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Where’s the brother fics of Jason and Damian playing pranks on each other and Jason giving Damian a noogie? Why is there just mother-fucking and crowbar jokes?

i actually started a fic where damian, in a bizarre plot twist that boggles everyone’s minds, starts to admire jason/hero-worship him a little bit? and like dick POUTS ALL OVER THE PLACE because he’s used to being the cool big brother. and also he’s like “how can he think jason’s COOL? no one thinks jason is cool! *jason* doesn’t think jason is cool!” and cass responds, “cooler than *you*,” and dick is outraged (and cass is unrepentant) but i….think that’s on my old busted laptop hmm 

but yeah then damian follows jason around, while simultaneously pretending to do no such thing, and making rude insulting comments to jason all while making excuses to hang around him eheheh and jason gets pretty fond of the li'l vampire bat