkin doughnuts and got doughnuts and coke. The whole concert was amazing I can’t wait to see them at warped hopefully.